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Offshore Remote Corporate Secretarial Services 

PayrollBD, is the first of its in Bangladesh, provides corporate secretarial services to valuable clients who prefer to focus on their core business while we handle the difficulties of regulatory filing as well as legal compliance. PayrollBD has already signed signed a number of corporate entities and is providing expert secretarial services to its prestigious customers as a trust – worthy secretarial service provider.

Offshore Service & Advisory Service Service Provider

Our corporate secretarial services provider experts are always ready to help you and your company. The formation of a new company to the ongoing compliance with legal regulations. Because of our deep local knowledge and lengthy relationships within APAC’s regulatory and governmental environments. Small private companies, and everything in between.

1. Ministerial Services

PayrollBD Consulting firm handles all of your Ministerial tasks while you sit back and relax in your office. We could get your job done quickly and accurately. You simply need to notify us of your requirement and provide accurate documentation.

2. Company Incorporation Service

Throughout the last decade, PayrollBD Consulting Worldwide has been a pioneer in helping both overseas investment in forming their preferred business entity. We understand how hard it can be for any people to invest his or her hard-earned money in Bangladesh’s expanding but complex market. When the shareholder is a foreign citizen, the difficulty level keeps increasing.

Filing Annual Accounts and Tax Returns with Local Authorities.

1. Corporate Secretary

A company secretary must meet certain criteria, including being a distinctive individual with his or her head or sole place of residence in Bangladesh. Payroll NBD has the ideology for selecting the best individual for the Corporate Secretarial Services in Bangladesh.

2. Company Strike off

The company striking off technique can be just as difficult as establishing another one. As a result, our organization provides you with the necessary assistance as you navigate the complicated and time-consuming process of striking off your company.

3. Liquidation in Bangladesh

Liquidation is critical for the business interactions that specific organizations must be prepared to engage in if certain conditions occur. Connect our liquidation administrations as needed to ensure a smooth liquidation procedure.

4. Customs Registration

If your business operates in Bangladesh through transportation, import, or trans-shipment, it must be registered with Dhaka Customs. As a shipping company, exporter, regular carrier, and for others company.

5. Companies Taxation

Combination is the interaction occurs when at least 2 organizations are merged. Aside from moves of offers  organizations looking to rebuild should consider completing a blend in accordance with the Companies Act.

Get Benefits From Our Best Corporate Secretarial Services

We can provide expertise in fulfilling all company secretary functions. Standard business governance across all jurisdictions. Your fund already is established and you want to transfer your regulatory requirement. You are establishing up a brand new fund. We are the best for corporate secretarial services in Bangladesh.

1. Risk Reduction- We have in-country experts who are familiar with the local rules, culture, & customs that impact legal compliance.

2. Maintain Control- You can operate globally thanks to our worldwide reporting and single contact point. All activities are clearly visible and in accordance with the standards.

3. Cost Control- You can invoice in any currency or location, and the costs are clear and manageable. Please contact us.

Labor Compliance Services Managing Expatriates Payroll

FAQs About Corporate Secretarial Services

Can you tell me how mush renewal cost for corporate secretarial services?

Our renewal pricing structure guarantees that the registration fee will not change.

Our approach deviates from industry norms. Most business and companies an introduction fee only to follow up with a higher renewal fee.

Our cost remains the same as it was when you first joined us. There’ll be no price hikes.

How does you go about auditing a secretary?

1. Obtain the consent of the secretary auditor.
2. As an affection to MGT-14, file a approved true copy of a measure adopted in a Meeting Today with Registrar of Companies.
3. In the Board Meeting, appoint the Secretarial Auditor.
4. Determine remuneration at the Board Meeting.

What exactly is secretarial compliance?

Certificate of Secretarial Compliance and Secretarial Audit:

It is a procedure that checks the company’s assent with certain corporate laws, rules, and laws. Secretarial Audit, on the other hand, makes it easier for stakeholders and management can improve the management productivity and controls.

What are the responsibilities of a corporate secretarial services?

A corporation is responsible for ensuring that each and every new Bangladeshi business appoints a secretary within 6 months of incorporation, as required by the Companies Act.

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