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HR Outsource Manager Job Description

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Career Objective:

We’re looking for an HR Outsource manager to carry on [Company Xlong ]’s reputation of employing motivated, effective workers. The ideal applicant would be well-versed in HR policies and procedures to have expertise in employee recruitment.

The majority of the job will entail training new hires, handling benefits, paying salaries and rewards, and resolving conflicts. There will be a lot of space to innovate and improve procedures. We’re looking for a HR manager that can relate to people easily and has a focus on the details to manage the dynamic nature of today’s workforce.

Objectives of This Position:

  1. Utilizing current HR systems as well as enhanced or suggested procedures, monitor and improve employee standards and practices.
  2. Maintain and improve employee benefit packages, such as pay, health coverage, expenditure reimbursement, and vacation.
  3. Establish and implement orientation and training programs to help with recruitment efforts and to get employees ready for their jobs.
  4. By conducting investigations and keeping records, ensure adherence to regional and national HR regulations.
  5. Identify and suggest changes to internal standard operating procedures, such as team restructuring and morale-boosting measures.


  1. Provide departments with assistance in creating and implementing strategic HR plans that align with the overall direction of the business.
  2. Organize, supervise, and evaluate HR activities through arranging management meetings, settling employee complaints, instructing managers in coaching and reprimanding techniques, and counseling staff members and managers.
  3. By creating, revising, and recommending human resources policies and procedures, maintain management guidelines.
  4. Be discreet when handling private information.
  5. Construct trusting, collaborative relationships with external vendors.
  6. By creating, recommending, and upgrading human resources policies and procedures, you may uphold management principles.

Preferred skills and qualifications:

  1.  A bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) in human resources or a closely connected topic.
  2. Strong knowledge of national laws relating to human resources.

Required Qualifications and Abilities:

  1. Three or more years of expertise in employee recruiting or human resources HR Outsource.
  2. Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities as well as a moral outlook.
  3. Effective in resolving issues and conflicts.
  4. Strong problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills.
  5. Experience with HR software.

HR Payroll Bangladesh