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Contingent Workforce Management

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Contingent workers are all non-permanent workers who will never be permanent workers based on current terms and conditions of the agreement, who are hired on a per-project basis. 

Imagine you are a Readymade Garments Factory owner. Suddenly you got a huge number of orders. But the order pressure will not be high in the near future. This pressure will mount up within the next 2 days and remain high for 30 days. After that, it will evaporate. So you need employees only for 30 days. In this case, you need employees only for 30 days. According to Labour law 2006, if you want to terminate an employee without warning him before at least more than one month, you have to pay him for a couple of months depending on the condition of the employee. So you can’t hire them for a limited time. In this case, casual employees are effective. These employees don’t get any kinds of benefits.

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You need to follow regulation. There is a bit of complexity in management of the contingent workforce. Payroll BD offers contingent workforce management services. During the intense period, one of our representatives will be present in your recruitment area. He will cover those activities. 

If you are an export based company owner or in the top hierarchy, you need to manage your employees compliantly. Same goes for the company who wants to join cooperation with a global renowned company. Depending on the complexity of engaging and managing casual workers, a business must use all ways to balance between profit and compliance.

Hiring contingent workforce brings several challenges. It makes it harder for companies to abide by the compliances. This is the area Payroll BD can help you.

5 Key Contingent Workforce Compliance Points For Your Dream Business

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1. Health & Safety: Good health & safety must be ensured for employees. There must be a doctor available for the working periods. Additional safety measures to prevent accidents must be taken. For example: Secondary emergency stairs must be created. When you hire a good number of temporary employees, ensuring their safety and health becomes a challenge.

2. Reporting According to Global Standard: Reporting the cost accurately is a challenge when you are hiring contingent workforce. You must record them in a different place. Payroll BD deals with employee payrolls with global standard.

3. Employee Details: Whether your workers are permanent or temporary, you must keep track of all of them. Their Name, National ID or Birth Certificate Number, Address, Parents Name etc.

4. Documents: All of your documents must be valid and legal. You must have documents of employee cost. That part of cost covers the largest segment of total cost. Bangladesh is a lucrative place for the RMG sector thanks to its low labour cost. Proper documentation is a must for expanding business in Bangladesh for both local and international markets.

5. Transparency: Your business process must be transparent. Depending on the need of business it can be simple or complex. Transparency issues often arise when you outsource your services. Those 3rd parties must be available to cooperate at your operation time.

Our Deep-Dive WFM Engagements Confirm What You’re Doing Well

There are two types of approaches the company follows. One is the exclusive approach and the other is the inclusive approach. The exclusive approach thinks that temporary workers are not part of the HR management process and the inclusive approach thinks that contingent workers are part of the HR process. This is a big difference. 

Temporary worker experience may not seem too important but it is not true for them who repeatedly need contingent workforce. Inclusive organizations think that a great experience is very good for their company regardless of their contract type. Technology, workspace, culture, way of thinking puts a great impact on the experience.

How warmly the employees of a company accept the temporary employee is a great indicator of corporate culture of the company. If the culture is too tough for temporary employees they may not be able to do their job properly. Their performance will drop. So they may not become interested in that company again. If a skilled contingent employee doesn’t want to work for a company it is a very big issue.

Our Workforce Management Deep Dive Engagements Confirm What You’re Doing Well
Seize On Opportunities For Cost Savings With Workforce Management Services

Seize On Opportunities For Improvement & Cost-Savings With Our Contingent Workforce Management Services

Constant optimization is the name of the game when it comes to workforce management (WFM), also known as workforce optimization (WFO). Our consultative approach and worldwide standardization result in manpower efficiencies across vendor and captive sites for our clients.

We specialize in delivering considerable value in your operations, from planning and forecasting to scheduling and real-time analysis to reporting and optimization.

While technology and process efficiency are critical, the true value is created by people. Employees who are engaged and inspired are at the heart of any successful personnel strategy.

Our Workforce Management Ensure Comprehensive intelligence for making smart purchasing decisions

Just imagine that you have won a big contract. Now you need a huge number of contingent workers. You hired 50 workers. They will work for a total of 100 hours. You thought that would be enough. But they were so skilled that they completed That task within 70 hours. But you paid for 100 hours. So that was an unnecessary expense. After 300 days, you got another big contract. You hired 50 workers and 40 of them worked in the previous season. So you reached a contract for 80 hours. They completed the task within 75 hours. So you saved unnecessary expenses lot.

So, this is why it is important to store their data in your database. Payroll BD stores the data of each casual worker within their own server. Whether an employee works under you or not, Payroll BD can suggest to you about the potential duration of the project.

Our Workforce Hr Management Ensure intelligence

FAQs For Workforce Management Services

How does contingent workforce management work?

Contingent workforce management involves how an organization treats its contingent workers. Here we can roughly distinguish two approaches, an inclusive one and an exclusive one. Contingent workers are included in companies’ normal HR practices in the former. Contingent employees are often treated as a separate group of employees, bypassing the existing HR process and systems.

What are the best practices for managing contingent workers?

Best practices for contingent workforce management include including contingent employees in the HR cycle, creating an employee experience for all types of employees, and including contingent employees in the performance review process.

What to do when you need a contingent workforce?

There are several ways to find contingent workers for your company.
You can manage recruitment, onboarding, and payroll for your contingent staff yourself if you have the time and a dedicated HR department.
Be up front about the temporary status of contingent workers when you hire them. The employee can always be made permanent if the fit is good.

How much of the workforce is contingent?

Almost half of the Bangladesh’s workforce was contingent before the pandemic. According to a recent survey, 32 companies are replacing full-time employees with contingent workers to save money.

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