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Payroll Service in Bangladesh
Managed PEO / EOR, and HR Services.

Our Employer Of Record (EOR) Services ensure affordable back-office solutions for accurate, timely & compliant Payroll service management, Taxation, and other PEO-related projects. As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), we can act as a legal employer for the employee in Bangladesh, it turns out as a shadow Branch Or Subsidiary office of a Foreign Company.

HR Consulting & Payroll Services In Bangladesh

HR Consulting Services

Our professional HR support and employer services include HR audits and payroll help with employment law compliances.

Accounting And Payroll Services In Bangladesh

Accounting and Payroll services

Are you expanding in Bangladesh but facing complex HR, TAX, VAT, and payroll service – related TDS issues? Call us + 880-1511 002341.

Staff Recruitment Services

Offshore Remote Staffing

Hire offshore remote staff when will ensure your outsourced staff will work from our fully-fledged office, with an 24/7 hour work environment.

Employer Of Record EOR Services

Employer Of Record (EOR)

We Provide an staff / contractor, Offices With all Facilities, and salary disbursement. Hire local Resources Without Opening Company in Bangladesh.

HR Payroll Services

HR for Overseas Employer

As a Professional Employer Organization, We Manage Hiring, Visas, Payroll Service, TAX VAT return submission, PF Contribution, Expenses & Compliance.

HR Outsource Payroll Services

PEO Co-Employment Services

We are Professional Employer Organization (PEO), providing Co-Employment staffing, Payroll services management , and HR solutions.

Tax HR Payroll Outsourcing Services

TAX Advisory Services

We offer payroll, taxation with office workspace facilities. We provide a signed contract to expat employees and payroll arrange a Work permit visa.

Employer Of Record EOR Services

PEO & Employer of Record

Our Professional Services in business setup, Accounting, Audit, Tax and Liquidation HR, legal, compliance, payroll service, and payroll benefits experts.

Taxes And Payroll Services

Expatriate HR in Bangladesh

We manage your company’s payroll service, benefits, and expenses. Additionally, we oversee HR duties, as well as employment and tax compliance.

End-to-End Employer on Record with Seamless PEO Outsourcing Services.

“Payroll Service in Bangladesh” provides the best payroll service management and related solutions and helps your business navigate international HR, payroll service, local tax, compliance & more End-To-End Payroll Service Needs Of Large Scale Organizations. We ensure accurate, streamlined and consistent execution of your company’s payroll with our full-fledged payroll solution that reduces your processing costs. We oversee your company’s payroll, benefits, and expenses through our Payroll service and Employer of Record Services in Bangladesh. Additionally, we oversee HR duties, as well as employment and tax compliance.

Payroll Services in Bangladesh to process in maximum 3 business days.

Smooth and managed Employer of Record (EOR) is a third-party Payroll Service.

Reliable Professional Employer Organization (PEO) for risk free management.

Payroll Services in Bangladesh with Full HR Management.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Agency with a managed Payroll Processing.

Our payroll processing solutions include on-time payroll processing, tax filings, expenses management, investment proof verification, reporting and analytics, project management, payroll, data collation etc. See our all projects Of payroll Services in Bangladesh :