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How To Calculate Taxable Income on salary and Submit Return Annually of Bangladesh

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In our country, those who are eligible to pay taxes think that paying taxes is a problem. Those who are eligible to pay income tax want to refuse to pay income tax. They think it takes a lot of money to code.

Because they don’t want to pay income tax. Even the payment system seems to be a lot more complicated. The people of Bangladesh refuse to pay income tax.

Special Formulas for Calculating Bangladesh Income Tax

Income tax systems are based on a salary. For this reason it is extremely easy to calculate. And this system can be easily understood by a taxpayer.

In some cases, income tax calculations come from the complex and complex nature of income. Most people are able to calculate taxes. TDS is calculated based on salary.

  1. Income security 26.0%
  2. Commerce and Housing 24.3%
  3. Health 17.5%
  4. Education,Training, Employment, and social services 16.1%
  5. International affairs 6.5%
  6. Other 9.6%

How Is The Total Taxable Income And Benefits

Gross income is the income that is calculated from  the salary. It provides information on the latest corporate rates in Bangladesh.

1. Medical allowance

This is an employee can claim for his medical expenses. It is paid from a certain portion of the salary.

2. House rent

In many places house rent is paid in cash. In that case if an employee has a salary of 30 thousand rupees then deducting 2000 rupees from there will be 28000 rupees. If it is deducted from the salary in this way,there will be no relation with the income tax.

3. Transport allowance

This facility is given to an employee to travel from residence to home. Although ordinari companies do not provide such opportunities, transport companies do offer such opportunities

How To Fill the Income Tax Return Form of Bangladesh

When we hear about income tax in our country, we become terrified. This is becoming a cause of headaches. The main reason is lack of knowledge. 

The people of Bangladesh have no idea about the basic rate of allowance. Here are ten important reasons to fill out an income tax return service form in bangladesh.

Those are:

  1.   Salary
  2.   Business from home to property
  3.   Income from business and profession
  4.   From spouse or minor child
  5.   Paying interest on securities
  6.   Achieve capital
  7.   From other sources
  8.   Agricultural income
  9.   Foreign income
  10. Share the profits of a firm

Income Tax Calculation In Our Bangladesh

Income Rate Cumulative Tex


0 10% 0
9700 12% 4543
39475 22% 4543
84200 24% 14383
160725 32% 32799
204100 35% 46629
510300 37% 153799


Hold on Income 50000,Tax 6859, Marginal rate 22%, Effective rate 14%

Here Is the List of Documents Required To Return the From

  1. Salary certificate
  2. The salaries of that bank statement have been transferred
  3. Housing loan statement from bank
  4. Financial proposals
  5. Achieve capital
  6. Land tax
  7. Bank statement for business income
  8. Other sources of income such as savings debenture shares

Finally We Will Learn About Calculate Taxable Income on Salary and Submit Return Annually of Bangladesh

Taxation in Bangladesh is largely dependent on radiance. The people of our country refuse to pay taxes. Because they think a lot of money can go away from them. But if they look closely, they will understand that none of these are. This is a simple process and does not cost much.

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