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Why Does Your Company Need A Flexible, Secure Payroll Processing?

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Payroll Services: Major Problems and Simple Solutions

An organized system of processes and software is known as payroll management. Creating a flexible pay policy, a leave encashment policy, etc, is a company functional operation.

All sizes of businesses require a reliable payroll management service. You can compute gross salary, statutory and non-statutory deductions using payroll management software.

You can use it to calculate your net pay. Gain experience while utilizing the most recent payroll management technology. 

65% of US employees rely on their income to make ends meet. 93% of employees choose for direct deposit as their method of payment. 93% of employees get their paychecks on time.

Key Points:

  1. A payroll service provider is a business provider that manages all aspects of payroll on behalf of any organization.
  2. Payroll is frequently useful to employers who value their time and want to make sure that their employees and taxes are paid accurately and on time.
  3. Payroll administration, often known as payroll outsourcing, is a vital service offered in Bangladesh.

Our Approach

As a result of considering the requirements, we ultimately decided on the strategy of developing unique extracts for each nation that adhered to the same format and were easy for that country’s payroll vendor to understand and use to make the necessary payments.

The only data for a payroll period that was supplied to the payroll vendor was the changed data because all extracts were changes only.

We planned to generate extraction files from legacy and Oracle systems for usage in parallel runs and reconciliation. The difference between the two files would then be compared by running the legacy extract through the payroll vendor’s production environment and the Oracle extract through the payroll vendor’s test environment.

In three consecutive months, we ran three payroll parallel runs. We designed the data roles such that each country’s payroll managers could only access data for their own country and not data from other nations. As a result, the reports that each payroll manager ran only displayed the data for the country that they were in charge of.

A Real Example

Payroll Use Case Scenario


Number : L

Use Case Name payroll

Purpose pay salary

Actor Financial department

Description Use Case describes the payroll results of employees

Main Scenario

Initial Condition Open the payroll form

Financial Department System Reaction

  1. Choose an employee 
  2. Showing employee salary data
  3. Save salary
  4. Save salary payments
  5. Print a paycheck
  6. Display the pay slip

Final condition The finance department submits a payslip to employees

What Happens

We were able to entirely eliminate the excel-based system that the client had been utilizing in some places by implementing our method.

The payroll manager was able to send the information for every employee to the payroll vendor by simply running a few simple operations.

We were able to prevent any security breaches that might have occurred in the past and create a seamless connection between the Oracle system and the server of the payroll vendor, which wasn’t there before.

Additionally, the data visibility was limited by using payroll manager roles that were specific to each nation, meaning that the payroll manager of a particular country could only see data for the employees that work there rather than all the employees from other countries.

Importance of Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is an integral part of any business, large or small. It’s not just about paying employees their salaries; it encompasses several crucial elements that significantly impact both the workforce and the overall business operations.

On a more complex level, payroll processing ensures compliance with various tax laws and employment regulations. Precise calculations for withholdings, contributions, and benefits are essential to prevent penalties and legal complications.

Payroll data also provides valuable insights into business finances. It helps in budgeting, forecasting, and making strategic decisions regarding hiring, compensation, benefits, and even business expansion.

Additionally, well-managed payroll processing can lead to cost savings by identifying redundancies, preventing overpayments, and reducing administrative tasks through automation.

Furthermore, if a company offers benefits like retirement contributions or health insurance, accurate payroll processing becomes even more critical, as it directly impacts the funding and management of these programs.

Final Words

If you let us know how to get payroll processing quickly, contact us directly, we will be able to give you the best solution for your needs, whether payroll processing, payroll services, or both.

If you’re looking for payroll services in Bangladesh, we can help. Contact with us.

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