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How Payroll Outsourcing Impacts A Business: A Complete Survey

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What would you say about the frequency of your payroll service?

Answer Choice All Survey Responses
Weekly 42.15%
Bi-weekly 48.22%
Monthly 9.48%
Bi-Monthly 3.74%

How professional do you think your payroll service is?

Answer Choice All Responses
Exceptional 48.54%
Good 41.06%
Average 8.62%
Needs Improvement 4.78%
Unacceptable 2%

Does your business use software for processing payroll?

Answer Choice Selections All Responses
Yes 24 50.59%
No 5 4.61%
maybe 3 2.82%
I don’t know. 1 1.54%

How does it improve the overall performance of the company?

Answer Choice All  Responses
Extremely beneficial 37.6%
Very beneficial 28.14%
Somewhat beneficial 2.32%
Not beneficial 2%

Do you put in extra hours to finish the payroll?

Answer Choice All Responses
Yes 47.76%
No 39.51%
I don’t know 1%

How does it improve the overall performance of the company?

Answer Choice All Responses
Extremely beneficial 32.42%
Very beneficial 36.41%
Somewhat beneficial 17.6%
Not beneficial 1%

Do you believe the company’s primary objective is being emphasized by this payroll policy?

Answer Choice All Responses
yes 62.30%
No 16.6%

Which third party was chosen for outsourcing, in your opinion?

Answer Choice All Responses
Yes 65.1%
No 2.2%
May be 6.41%

In your opinion, is it safe and secure to outsource all employee data to a third party?

Answer Choice All Survey Responses
Agree 80.20%
Disagree 2.12%

How long have you worked for the business?

Answer Choice All Responses
0-6 months 2.94%
6months – 1 year 33.43%
1year – 3 years 51.28%
3 years or more 16.44%

Do you currently handle payroll processing in-house?

Answer Choice All Survey Responses
Yes 75.39%
No 4.84%
Maybe 2% 
Other 3%

Regarding flexibility, there is no service that can match PayrollBD. It has the capacity to satisfy the particular needs of a variety of business formats, including household, nonprofit, restaurant, and dental businesses. The vertical sectors it supports include those in transportation, agriculture, and other healthcare institutions.

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