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Accounting & Bookkeeping Service In Bangladesh

Accounting & Bookkeeping Service In Bangladesh

Our Top 6 Accounting & Bookkeeping Service Features

Professional Consulting

1. Consulting

Our group of experts help entrepreneurs with Accounting and Bookkeeping Service. However, consulting is a big word and we live up-to it’s meaning.

Accounting And Bookkeeping Service

2. Taxation

Tax authorities are frequently notifying you for tax return dues? Give our experts a chance to analyze and plan out the most optimized way to return your taxes.

Accounting And Bookkeeping Service

3. Better ROI

In case, you are dealing with the long term unpaid taxes, we can negotiate a feasible payable tax penalty. As a result, it reduces your tax debt where possible.

NBR Professional Representation

4. NBR Representation

Moreover, tax penalties, interest and additional levies imposed by the NBR for unpaid taxes will increase. It should never be ignored. Give us a call at +880-1713-002341 to arrange a free initial consultation.

Payroll Bookkeeping Management

5. Payroll Management

Additionally, we have skills, technical knowledge, and experiences. As a result, our company is specialize in handling complex transactions, process enhancement, and project management activities.

Overseas Travel Outsourcing

6. Overseas Travel

As an experienced firm, we are able to offer a wide range of industry-specific Accounting, Tax, and Financial solutions to a variety of niche industries. More importantly, with the highest accuracy.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Service Benefits

Effective Accounting and Bookkeeping Services are necessary throughout the year for any company. Since, It ensures the company financial security. In addition, it prepares your personal income tax return as well. Moreover, our offshore Tax, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services provide strategic solutions that reduce tax burdens and develop tax management plans. Furthermore, we have long stretches of involvement and cutting-edge information on charge laws. Therefore, by the most suitable accreditation in your portfolio, we can help keep your duty at a lower edge.

Have A Look- What We Offer?

1. Individual tax return preparation.
2. Small business tax preparation.
3. Electronic filing.
4. NBR audit assistance.
5. Payroll tax services.
6. Small business accounting and bookkeeping service.
7. Tax preparation and planning.
8. Incorporation and business advisor services.
9. Financial statement preparation.

10. Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping service.
11. Outsourced CFO services.
12. NBR audit assistance.
13. Cloud Software support.
14. Compilations.
15. Forensic accounting.
16. Individual client services.
17. Bespoke project management.
18. Other services

Additional Benefits Of Our Accounting And Bookkeeping Service

1. First of all, error-free payroll process.
2. Fast turnaround.
3. Low-risk of penalty.
4. Plus, on-site support to resolve queries.
5. Error-free documentation and reports.
6. After that, streamlining of all payroll process.
7. Reduced investment in IT.
8. Moreover, well-thought-out resource deployment.
9. Multi-Level process checks to mitigate errors.

10. Furthermore, incorporation, LTD Formation, and Dissolution
11. Income Tax Return Preparation.
12. Also, quarterly Payroll Tax Filing.
13. Registering Your Business.
14. Financial statements also.
15. Additionally, quarterly reports.
16. Business Set-up and Structure
17. Finally, business Consulting and Advice

Need to comprehend the center monetary exercises of your organization? Get less astonishment and more power over the cash. Because, we give Accounting and Bookkeeping Service experts the responsibility to assist you in explaining business issues.

However, realizing that experts are regulating, and improving the monetary side of your business is overpowering.

In addition, developing organizations frequently arrive at a point where they need proficient monetary counsel. Even so, they can’t manage the cost of a full-time CFO or regulator. Moreover, the expense of employing a full-time CFO can go from $160,000 to more than $250,000 each year in addition to rewards and advantages.

Therefore, our CFO administration furnish you with experienced accounting and bookkeeping service for a little portion of run of the mill costs.

Accounting & Tax Management Strategies

Our Accounting & Bookkeeping Service Strategies

We Ensure :

1. Primarily, you can give additional time zeroing in on new administration, new clients, and other center business issues.

2. Legitimate preparing, as well as, overseeing of your bookkeeping staff.

3. Blunder free spending arrangement and checking.

4. Productivity examination by administration or product offering.

5. Expense saving procedures.

6. Pattern investigation.

7. Help with arriving at long-range corporate object.

8. Assistance in reaching long-range corporate goals.

9. Also, money the board.

10. Contact with financiers, lawyers, protection and so on

11. After that, help with acquiring financing from banks help with dealings.

12. Moreover, arrangement of protection approach.

13. Improvement of organization bookkeeping strategy manuals

14. Furthermore, Investigation of gear buys, extension, and so forth

15. Consolidations and also help.

16. Finally, crafted assortment arrangements and strategy.

The Full Accounting And Bookkeeping Services Package Includes:


  1. Initially, business development.
  2. Business process.
  3. After that, policy development.
  4. Moreover, provides advisor on internal controls.
  5. Works in company audit sector.
  6. Recurring tailor internal audits.
  7. Ultimately, healthcare Reporting.


  1. First of all, flexible Accruals Engine.
  2. Time-off Request Workflow.
  3. Customizable Reports.
  4. After that, Tracking.
  5. Also Workforce Management Dashboard.
  6. Scheduling Breakdown.
  7. Finally, job pricing.

Additional Activities

  1. Primarily, time Collection.
  2. Payroll Processing.
  3. Creating Client Invoices.
  4. Tax Filings and payments.
  5. Also Wage Garnishments.
  6. Accounting audit.
  7. Ultimately, background Checks & also Drug Screening.

Why Choose Us?

Primarily, we are an offshore payroll outsource service company. In addition, we offer to manage your accounts as well. Also, we ensure the best management reporting in the country. Furthermore, this will help you focus on growing your business more efficient by our accounting service.

Tell Us About Your Requirements

In case, NBR or state tax department notify you regarding delayed tax filing, let us know. As a result, our skilled professionals of accounting and bookkeeping service can competently representation and solve your tax issues. Moreover, we Integrated highly skilled tax solutions with reliable and personalize services.

Anything else you think we should know about the production or any specific questions you want to be answered?

In-House Experts

Most Importantly, we don’t recommend you to manage your own tax returns in cases of tax delinquency. Therefore, for a successful tax solution, you require professional guidance and also representation. So, are you desperate to protect your company against a possible financial risks? In that case, we recommend our smart finance, tax, account services.

In House Professional Experts

FAQ For Accounting & Bookkeeping Service

What is tax planning?

In short, tax planning includes, tax preparation, state controversy representation issues. Additionally, it will  assist you in further taxation in the future.

Can I pay my taxes online?

Yes, you can use our services to do so. Otherwise, if you go ahead and do it on your own, you may end up with some liability. However, we offer an online application that includes all the services you need.

What is the best possible way to organize estate?

Once, you register for our services, you will  get all consultation for everything.

Moreover, we will assist you in the whole process of your state. As a result, you will have everything sorted in no time.

What is a trust?

Primarily, a trust is a legal body that manages assets on behalf of another person.

Moreover, cash, equities, bonds, insurance policies, real estate, and artwork are all examples of assets that can be placed in a trust.

Are financial forecasts reliable?

Yes. However, financial is a technique that business use to determine whether or not they are on the correct track.

Although, financial forecasting calculate the number of sales that will be achieve in the future. Whereas, budgeting quantifies the anticipation of revenues that a corporation wishes to attain for a future time.

What is the role of an accountant?

Most importantly, accountants are the at the core of acquiring, analyzing, and also planning your financial data. Most important, they keep your financial records.

Besides that, they ensure the safety of your financials and estates. Also, they advise you toward potential profitable and more.

Be Stress-Free, While We Manage Your Accounts & Taxes