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HR Manager Job Description Template

Job Description

[CompanyX] has a long history of having happy workers who are engaged and productive, and we’re looking for a human resources (HR) manager to carry on that successful heritage. The ideal applicant would be well-versed in HR policies and practices and have past experience in HR or recruitment.

 The administration of benefits, remuneration, rewards, and conflict resolution will make up the majority of the job, but there is also a lot of room for system development. To handle the shifting nature of the workforce, we are eager to recruit an HR manager who is sociable and detail-oriented.

Objectives of this Role

  1. Oversee, hone, and put into practice employee standards and policies while utilizing and enhancing HR existing and suggested techniques and procedures 
  2. Maintain and improve employee benefit programs, such as salaries, medical coverage, costs, paid time off, and other compensation packages. 
  3. Establish and carry out orientation and training programs to assist with recruitment efforts and prepare staff for assignments.
  4. Ensure legal compliance by keeping track of and putting into practice relevant federal and state HR regulations, making inquiries, and keeping records. 
  5. Identify and suggest ways to make internal standard operating procedures better, such as team reorganization and morale

Monthly and Daily Obligations

  1. Help departments create and implement strategic HR Outsourcing plans that align with the overall direction of the business. 
  2. Plan, oversee, and evaluate HR activities through arranging management meetings with staff, listening to and resolving employee complaints, teaching managers how to coach and discipline staff, and counseling both staff members and managers.
  3. Promote the onboarding process, making sure it is current and of the highest quality, and ensuring that all new hires understand their roles in relation to the company’s broader goals. 
  4. By creating, revising, and recommending human resource policies and procedures, maintain management guidelines. 
  5. Develop trusting, collaborative partnerships with external suppliers through cultivating these relationships.

Skills and Qualifications

  1. Human resource management bachelor’s degree 
  2. 3+ years in recruitment or human resources 
  3. Outstanding interpersonal, writing, communication, and ethical mindset skills
  4. Able to resolve conflicts and solve problems 
  5. Extensive grasp of HR Outsourcing policies and systems 
  6. HR software knowledge and practical MS Office skills

Preferred Qualifications

  1. HR work experience 
  2. Organized and detail-oriented personality 
  3. Working knowledge of PeopleSoft is a plus. 
  4. knowing federal labor laws