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HR Recruitment & Selection Process

Any company should have a strong belief in the capabilities of human resources which would provide a strong and vital base for higher productivity, growth and success of the business.

People form the major resource of any organization and the best productivity and efficiency arises when there is a right fit for the right job. The recruitment and selection process hence arises as a vital system.

Standard Recruitment Process


Once the approved Requisition is received, HR would jointly work out the person profile and the job content for that position along with the Head of the Dept. On finalization of the same, various sources would be outlined and a time frame.

for the position to be filled would be defined. A common sources of recruitment are as follows:

  • Consultants
  • References / networking
  • Media – Print / Online recruitment portals
  • In house Database
  • Employee Referral Scheme

If you have an employee referral system for certain key positions whereby employees are recruited through employees reference.

Ideal Selection process

Employee Selection Process

  • Resumes would be screened by HR and short listed ones would be put up to the concerned Heads for further short listing.
  • Involves a technical or functional interview by a panel of at least two senior levels for middle senior management employees.
  • On assessing suitability, the candidate would be essentially interviewed by Human Resources for the final discussions of job and salary offer.
  • It is mandatory that salary offers are not made by functional heads, to ensure that the salary offer is in line with our employee levels.
  • An Interview Assessment Sheet is required to be used for all interview remarks of panel members, without which a selection cannot be processed. The Assessment form is enclosed as an annexure.
  • A background check on the selected candidate is performed through HR which will be considered before making a final offer.