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Expat Payroll and Tax In Bangladesh

Our Contractor Payroll Services Saves Your A Ton Of Time & Stress

Specialized staff payment, and outsourcing providers for your business needs. Specialists. Offering the Most beneficial Contractor Payroll Services all over the world for HR Essentials. PEO Services. Transitory Staffing. Professional Agency.

The Most Advanced and Strategic Contractor Payroll Services For Your Growing Business

The ever changing and complex tax laws are taxing and make doing the payroll a difficult task. When you are a small business owner, it is always handy to choose a payroll service provider to do the job for you. Payroll is the most important element of a business and you shouldn’t allow any mistakes in this department. We provides contractor payroll services in the following aspects.

Contractor Payroll Services

Payment of salaries

Cultural Guideline

Services of Taxation

Work Permits and E-Visa Processing

Other Payroll Services

Focus On Your Core Business Our Contractor Payroll Service Takes Care All Of Your Hassle

We offer payroll services to the contractors who are looking to hire from outside Bangladesh. In addition to contractor payroll services, we offer work permits and E-visa processing service. Culture, way of thinking, lifestyles, regulations are often unknown to the foreigners. Payroll BD as a payroll service provider helps you to effectively manage foreign employees. They will always be paid on time and with all the taxes according to the regulation of Bangladesh will be handled. There are many reason why we are the best for contractor payroll services.

  1. We have an experienced dedicated team of employees with expertise in this field
  2. Timely delivery of services
  3. Highly safeguard Dedicated Payroll Processing Software
  4. Protective Online Payment & Reports
  5. Auto-enrolment
  6. Perfect solutions for finance-related services including payroll, taxation, bookkeeping and accounting services
  7. 24*7 customer support
  8. We guarantee value for money results where we assist as a complete package to take on your HR needs as well
Expat Payroll and Tax Services

The Most Sophisticatedly Designed Valuation Payroll Service For Your Needs

Our contractors payroll services start from work permit and E-Visa processing to taxation. We keep a complete track record of the employees and track their leave balance, compute payouts and salary reconciliation, and generate all statutory and MIS reports. Our payroll is secured cloud based. There is no need for maintenance from our clients end. We pay salaries in minutes and send it to the employees bank account. We calculate payroll and tax with the most updated law. So, both employers and employees can focus on their job and improve their performance.

If you are prepared to start your career in Bangladesh, Payroll BD is your ultimate guide and solution. If you are interested to know about services and pricing, get in touch with us today.

5 Special Reasons Clients Appreciate Our Successful Payroll Services

01. Customer Services

Our Effective and efficient payroll management services involve addressing taxation regulations and immigration issues of foreign employees. We have dedicated customer service available 24/7. If you find any issues, you can contact us at any time.

02. Time Saving

Hiring a consultant is often regarded as a valuable service for businesses. But it brings a lot of problems. In Bangladesh, companies are responsible for the taxation of foreign employees. Our contractor Payroll Services will save a lot of time for you.

03. Payroll Services

Large companies often can maintain their own payroll service department. But when it comes to small to medium companies, it is not always in the best interest of the companies economically to maintain their own Payroll service department.

04. Best Paperwork

If a small company owner wants to do the payroll processing for his or her company, he or she is responsible for filling out all of the tax paperwork for each individual employee. You have to maintain a detailed account of transactions on your own and mail them.

05. Proper Management

PayrollBD will prepare and send monthly payslips, ensuring appropriate contributions to social security. It will also prepare the annual withholding tax statements for each employee. But it will not cover the taxation in foreign employees’ countries.

Expats Legislation and Taxation Services

Payroll BD Helps Greatly in Risk Reduction: More Effective and Organized, Secure Solutions

There are some pros and cons to hiring contractual employees. It offers more flexibility and you can hire highly expert people for short-run usage. It is also difficult to judge the capacity of the employee. Payroll BD has an effective hiring mechanism. We can help you with it. You could use our contractor payroll services if you’re preparing for an offshore job contract. We understand how exciting and difficult starting a new career as a worldwide contractor can be. A new place, a new culture, and occasionally being separated from your family. On top of that, there are all of these other regulations and legislation that you must be aware of in order to work legally. PayrollBd offers umbrella contractor payroll services in our key nations to help with this. We’ll take care of everything so you can concentrate on what you do best: your career.

  1. It saves both time and money equally.
  2. Permits you to focus on other features of your business that are more vital.
  3. Handle the payroll and tax in a much more effective and organized manner.
  4. Expert payroll services can add worth to the company by offering advice and reducing payroll errors.
  5. A payroll solution that is both handy and effective for you.

All you need to do is transfer the payroll and tax information to us and we will take care of everything else. You don’t need to worry about paying your employees at the end of the month. As the one of the most reputable Bangladeshi payroll companies, we improve our approach to ensure you are given the best possible service.

Frequently Asked Questions For Payroll Services

How do I receive my payment summary?

Payment summaries have been renamed Income Statements, and the ATO has changed how they are made available. Your Income Statement can only be accessed through your MyGov account or through a tax professional as a part of contractor payroll services. PayrollBD is no longer able to provide you with one.

How does payroll work for Contractors?

PayrollBD specializes in providing comprehensive, real-time contractor payroll services. When you accept the terms and conditions, you give PayrollBD permission to cooperate with your recruitment firm to set up your contract so that PayrollBD can offer your firm with outsourced payroll services to pay you. PayrollBD sends your tax and superannuation to a fund of your choice, including Self Managed Superannuation Funds, when you use this service.

What are PayrollBD's Fees?

PayrollBD creates a pricing structure based on your specific needs, so contact one of our advisors for a detailed quote of contractor payroll services. Our charge is based on a wage sacrifice. Please contact us.

How do you guarantee my pay is set up correctly?

To ensure compliance with the ATO’s regulations, all of our new contractors’ compensation is quality verified by our in-house Certified Practicing Accountant CPA and tax agent.

If I can’t get my timesheet in on time will you still pay me on time?

One of the many advantages of working with PayrollBD is that we are compassionate and appreciate the importance of receiving payments on time, every time. We understand that supervisors aren’t always available to sign timesheets on time when taking services of contractor payroll and that you might be sick on the day timesheets are due. If you know you won’t be able to submit your timesheet on time, please call us so we know you’ve informed us. Similarly, if your timesheet isn’t received on time, we’ll call you to find out why, and then reassure you that everything is in order for payday.

Access Safe & Secure Payroll Services Affordably