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Sourcing Procurement BPO Services

Sourcing Procurement BPO Power House

Our sourcing procurement BPO methods allow clients to better deploy their resources and concentrate on their main business operations.

Sourcing Procurement BPO Services With PayrollBangladesh

PayrollBD delivers purchasing knowledge to initiatives that aren’t traditionally handled by in-house procurement teams, while also reducing spending. Companies can save money on vendor spending and full-time staff with the same skills by using our sourcing procurement BPO solution. Meanwhile, because of our client’s scalability, flexibility, and management competence, our joint knowledge will help save time and increase efficiencies. This means that firm resources, like as employees’ time and capabilities, can be better utilized in areas that directly contribute to the company’s success. As a result, our sourcing procurement BPO services provide cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved resource allocation.

BPO Sourcing

1. Sourcing

Negotiation Procurement

2. Negotiating

Purchasing Vendor

3. Purchasing

Receiving BPO Service

4. Receiving

Sourcing Inspecting Service

5. Inspecting

Filing Vendor Management

6. Filing

Sourcing Procurement BPO Protect Offers Protection Against

Industrial Espionage
Cyber Crime
Data Breach

Procurement Manager with Vendor Management Skill-Set

  1. Cost-cutting
  2. Improved quality
  3. Workload management has improved
  4. Compliance has improved
  5. Proven methods
Advantage Key of procurement

What Sourcing Procurement BPO Services Do We Offer?

Our team members have worked on some of the biggest cases over the past few years. However, we have expertise in the following cases:

  1. Strategic planning
  2. Supplier rationalization
  3. Supplier collaboration
  4. Implementing valuable practices
  5. Strategic negotiation
  6. Strategic sourcing
  7. Extensive coverage
  8. Improved spending

Sourcing Procurement BPO Service Strategies

Supplier Vndor Optimization Management

Supplier Optimization

The first strategy is supplier optimization, in which we eliminate any suppliers who are unable to provide the best pricing for the goods and services required.

Quality Procurement Method

Absolute Quality Method

Another technique we implemented is the “Absolute Quality Method,” through which we ensure that suppliers continue to provide only high-quality items and nothing else.

Risk Management

Risk Management

There is a risk management policy in place to ensure that all of the products or services given by the suppliers do not endanger human health or the company’s growth.

Additional Sourcing Solutions

Additional Solutions

Global sourcing, ecological purchasing, vendor development, and other plans are used by PayrollBD for sourcing procurement BPO services, as well as consultancy.

Central Procurement Solution & Vendor Management.

How much do you charge?

We have created customized rate schedules based on varying levels of complexity. Moreover, our clients are served based on their needs.

How do you use procurement technologies?

Our experts know how to use procurement software and other relative tools. Besides that, you can use our application to monitor the whole process and progress more closely.

How can I register for PayrollBD procurement services?

You can email or call us. After that, we will let you know all the information in details.


Hotline: +(88) 01511 002341

Are you able to offer reduced rates and bono services?

Depending on the circumstances, yes. Our philosophy at is that everyone deserves a fair trial and should have access to high-quality expertise. As a result, we offer reduced rates to clients who have previously qualified for indigent or court-appointed defense. Ultimately, we believe that the facts are contained within the data and the methodology of procurement sourcing. However, our role is that of independent analysts, not advocates.

How does a sourcing procurement BPO analyst work?

Agents give quality service in accordance with business goals, thanks to quality analysts. Through behavior modification, improved quality assurance will boost agent efficiency, improve customer service quality, and improve close rates.

How do you maintain confidentiality and security?

As part of our mission statement, we hold any and all findings of our evaluations in the strictest confidence. Therefore, all of our engagement agreements are accompanied by a standard non-disclosure clause.

Management of vendor & supplier is a key figure or importance in the Supply Chain Management process.