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Taxation And Income Tax Service In Bangladesh

The Income Tax Calculation Formula For Bangladesh In 2022

People in Bangladesh do not want to pay taxes. The majority of people who are tax-paying citizens wish to avoid paying income tax. The taxpayer believes that they must pay a huge sum of money in order to pay their bills.

Many people believe that the payment mechanism is overly complicated. They refuse to pay as a result of this. It cannot be denied that the income tax system is somewhat complicated. This does not, however, imply that the taxpayer will be unaware of the tax computation mechanism.

The salary of a person is used to calculate the income system. That is why it is easy to comprehend. A taxpayer will quickly comprehend the entire tax paying method after reading this text.

Salary sheets in Bangladesh are designed in this manner.

  1. Basic pay is paid monthly. 60,000 BDT
  2. House rent accounts for 40% of a person’s basic earnings.
  3. A ten percent medical allowance
  4. Allowance for conveyance is 10%.
  5. Two festival bonuses equal to one month’s wages

Bangladesh Income Tax Calculation Formula

  1. House Rent
    House rent is sometimes paid in cash. If one’s annual wage is 50000 taka, Due to a deduction of 2000 taka from the entire wage, I may receive taka 48000. If money is deducted while paying a salary, it will not be included in taxable income.
  2. Medical Assistance
    A medical allowance is a monthly payment that is deducted from a salary. Medical reimbursement allows an employee to claim tax benefits.
  3. Transport Allowance
    The conveyance allowance is the common name for the transportation allowance. This money is given to an employee to help them get from their place of employment to their place of living. If the employer does not supply transportation, employees are usually provided with transportation.
    The money are available in private organizations. The company’s income is fully taxed to the employees. As a result, the employee receives a tax credit on their pay. You must ensure that the fund is set up in accordance with the income tax Ordinance of 1984. The DCT has given its approval to the rules.
    Normally, an employee pays tax when he or she accepts a salary. As a result, when he leaves his employment, he will get the full amount of money. The employee should not be require to pay tax on that sum.

Report On Bangladesh’s Tax Situation For 2021-2022

1)    Rate of tax:

 Tax rate minimum

It is propose to lower the business turnover tax filing for individual taxpayers from 0.5% to 0.4% to 0.25%.

2)   Reduction in tax rates

  1. The propose tax rate for publicly traded companies will be reduce from 25% to 22.5%.
  2. It is propose that the tax rate for non-publicly trade companies be reduce from 32.5% to 30%
  3. Tax rates for artificial entities and taxable entities other than corporations and associations have been fixe at 30%.
  4. There is a proposal to impose 15% tax on private universities, medical colleges, and engineering colleges.
  5. It is propose to make the tax rates of mobile financial service providers similar to those of banks and insurance companies list on a stock exchange.

3) The tax rate for a one-person company (and a PC) is

  1. The suggested tax rate for a one-person company (OPC) is 25%.

4 )  Third-gender taxpayer

  1.  It is propose that the tax-free threshold for third-gender taxpayers be raise to TK 350,000.
  2. If a taxpayer hires 10% of the organization’s total workforce or more than 100 employees from the third gender as the hiring authority, the taxpayer will receive the following tax relief:
  3. whichever is less: 5% of the total compensation paid to third gender employees or 75% of the total salary paid to third gender employees.

5)   Individuals tax rate

Individual income tax rates and tax rates remain constant for the fiscal years 2020-2021.

What Is Your Total Taxable Earnings?
The income that is utilized to compute the amount of earnings is referred to as taxable income. It is usually report as gross income. The most recent corporate tax rate in Bangladesh may be found here.


Tax Preparation Service In Bangladesh

We at PayrollBD provide taxation services in Bangladesh with the assistance of our team of tax practitioners, tax lawyers, income tax practitioners, tax professionals, tax representatives, and tax accountants in Bangladesh.

“A required contribution to state revenue levied by the government on employees’ income and business earnings or added to the cost of particular goods, business services and transactions,” according to the definition of tax.

  1. In Bangladesh, there are various different types of taxes, the most important of which are:
  2. Value-Added-Tax (VAT) on Customs Duties (VAT)
  3. Added Responsibility
  4. Taxes on personal income
  5. Taxes on corporate profits.

Table of Income Taxes for the Fiscal Years 2020-2021

Taxable income bracketTax rate on income in bracket
Rest of the amount25%
  1. The tax slab for women and elderly citizens aged 65 and up begins at = 350000.
  2. The tax slab for a physically challenged person starts at 450000.
  3. The tax slab for gazetted war-wounded independence warriors begins at =475,000.

In addition to the aforesaid amount, a parent or legal guardian of a physically challenged individual will receive an additional initial exemption of BDT50,000. If both parents are taxpayers for a physically challenge person, either of them will be eligible for the benefits list above.

We recommend that persons who are having difficulties filing a income tax return seek professional assistance. This will allow an assessed person to prepare a return with proper and accurate amounts, reducing the likelihood of future difficulties with return filings.

Everyone, whether an assessee is a company or an individual, should file their return on time to prevent any fines or penalties that may result from late submission or tax avoidance of any kind.

Taxation at a Glance

Taxation service has become one of the most important and complicated compliance challenges for Bangladeshi businesses. The Finance Act, which is promulgate practically every year, changes the tax levy and imposition. In general, the Income Tax Ordinance of 1984 governs taxation services in Bangladesh.

As a result, various tax issues develop in Bangladesh as a result of tax debts, which may be quickly remedied with the help of our taxation services in Bangladesh. If a business entity does not follow the current taxes standards, they will be subject to harsh financial penalties. However, due to their uncertainty and misunderstanding of the law, they are sometimes unable to handle a challenging taxing scenario.

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