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Human Resource Management Case Study with Solution Using Laravel

Quick Summary:

Human Resources are the lifeblood of any business, thus it’s critical to look after this priceless asset. HR staff are tasked with a variety of little but important activities that affect employees. The organization’s operating flow is hampered if such activities are changed or postponed.

Sure, you wouldn’t want it to happen to your business. Read about how we helped an automobile manufacturer design a customized HRMS software for their HR department in this curious and solved case study on HRMS.

Learn how we overcame obstacles while creating a human resource management case study with a solution.

Insights: Human Resource Management

These days, the term “employee contentment” is a relic. HR managers are having trouble meeting the demands and opinions of their employees. According to a Gartner report, roughly 13% of employees are unsatisfied with their employment experiences. Modern tools and technology, on the other hand, have come up with a practical solution that feeds in employee needs and produces the required results.

To begin, you should understand the significance of Human Resource Management Software for your company. Next, business owners are unable to choose a technology platform for their Human Resource Management System development. This is where we enter the picture. We’re going to share one of our case studies in which we created custom HRMS software for one of our Dubai clients.

Client Requirements

Our client was a Dubai-based financial and accounting firm with approximately 500 workers. The company was growing and doing well, but the only thing that worried me was how to manage and handle staffing concerns.

They approached us at this point, requesting human resource management case study examples with solutions. Our development approach, Agile methodology, skillset, and technical expertise enlightened them. We began working on human resource management system software development once they freely cracked the deal with us.

We hope that after reading this Human Resource Management System case study, you will have a better understanding of how we were able to meet our client’s requirements.

Case Study Challenges in HRM

One of a fast-growing company’s main concerns is maintaining its personnel and giving them with the highest level of satisfaction. Our customer was recently having financial difficulties, and they couldn’t afford to hire extra HR professionals. The HR department struggled to respond to employee inquiries, resolve issues, consolidate grievances, implement training, increase productivity, and keep employees motivated. Along with managing these basic administrative chores such as attendance, leave, and payroll administration, the HR department need an automated solution that would reduce their workload while delivering the desired results.

Our Approach to Human Resource Management Case Study and Solution

We began developing the proposed Human Resource Management Solution for our customer, as usual, using Agile Scrum project management. The client was so happy with the regular feedback and meetings that we set up that they asked us to complete the project development according to their specifications.

Our programmers create the software so that users (our client’s employees) can manage their personal information, change it, query about it, apply for leaves, and track their performance without having to contact HR.

We chose PHP Laravel for the software development for the following reasons:

  1. PHP Laravel is a scalable framework.
  2. It’s adaptable and includes external frameworks and plugins.
  3. Laravel makes it simple to create applications.
  4. With the help of a large community
  5. Laravel is a safe framework.
  6. Comes with a powerful ORM RESTful routing system.
  7. Object-oriented libraries, Blade templating engine, and Artisan CLI are included.

Human Resources: Their Functions & Features

  1. Manage employee information
    Employees can access personal information such as their joining date, leaves taken, age, wage group, and other criteria through a self-service site.
  2. Management of payroll
    Claims reimbursement, pay slip printing, view access, gratuity, and settlement are all covered by the accounts management department.
  3. Monitoring Attendance & Absenteeism
    Data from the biometric system, time-tracking software, and other sources are used to calculate attendance automatically.
  4. Benefits administration
    Employee benefits life cycle management, online open enrollment, automatic enrollment and life cycle communication, statutory compliance, and much more are all available.
  5. Human Resources Management
    Employee decision-making, statutory compliance, automatic event management, and contribution breakdown are all aided by this tool.
  6. Performance appraisals & reviews
    HR managers can set goals, track staff performance, hold evaluation meetings, and evaluate employee development.
  7. Analytics in Human Resources
    Employee training costs, voluntary and involuntary turnover, time to hire, absenteeism, and human capital risk are all factors to consider.
  8. Planned employee schedules
    Managing a large workplace’s complex shift patterns, making timetables, assigning priority tasks, and more.
  9. Development & Learning
    Web-based software for learning, document uploading, calendar integration, goal and target management, learning administration, and more.
  10. Management of talent
    HR may use it to track and retain new talent, run recruitment drives, align with corporate goals, and build individual employee careers, among other things.

Benefits of Human Resource Management Systems for Businesses

Our software application provided a great deal of relief and satisfaction to our client. Because the HRMS software has now automated most of their personnel tasks, they can now focus more on their operational and functional goals.

They no longer have to be concerned about the costs or resources spent on the HR department.

The following are some of the major benefits they received from our Human Resource Management System Software:

  1. Workflow Automation
  2. Data protection
  3. Self-service for employees

We’re working on a few additional future modules to add to this solution right now: Exit Management & Discipline Management

Tips for Human Resource Management

Certainly! Here are some tips for effective Human Resource Management:

  1. Develop a Strategic HR Plan: Align your HR initiatives with the overall strategic goals of the organization. Understand the workforce needs, anticipate future talent requirements, and create a plan that supports the organization’s long-term objectives.
  2. Prioritize Talent Acquisition and Retention: Invest in effective recruitment and selection strategies to attract and hire top talent. Develop retention programs, offer competitive compensation and benefits, and create a positive work environment to retain valuable employees.
  3. Emphasize Employee Development: Provide opportunities for employee growth and development through training programs, mentorship, and career advancement opportunities. Support continuous learning and also skill development to enhance employee engagement and productivity.


I hope this Human Resource Management case study on HR challenges with solution clarified how we approached and resolved our client’s issue. If your company is experiencing any of these or other internal operating challenges, contact Bacancy for a quote. Our skilled business analysts and project managers will propose solutions that will help you achieve your company objectives.