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The HR Workforce Consultant will play a lead role in HR Change Management and Workforce Planning related to a high profile restructuring project. The HR Consultant will possess exceptional influential, organisational, and communication skills and have a demonstrated record of success within HR transformation projects

Workforce planning is even more essential in the current economic climate in the context of continuing business success and ensuring that your organisation remains competitive and viable. We designed our strategic workforce planning offerings to help you predict the impact business decisions have on your staffing needs - before they happen.It’s all about making sure you have people with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time. So how do we do this?

The workforce has evolved, and workforce management needs to keep pace. Here are seven trends organisations should consider when examining - and updating their workforce management strategies and systems.
Strategic Workforce Planning
Strategic Workforce Planning
Our aim is to ensure you have an adaptable workforce that can meet the demands of all your stakeholders.
Our aim is to ensure you have an adaptable workforce that can meet the demands of all your stakeholders.

Workforce Planning

With our help you can ensure workforce reductions do not have a disproportionate impact on your organisation’s capability.  Integration with outplacement services means we can also provide support and guidance on exiting staff from the organisation.

Essential Skills:

* Strong record of success in HR Workforce Planning and Delivery.
* Expert knowledge around Recruitment, Retention and Temporary Workforce Management
* Strong experience I n Organisational Change Programmes
* Strong reporting skills, as well as implementing and improving service performance metrics
* Experience in delivering Health and Well being Programmes
* Ability to lead, influence and negotiate at all levels
* Excellent written and verbal communication.
* A good knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook


We have the insight, resources, and access to a wide network of talent across sectors to provide your company with the people you need - just when you need them. We find the best people for all types of jobs and industries at both the staff and professional levels. We help your Human Resources team to focus on other more strategic priorities as you can rely on us for an array of services including:

  • Develop customized and optimized staffing plan
  • Allow access to the wide bank of candidates by tying up with the right placement agencies specializing in your industry
  • Provide a wide array of assessments to validate candidate skills and ensure a good fit between the client and the employee, which leads to higher employee retention rates
  • Hire English speaking employees for Japanese companies and Japanese speaking staff for Indian companies
  • Outplacement – We help our clients better manage the human resource by providing a positive way for employees who no longer fit the organization to transition out, obtain additional skills, and find new employment elsewhere
  • Give you access to a talent pool from all the streams, be it – IT, Accounts, Law, or any other field
  • Undertake preparation and execution of well-drafted employment agreements

Scenario-based planning

Our analysts and hiring experts take a comprehensive, data-driven approach to every engagement. We look at your organisation’s business strategy, external market data, your workforce profile and the projected impact of demographic shifts in key organisational roles. From here we can build scenarios for your future talent needs. These can include gap analysis, resource analysis, work alignment and business analysis - including potential financial implications.

You're not in it alone. Our consultants work with you to formulate a plan for the future. Sometimes this means developing a strategic hiring plan. Or it could mean re-calibrating your existing workforce by modeling the skills and competencies your future business will require.

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