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How Does Payroll Outsourcing Services Can Make Your HR Move Easy?

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Business owners who place a high value on their time and peace of mind usually choose to outsource their payroll. By working with a full-service provider, they can outsource the majority of their payroll duties, including wage calculations, tax withholding and payments, reporting, etc.

However, we’re going to tell you a story. A software company outsourced our payroll services last month and provided favorable feedback. They were delighted with our assistance.

So, without delay let’s get into the case!

A Real-Life Case Study on Payroll Outsourcing Services

Client Information:

Name: Mr. Hasan

Business type: Software firm

Location: Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Services: Payroll

Case Overview:

Mr. Hasan is the co-founder of a software firm and recently started the business with three of his friends in Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh. As his customers always prefer tech friendly solutions, it has become hard for them to deal with clients as well as the other HR responsibilities.

The office manager became overloaded with responsibilities related to benefit administration, such as monthly bill reconciling, new employee hire and firings, modifications to consistently high standard, employee inquiries about policy, etc. 

Although, he wasn’t managing the company’s employees, production, or sales well since she was spending too much time dealing with benefit concerns.

For a few months, they attempted to handle payroll in-house, but it was becoming a hassle

because they couldn’t concentrate on their core business complex.

They instantly understood that continuing to handle payroll internally would be problematic. The client wanted the payroll process to be independent of a single individual because they were concerned about the security of their data as well.

Our Approach:

Mr. Hasan was looking to outsource payroll services and he contacted his friends for suggestions. One of his friends suggested us for the service. He also researched a few and contacted us through our website.

He made a face to face conversation with us. His preferences were to get a hassle-free administrative service, hiring potential employees, tax related benefits and also all the information should be confidential.

On the other hand, he wanted a daily basis report. As he had a tight budget, he preferred a cost-effective package with a trustworthy service.

Value Delivered:

The office manager was able to save up hours of time-consuming benefit processing by delegating HR Strategies’ administration of the company’s benefits. He was able to use the extra time to concentrate on employee development, raising productivity, and boosting sales, all of which led to higher annual revenue that was more lucrative.

Additionally, an agreement was made with HR Strategies to provide help with benefits administration. The benefits administration package was delivered in its entirety by the HR Strategies benefits team. 

However, payroll outsourcing services involved managing yearly renewals and open enrollments, new hire eligibility and enrollments, and processing adjustments due to qualifying events or life changes as they occurred for the workers at the job.

As long as the client has been working with us, they don’t feel the need to put in any additional manpower or extra effort for the same because the process is going well. Data security was guaranteed to them. Employees rejoiced that the employee self-service portal allowed them to download payslips.

Services that he got from us:

  1. Tax preparation services
  2. Payroll automation service
  3. Payroll report
  4. Compensation benefits
  5. Budgeting and expenses
  6. Staff-self service
  7. Product assistance
  8. Error-free output

A number of technical components were upgraded in accordance with client needs. From the start of their business, we were there to support them. Norms and regulations applicable to start-ups, as well as compliance.

Last Words

As long as the client has been working with us, they don’t feel the need to put in any additional manpower or extra effort for the same because the process is going well. Data security was guaranteed to them. 

The ability to get payslips from an employer’s website made employees delighted with a portal for self-service. So, our target is to satisfy the clients with our service. To get payroll services contact us!

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