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Due-Diligence Consulting & Strategy

Due diligence can make the difference between a happy and unhappy corporate merger. As well as, exceptional and mediocre performance in a private equity portfolio. However, our  strategic due diligence gives corporate acquirers and private equity firms the most information about their goals. And that, allows them to make the best decision possible.

Take Our Financial Due Diligence Services

Financial Due Diligence (FDD) is a cycle that examines a company’s key financial metrics. So, purchasers, banks, and dealers can be aware of the risks and opportunities connected with a profitable firm. In addition, FDD can help buyers and lenders to restructure important transactions and avoid costly blunders.

However, our FDD is useful to assess the dangers and worth of an arrangement. Plus, it’s affordable, and help to legitimize financial exchange with the partners.

Financial Due Diligence Services


We want to provide customers with hands-on experience with potential procurement, consolidation, and joint venture initiatives. Similarly, we provide answers to frequently asked questions.


We routinely examine the company’s valuation, earnings, and board of directors’ expectations from the inside out. There’s also a look at hidden monetary arrangements and constraints.


Furthermore, our technology helps reduce the knowledge gap by identifying value-adding possibilities. Also, it identifies possible minefields buried in massive amounts of data.

  1. Firstly, evaluating the financial and tax risks of a firm.
  2. Investigating the past profitability and cash flow. Also, forecast the potential business prospects of the firm.
  3. Analyzing the firm’s assets and liabilities. Moreover, assess the contingent liabilities that may adversely affect the financial position of the company.
  4. To evaluate the accounting policies, procedures, internal control and identify potential issues.
  5. Identify issues to determine and negotiate a more suitable price.
  6. Finally, determine if the deal validate synergies.

Human Resources

Our HR team has a history of spotting possible threats. Furthermore, we aid acquirers in setting a more specific goal for add-on enterprises and allowing for constant success.

Transaction Valuation & Advisory

Financial & Accounting

It’s intended to reveal key exchange issues. However, due diligence commonly incorporates quality of earnings, quality of assets, evaluation of Finance arrangements.

The 6 Key Due Diligence Services

The 6 Key Due Diligence Services

  1. Firstly, valuations.

  2. Acquisition and vendor due diligence.

  3. Independent accountant report and forecast reviews.

  4. Capital raisings.

  5. Debt advisory.

  6. Lastly, tax strategy and structuring.



  1. Identifying and ranking value-generating factors.
  2. Analyzing historical performance.
  3. Drafting and challenging the business plan.
  4. Delivering a vendor due diligence report for potential buyers to use.


  1. Identifying and analyzing the key elements affecting the transaction price.
  2. Assessing the quality of earnings, working capital, and net debt
  3. Determining the optimal acquisition structure from a financial and tax standpoint.
  4. Carrying out a post-acquisition review and preparing the opening balance sheet.

FAQ For Due-Diligence Consulting Services

Can you tell a company's profit ?

Yes, we certainly can. Since, we will be able to offer any statistical report, we will be analyzing a large amount of company data.

In which locations does the company do business?

Our headquarters are in Bangladesh. We do, however, have internet operations as well as local agents all over the world.

How do you maintain confidentiality?

Only our company’s senior and permanent specialists will have access to your information. Apart from that, our personnel and the organization as a whole sign a confidentiality agreement.

What are the insurance plans of the company?

Professional liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, car insurance, commercial property insurance, key person life insurance, and intellectual property & patent insurance are all included in company insurance plan.

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