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Copyright Registration Services Process

Legal Copyright Registration Service In Bangladesh

Copyright is an intellectual asset that punishes anyone who tries to copy your creative work. We have an experienced dedicated team who legally process all the system for registering your creative work anywhere in Bangladesh.

Secure Your Business With Our Copyright Registration Service

Copyright or intellectual property rights is a sort of trade secret that gives its owner the complete right to make copies of an igneous work, usually for a finite time.  You will be able to own a Copyright registration when you originate something new in literary, artistic, educational, or musical form.

The registration of copyright is important. Because the creator will have a legal right in public, and his work will not be victimized.

A copyright is a legal right that safeguards the copying of someone’s creative work. Anyone will be able to register the Copyright under a copyright act.

Copyright registration or intellectual property rights in Bangladesh gives commercial rights to the creator so that they can earn from their creation by producing copies, publishing in public, distributing their work with the public, etc.

We can help you by registering your creative work under copyright to enjoy absolute ownership of your creation.

We shall provide you with perfect legal services in relation to copyright registration.

Copyright protection makes sure certain minimum safeguards of the rights of authors over their creations. Thereby protecting and rewarding creativity.

The publisher, owner, author of the work can apply for the registration of the copyright.

Please, let us know the best time to contact you by phone (if needed).

Why Choose Our Copyright Registration Service?

Copyright Legal Protection

1. Legal Protection

The creator of the original work will always be protected by law when copying his work without authorization. Copyright registration makes it easier to protect original works from infringement.

Brand And Trademark Registration Services

2. Market Presence

By registering a copyright, you can create a public record of your work and establish proof of ownership for your creative work. It can also be used for marketing and building goodwill in the minds of customers.

Copyrights Registrations Services

2. Establish Own Rights

The copyright owner has the right to copy, distribute, adapt and translate the work. Depending on the work, you will have some changes in the composition of your rights. Pyroll BD will help you to establish your legal rights.

Evidence Of Validity

4. Evidence of Validity:

If a registration application is presented to the Copyright Office within five years after first publication of the work, the certificate delivered by the Office will establish prima facie evidence of the validity of the copyright.

Creates A Public Record

5. Creates a Public Record:

Registration is reviewed notice to the world of your copyright claim. Among other things, this helps people who desire to license your work to determine the status of your work and to find you. We working in this criteria within 14th years.

What Can Be Registered Under Copyright?

You can register any original creative work recorded in electronic format, including:


Payroll.Com.BD can help your business obtain an international trademark registration. Talk with one of our Business Advisers today. Copyright registration establishes a public record of your copyright and puts everyone in the world on notice that you have sought and claimed copyright protection under the Copyright laws. Contact us immediately and register the copyright without any trouble.

You Need The Following Documents For Registering Copyright

You need to submit the following documents in order to apply for Copyright Registration.

  1. Completed application form –Name, Address & Nationality of the Applicant
  2. Nature Of The Work.
  3. Copies of the registered or original work.
  4. Deeds required for transfer or transfer work and submit stamp paper.

For legal documents, if a lawyer submits an application form on behalf of the author when the Registrar receives a copyright application, he will send a confirmation notice to all persons interested in the subject of the application. If the Registrar receives any objections, he/she can refuse to question the person involved in this particular case. We will manage all documents for registering copyright. You can contact us anytime if you need our services.

Copyright transfer:

After the applicant completes the registration, he/she will have the option to transfer, distribute or license its copyrighted products. The Copyright Office has established forms for related activities.

Ownership Authorization

Copyright refers to the right of creators of dramatic, literary, music, and artistic works, and individuals who make films and sound recordings to provide legal support to protect their works from infringement.

For business entrepreneurs, writers, artists, designers, musicians, architects, dramatists, software engineers, cinematographers and other intellectuals, this is an indivisible property.

Why Payroll BD Is The Ultimate Safeguard To Your Creation

At PayrollBD our Copyright professionals and lawyers will offer legal advice and end-to-end support right from filing the application, collecting the details, till your work gets registered. The entire process is done online so there is no need for you to step out and follow up with the government authorities. We will take care of all the mandatory requirements as well.

Frequently Asked Questions For Copyright Registration

How do trademarks differ from copyrights?

The copyright registration protects original works of authorship, while the patent protects inventions. The way in which ideas and discoveries are expressed are not protected by copyright law. The mark identifies the source of goods or services of a party and distinguishes them from those of others through words, phrases, symbols, or designs.

Do I have a right to protect my work?

The moment your work is created and fixed in tangible form that it is observable directly or through a machine or device, it is protected by copyright registration process.

Is it possible to send a brief description of my work?

The work must be supplied in its entirety. It can only protect work that was submitted with your application, it cannot protect work not submitted at the time of copyright registration.

Copyrights differ from patents and trademarks in what ways?

Patents protect inventions or discoveries, while copyrights protect original works with copyright registration service.

Our Expert Advice On Copyright Law and Policy Is For The Benefit Of All