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Detailed Information on Leave and Holiday Under Labour Law in Bangladesh

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Labour Law Process and A Complete Guideline For labour Law Importance 

It is very important for both the client and the employer to know about the labour law leave provision. A client and employer need to know the holiday rules and proper procedures. 

It will shed light on the different types of vacations and the proper method of vacation. However, everyone must have to know about labour law , labor law attorney,labor attorney and employment law attorney. A client will not get leave even if the employer wants it easily. A worker is given his leave in accordance. In this article we said about new labour law.

8 Types of Labour Law Leave and Benefits

There are eight types of leave available under labour law. Workers get leave based on this provision. Those are:

1. Casual Leave

Each worker gets 10 days off as per his annual calendar. If a worker cannot take leave, he will not get it later. But in case of sudden leave, it is given in lieu of that leave. It is given for at least 3 days and no more. 

2. Workers are given 10 days off on certain rules:

  1. If you do not take casual leave, you will not be able to take that leave later. This leaver will be cancelled after 31st December.
  2. If there is a weekly holiday during the holiday, then that holiday will not be considered. 
  3. Employees and workers will be able to enjoy this leave from the time of recruitment

3. Sick Leave

Every employee and worker can take 14 days off for illness. Has imposed some conditions for that holiday.

  1. Every employee and worker can take 14 days off with full pay. Deposit the leave and take that leave later
  2.  You can’t  take that leave later by depositing it.
  3. Doctor’s certificate is required to take leave

4. Weekly Vacation

Friday is a weekly holiday. No worker will be allowed to work on Friday even if they want to.If not:

  1.  If you have one day off in the next three days or the next Friday

5. Maternity Leave

Maternity leave from the company gives women leave. And those are the ones that are given leave after work:

  1. Any pregnant woman who has a world for six consecutive months is given leave. 
  2. Children will be able to enjoy a total of 16 weeks of leave 8 weeks after delivery and 8 weeks before.
6. Episode Leave
  1. Workers will be able to take 11 days off per year on season leave. 
  2. Workers may be made to work on any leave during the episode but two additional days of leave and alternative leave must be provided as per section 51.

7. Short-term Leave

  1. If a worker has to go to work while working, then he is given short-term leave. 
  2. This short-term vacation has to go through many steps

8. Annual Leave with pay

  1. Workers who have completed one year of service are entitled to annual leave with pay.
  2. This leave is added later if you do not enjoy this leave.

9. Compensatory Weekly Leave

Workers usually work 8 hours a day. If a worker is employed on a holiday. In that case you will have to pay compensatory leave. If the worker is made to work on the day of rest, he has to take three days off in compensation

Benefits under Labor Law

Labour laws, also known as employment laws or employment legislation, provide numerous benefits for both employees and employers. Here are some of the key benefits of labour laws:

  1. Employee Rights Protection: Labour laws establish and protect the rights of employees, generally ensuring fair treatment and preventing exploitation. By safeguarding employee rights, labour laws promote a healthy and equitable work environment.
  2. Workplace Safety and Health: Labour laws often include regulations and also standards aimed at ensuring workplace safety and health. Presently, these laws require employers to provide a safe working environment, and provide appropriate training and protective equipment.
  3. Minimum Wage and Fair Compensation: Labour laws set minimum wage standards, ensuring that employees receive fair compensation for their work. In detail these laws help prevent exploitation and ensure that workers are paid a reasonable wage to support themselves and still their families.
  4. Working Hours and Rest Breaks: Labour laws often regulate working hours and also rest breaks, establishing limits on the maximum number of hours employees can work per day or week.
  5. Employment Security and Termination Rights: Labour laws often address issues related to employment security and termination. Since, they may outline notice periods, severance pay requirements, and guidelines for fair and justifiable terminations.

Holiday Percentage of Labour Law in Bangladesh

Working leave Name Percentage of Leave Labour Law In Bangladesh
Sick Leave 56% Workers did not take sick leave in a year
Casual Leave 34% Workers did not take casual leave in a year
Production Target 21% Workers concerned about excessive production targets
Overtime 64% Workers said their employers follow the legal limit of overtime
Festival Holidays 20% Workers did not get 11 days of entitled festival holidays

The Way a Worker Can Take Leave in Accordance With The Employment Law

Workers are given leave based on certain steps. It is not possible to get leave if these steps are not completed.

Here are the steps:

  1. Applicant
  2. Supervisor
  3. Linechip/Incharge
  4. Head of Department
  5. Department of Human Resources
  6. Personal File

Workplace Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity Laws

Here are some content titles related to workplace discrimination and equal employment opportunity laws:

  1. Understanding Workplace Discrimination: Types, Forms, and Impact on Employees
  2. Equal Employment Opportunity Laws: A Comprehensive Guide for Employers
  3. Preventing Workplace Discrimination: Best Practices for Creating an Inclusive Work Environment
  4. Age Discrimination in Employment: Laws, Protections, and Compliance
  5. Race and Ethnicity Discrimination in the Workplace: Legal Framework and Employer Responsibilities
  6. Gender Discrimination and Pay Equity: Addressing Disparities in the Workplace
  7. Disability Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodation: Rights and Obligations of Employers
  8. Religious Discrimination in Employment: Balancing Workplace Rights and also Religious Freedom
  9. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination: Legal Protections and Employer Policies
  10. National Origin Discrimination: Ensuring Fair Treatment and Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

Finally Thoughts of Leave and Holiday Under Labour Law in Bangladesh

All actions require a break and that is the holiday. Bangladesh labour act requires many steps to be taken for this holiday. Though, the leave of this labour law is not the same for all workers. 

Therefore, there are different  types of worker’s leave. Thereafter, the provision of labour law in Bangladesh is very important. Contact us today for know more about it. However, we provide the law services.

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