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Corporate Finance Services

Cost-Saving Corporate Finance Services In Bangladesh

Maximize Profits & Costs With Corporate Finance Services

Our Corporate Finance team develops and fosters relationships with our clients at both shareholder and senior management levels. Thereby gaining a strong understanding of our client’s strategic priorities. We then offer independent advice and directly assist our clients to execute their objectives.

Our Corporate Finance professionals team provide a full range of M&A and financial advisory services in relation to acquisitions, divestments and capital raising initiatives.

Corporate finance deals with the company’s capital structure, including the company’s funds and the actions taken by the management to increase the company’s value. Corporate finance also includes tools and analysis used to prioritize and allocate financial resources.

The ultimate goal of company financing is to maximize the value of the company while balancing risks and profitability through resource planning and implementation.’s financial consulting services will help companies solve problems or obstacles in financial activities. At the same time, the consultant formulates the most standard financial plan in the business of the enterprise and formulates the capital allocation project according to the needs of the enterprise.

Investment Banking in Capital Raising

How Can Payroll BD’s Valuation Corporate Finance Services Help You?

Payroll BD utilizes a team of corporate financial advisors who provide unique corporate financial services to the client. We provide a wide range of services in the area of corporate finance advisory services. Our teamwork with your company in safeguarding the needed funds for operations. We also offer corporate financial consulting in the matters of mergers and acquisitions. Payroll BD ensures a global reach for your company with local resources.

Through our collaborative and integrated approach to all projects and transactions, clients can benefit from our expertise in arranging capital, financial modeling, valuation, transaction services, mergers and acquisitions, and more. No matter how complicated the transaction is, we will use our experience in the market to provide a successful solution.

Our Corporate Finance services include:

2. Arrange capital

2. Financial modeling

3. Transaction services

4.Valuations & Intellectual Property

5. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A advisory)

6. Investment planning for private enterprises

7. vAdvise and arrange liquidation plan

8. Investment planning for private enterprises

9. Rising finance develop strategies for accessing

10. Evaluating the potential of business opportunities

Why Trust Our Team As Your Finance Services Provider?

Merger And Acquisition

If you are going on board with a merger or acquisition our corporate finance service advisor guides your company with the perfect course of transition, execute deals and deducing the optimal value of the corporate finance advisory.

Debt and Capital advisory:

Our corporate finance consulting experts support your company in opting the best borrowing choice through a wide range of debt and equity markets. We provide you  the cost saving corporate services which make your  economy strong.

Management Advisory:

Our experts offer valuable insights to your management while getting shares in any other company or while fitting a major stakeholder in a third party business. We are working in with finance & accounting services within 14th years.

Venture capital:

We support by offering expert opinion for venture capital formations. We ensure that all the rules and regulations obey with the nature of the venture undertaken. Our finance & accounting services will boost your business.

Capital markets:

We work friendly with underwriters, financial advisors and issues of Initial Public Offering(IPO) and also support the company in issuing right shares, bonus shares, buyback of their shares from the market and equity instruments.

Payroll BD helps your business to adjust and catch pace with the fast growing options in the business world. We make sure that all your corporate finance needs to be fulfilled by our team. We have excellent expertise and have knowledge of the Law as and when required by the company.

Frequently Asked Questions For Corporate Work Flow

Why should I choose an advisor?

You are buying the invisible when you purchase professional corporate finance services. What should you look for when choosing a professional? You should trust your instincts. Work with people you like and who have experience. Ensure that the people you’ve met will actually do the work and aren’t just there to sell you something. Make sure they are interested in you and your company.

What is the purpose of having a third party advisor?

You get a better outcome when you work with a good corporate finance advisor. You will only do the really important things once, such as selling your company or doing a management buyout. It’s important to get it right the first time. A business is also a full-time job, so you need an adviser to allow you to focus on the success of your company.

How much does it cost to engage PayrollBD to manage a transaction?

Our corporate finance market has an established fee structure that varies according to the type of transaction. There is often a significant component only payable upon success and sometimes we can agree on a fixed fee. There will be a written estimate of the cost before we start.

What is the best way to maximize the value of my company?

Profit multiples are paid by buyers for their acquisitions. When selling a company, you should maximize profits. The highest multiples are paid for strategic targets, so shape your business to suit likely buyers. The key value drivers of a target are things like quality management, scalability, intellectual property, earnings track record, cash dynamics, and a lack of dependency. All the suggestions can be taken from the corporate finance service.

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