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Business License and certificates processing services

Compliance is the key to start a business in Bangladesh. Find out which Business License and certificates you need to obtain for your new corporate venture. We offer 360 assistance and proved full support for achieving license, approvals, or permits to start your new venture.

Licenses, Permits Registrations

When planning to start a business in Dhaka, you need to come up with a wide range of licenses, registration permits, and certificates. Our purpose is to ensure you get the proper business Licenses and certificates at the right time and carry out safe ventures with minimum legal compliance issues. You must remember that it is an offense to carry out any businesses or activities without approvals and licenses in Bangladesh.

As the world’s leading certification company,  PayrollHR offers you unrivaled experience in Russian certification requirements. With our accredited certification body status, presence in the recent Customs Union common list, and local license, we are uniquely placed to provide the resources and expertise to help you obtain the approvals you need to access Bangladeshi markets.

If you are considering a home-based or online business, then it is important to do your research well in advance. Obtaining business licenses, permits, and zoning approvals can be a time-consuming process. If you don’t allow enough lead time, you may have to delay your business launch.

Process of Work permit in Bangladesh:

Third Party Payroll management services in Bangladesh
  • Enclose permission letter in terms of liaison office
  • Provide MoA and AoA and incorporation letter
  • Consent letter of board of directors.
  • Forward passport and color photograph of the directors.
  • Attach service contract or engagement letter of the employees;
  • All academic certificate and experience letter
  • News paper Job advertisement
  • Do not forget to provide business activities copy
  • List of man power with organogram (hierarchy) in letter head;
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  • Attach income tax only for branch office;
  • Trade License, VAT, Export and Import letter, encashment certificate
  • Attested entire said papers by owner or CEO of the company;
  • Preserve all papers for PI and E visa and for work permit;
  • Branch or representative or liaison office shall trade license, export, import and VAT papers;
  • Enclose form 18 B from Bangladesh bank for open branch office only;
  • Except little bit changes rest of documents are almost same for vice versa;
  • Collect prescribe form from  our office; attach them forwarding letter

The term ‘licence’ as used on these pages includes a variety of different forms of approval, registration, notification, or permit.  These pages provide information for those businesses seeking a licence, and those consumers who are likely to use a licensed premises/activity.  More detailed information about the licences etc administered by the Council can be found by selecting the appropriate link provided in the left hand menu.  The types of required permits depend upon a number of factors: type of business, business structure, number of employees, and geographic location of the business. The following licenses are not home-business specific–they are just part of the cost of opening any business. (While few businesses will require each of the permits, each business will require some of them.)

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Documents Required Work Permit / Visa :

  • Application Form duly filled in
  • Trade License
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Registered partnership deed
  • Name and address of other shareholder/director(s) of the project
  • Additional documents for projects in controlled sectors
  • Copy of rental agreement or lease deed for premises or land purchase document
  • TIN Certificate
  • Registration Fee (Bank Draft)
Bangladesh Investment Development Authority

Bangladesh Investment Development Authority

For private sector industrial enterprise, branch office and liaison office, outside of Export Processing Zone (EPZ) — Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA).  Private sector industrial enterprises, branch office, liaison/representative office desiring to employ foreign nationals are required to apply to BIDA in a prescribed from.

The employer is required to publish a newspaper advertisement or online advertisement for recruitment. This requirement is not always mandatory. The foreign national should arrive in Bangladesh with “E” (for employees) or “PI” (for investor) type visa. For foreign investors, you need a recommendation from BIDA for issuing a work permit against your visa.  Within 30 days from the date of arrival of the foreign national, application for a work permit should be submitted to BIDA. You need following documents for issuing a new work permit:

Incorporation Of Foreign Company And Registration

Incorporation of Foreign Company and Registration

We provide Foreign business registration as law and process of the country, manages licensing, permissions of trading, work permit, investors and overseas employees visa, branch office establishment, let know direct investment policy (FDI), accounts preparation, audit, submission tax, and VAT and company secretarial services. Employment of expatriate personnel will be considered only in industrial/commercial establishments which are sanctioned/registered by the appropriate authority.  We also provide Foreign Company Formation/ Registration Incorporation- ( as 100 % own share, Joint Venture, Partnership, Society, Branch/ liaison/ Virtual or Representative office opening/ Set up or Registration & extension of branch office) and Permission from Board of Investment (BOI) / Ministry of government / Foreign Affairs or Concern Authority/ any other body of government or non-government

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