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Your Business Can Grow With Payroll Outsourcing

The market for payroll solutions is growing rapidly on a global scale. A significant component in the outsourcing industry is payroll outsourcing. Payroll solutions are growing significantly along with the ongoing expansion of the HR outsourcing sector.

Today’s businesses and organizations are looking for ways to operate efficiently while saving time and money. 

Therefore, they are choosing to cut costs at various levels and concentrating on outsourcing some tasks, which will give them the chance to concentrate solely on business-critical concerns.

Today, we are sharing a success story of our payroll outsourcing service. So, without delay let’s talk about it!

A Real-Life Story of HR Outsource

Client: Mr. Adnan Iqbal

Organization: IT firm

Service: Payroll outsourcing

Address: Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Case Overview:

Client didn’t have an HR representative on staff when they first launched the business. They attempted conducting payroll in-house for a few months, but it became challenging because they could not concentrate on their core business.

The customer lacked a strong staff to assist them with compliance-related issues and keep them informed of any modifications to the laws and regulations governing them. They desired a platform where they could exchange and retain personnel data and view information pertaining to payroll. 


Mr. Adnan Iqbal came to know about us from one of his friends. He also did some research and contacted us. Afterward, we arranged a meeting with him and listened to all his recruitments. 

However, they want a streamlined income tax declaration.The client decided to outsource payroll, the accounting part, taxes, the compliance procedure, and other tasks because their main priority was business development.


We assisted the customer with compliance-related difficulties, supervised the full compliance registration process, and automated the complete payroll procedure.

Services that we provided:

  1. Payroll processing in its entirety and human resources administration schedule.
  2. Payslips, time and attendance, business travel, benefit administration, and HR document sharing are all covered by the employee and management self-service site.
  3. Annual tax reconciliation and disclosure processing from beginning to conclusion.
  4. Calculation of advantages other than financial.
  5. Payroll and HR management for foreign nationals.


  1. Reducing the amount of time spent on manual labor with customized payroll.
  2. Fully automated payroll reports attain output accuracy of 100 percent.
  3. Reliable output free of errors.
  4. Employee self-service portal provides online access to wage information for employees.
  5. 24/7 assistance or direction.


1. What does outsourcing payroll mean?

Payroll outsourcing is the practice of a company outsourcing all or a portion of its payroll processes to a third party. Full-service companies frequently assist with data security, unemployment claims, tax reporting, and regulatory compliance in addition to managing payroll.

2. Which problems are connected to outsourcing payroll?

Among these problems are noncompliance, erroneous deductions, and payroll problems. When a business outsources its payroll-related compliance and administrative duties to a third-party service provider, it is known as payroll outsourcing.

3. Which four payroll types are there?

  1. The best candidates for in-house payroll are small businesses with a manageable personnel base and regular work schedules.
  2. Bookkeeper and accountant.
  3. Employer handled payroll.
  4. Software based payroll.


While there are benefits to payroll outsourcing, no one tool can ensure a business’s success in payroll management. Company executives must weigh the ease and cost savings of outsourcing payroll before making a choice.

A thorough comprehension of the benefits and drawbacks of payroll outsourcing, as well as precise knowledge of current payroll administration costs, can be very useful. Contact us to get the service.