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payroll template

Job Description Template of Payroll Accountant

Job Description Template of Payroll Accountant

Accordingly, we are searching for a skill payroll accountant to manage our business regular payroll procedures.

To be successful as a payroll accountant, also you should have experience in a related field and be able to clearly explain your knowledge of the pertinent tax laws. Although a superior payroll accountant will be thorough and able to process salary quickly.

Presently if you meet these prerequisite and have a degree in finance or a similar field, we want to hear from you.


  1. Following up on employee compensation
  2. Calculate net salary after deduction and also withholding have been made.
  3. Verify the accuracy of the tax and also payroll records.
  4. Update the general ledger and payroll files.
  5. Create account plans, documents, and files.
  6. Observe all paid and unpaid holidays.
  7. Process over time pay or holiday deduction
  8. The payroll problems
  9. Answer any questions employees may have about payroll.
  10. Participate in payroll audits
  11. Ensure compliance with the government tax and also payroll account rules.


  1. A bachelor or associate degree in account.
  2. The Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) or Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) degrees are advantage.
  3. At last two years’ worth of experience as a payroll accountant, or in a job similar.
  4. Knowledge of payroll software, such as Payroll Mate and BrightPay.
  5. Extensive knowledge of ledger entry creation and payment processing.
  6. Comprehensive knowledge of the relevant tax laws.
  7. Understanding of producing tax and as well as payroll reports and resolve payroll issues
  8. The ability to update and maintain payroll records for employees.
  9. Excellent organization and communication skills.


  1. Bachelor degree in account, business administration, or a related field
  2. Experience in account, payroll, or a similar field for at least five years
  3. Knowledge with the Microsoft Office Suite and payroll software; knowledge of additional systems is a plus
  4. Comprehensive understanding of industry norms, regulation, taxes, and payroll procedures
  5. Excellent interpersonal abilities and a meticulous attention to detail