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Integrated Facility Management Service

Integrated Facility Management Services

PayrollBD Facility Management Services is a leading service provider. More Importantly, we provide an integrated approach to operating and upkeep of the facilities of an organization.

Get Affordable Facility Management Services Safely


In addition, we also provide inexpensive facility management services according to high standards of quality. Plus, we target for competence and enhanced performance than the outsized companies in the business. However, on-site employees with diverse duties and backgrounds will bring out the best results. Even so, our facility management services include cleaning, machine repairs, caretaker responsibilities, and waste management.

We Ensure Quality At Every Level



We handle more than eight properties. And, both renters and landowners renew their contracts with us. In addition, numerous of our customers will not accommodate their staffs any other way. Also, we have faith in our property management skills. Furthermore, we package your facility management services together. As a result, it cuts cost.



As part of our service range, we also provide trustworthy House Keeping Services. Moreover, these professionals have years of experience. Whether, it is an industrial establishment, office, business unit, educational establishments or House Keeping Services we have earned a respectable place in the market of the facility management services.



The advancement and expansion of innovation has made mechanical office administration difficult. At present, one needs technical help in facility management services. As a result, we have trustworthy Technical Facility Management Services that are precisely developed by experts. Furthermore, experts developed it as well.



Well organized and clean business premises can make a big difference to your customers’ perception of your business. Payroll service is capable of delivering a range of cleaning services. We achieve this by focusing on developing cleaning skills of our staff and our front-line supervisors. Our housekeeping groups are competent to use the internationally accepted color coding system. The aim of a color coding system is to help prevent cross-contamination during the cleaning process.  For example, red washing tools is for washrooms.



PayrollBD offers the services of IR Thermal Audit, Electrical audit to enable cost reduction. (infrared Thermography is a method of detecting infrared energy, converts it to temperature, displays temperature distribution in image).

  1. Real-Time Scheduling Dashboard.
  2. Planned Preventative Maintenance  (PPM) Tasks.
  3. Deep Cleaning Tasks.
  4. Log of Reactive & Emergency Tasks.
  5. KPI & SLA Reporting.
  6. Real Time Operational Analytics.
  7. Other facility management services


Toilet paper, paper towels, trash liners, hand cleaner, trucks, mats, rubbish bins, and other supplies are available. We handle your record on a regular asking and conveyance plan that meets your needs. And, we keep up your stock for you. Our prepared specialists use truck-mounted and compact force washers. Shipping bay cleaning, trail and passageway cleaning, exertion covers, surfaces, and outside business structures. Also, we can give you completely equipped and directed workers for cleaning, managing and grounds-keeping. light assembling.

Reasons To Hire Us:

  1. We ensure high-quality performance.
  2. We keep our fixed costs low.
  3. Our ownership structure is views-friendly.
  4. We apply the Best Practice approach.
  5. We have access to an extensive professional network.
  6. Well-established and implemented operation is our main focus.
  7. Up-to-date know-how that we use also helps our clients.
  8. This corporation offers flexible services.
  9. We trust in the endless growth of our procedure.
  10. Our operations incorporate family values.

Our commitment to self-deliver hard and soft services to our clients enable us to have a great control over the quality of delivery, flexibility of service, and cost-efficiency. As a result, we employ all of our knowledge and expertise in this field to accomplish our primary goal of taking on these obligations. And make use of our experience to the client’s advantage through proper functioning of its facilities. Our facility management services include:

  1. Property Maintenance
  2. Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance
  3. Environmental, Health & Safety
  4. Energy Management

FAQ For Facility Management Services

How long will it take to complete registration process?

Not long at all.  Since, we will contact you to discuss the details within 24 hours.

How long will I have to wait to get my locks changed?

We will  be in your doorsteps in less than an hour. In cases of emergency, we will arrive as soon as possible.

Do you take payments on a annual basis?

No, we charge on project basis.

How can I monitor repairement progress?

Once you sign up for our service, you will be provided with an online application specifically designed for the concerned area.

How can I contact you incase of an emergency?

You can call, email, or message us. We will  be there immediately.

Will you assist me on special events?

FinanceYes we have an event management team. And, they will look after your facilities during event.

Register For Facility Management Services & Work With Comfort