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Remote Working Feedback During Covid-19 Questionnaire

We appreciate you taking the time to complete our survey and sharing your thoughts. We’re interested in learning about people’s individual experiences with working remotely during a lockdown and their attitudes toward going back to work after one.

Your answers will be kept confidential and the questionnaire will take about 4 minutes to complete.

  1. Name……………………………………
  2. Email address……………………….

Question Title

  1. What is your age bracket?
    a. 18-25
    b. 25-35
    c. 35-50
    d. 50+
  1. What is your gender?
    a. Male
    b. Female
    c. Prefer not to say

5. Before the Covid-19 crisis, did you

Work from homeWork in the officeHave flexible working options

6. Do you want to return to working in an office?

YesOnly if flexibleNot at all
  1. Are you feeling more optimistic or pessimistic about working from home?
    a. Optimistic
    b. Pessimistic
    About the same

8. Will you expect your employer to take extra safety measures to ensure the health and safety of employees?

1. Yes80%
2. To some extent58%
3. Not really30%
4. No20%
  1. Where do you feel you are most productive?
    a. At home
    b. In the office
    c. Equally productive at both

10. If your employer asks you to return to the office full time, how will this affect your view of them?
a. Positive- 79%
b. Mostly positive 95%
c. No effect-30%
d. Slightly negative-25%
e. Very negative-13%

11. What are you most looking forward to when you return to your workplace?

a. Seeing colleagues
b. Contact with the public
c. Workplace environment
d. Using your skills
e. Traveling to work
f. Time away from home
g. Financial security

Seeing colleagues49%
Contact with the public36%
Workplace environment56%
Using your skills66%
Travelling to work43%
Time away from home25%
Financial security56%

12. What are you least looking forward to when you return to your workplace?

  1. Seeing colleagues
  2. Contact with the public
  3. Workplace environment
  4. Using your skills
  5. Travelling to work
  6. Time away from home
  7. Missing family/pets
  8. Using public transport
  9. Wearing a mask
  10. Social distancing
  11. Other (please specify)

13. How easy are your communications with team members currently?

  1. Very easy
  2. Easy
  3. Neither easy nor difficult
  4. Difficult
  5. Very difficult