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Workforce Management Services

Our High-Class and Successful HR Workforce Management System

Our Team Provides The Efficiency HR Workforce Management System

As a globally acknowledged workforce management services provider, we provides end-to-end HRO services that are aimed at solving complex HR challenges. From personalized staffing services, expert talent acquisition, search and recruitment, payroll compliance, training and skill development, to managed workforce solutions,  we provides all the tools necessary to move your business growth.

The workforce management is the lifeblood of any company, and with the perfect people, you can transform businesses. We aim to do just that – furnish companies with world-class workforce management solutions to help them be successful.

Improve efficiency with the first integrated company workflow solution, which enables paperless tax management and provides integrated tax consulting tools.

HR Workforce management Services

How Can Our Corporate Workforce Management System and be Customized to Work For You?

1. IT Infrastructure

Our workforce management solutions are activated by state of the art technology and our stable digital infrastructure.  Utilizing our own technology, we have created a suite of workforce management products.  Our technology provides the efficiency needed to automate the procure-to-pay process and has the capability to integrate with your current technology.

2. Strategic Management

PayrollBD acknowledges that the lack of key skills is a fundamental threat to its growth and that its current strategic decisions are based on its ability to attract, manage and retain talent. However, the obstacle to the success of this talent-first approach is that most companies have yet to incorporate their temporary staff into talent strategy.

3. Professional Training

PayrollBD team can introduce programs that will significantly improve your ability to hire new or known temporary talent, whether you use internal or outsourced MSP methods. Measures include direct contact with talents, maximizing the efficiency of recruiting supplier channels and using technology, processes, and personnel to create an advantage.

Our Total Workforce Management Services Includes a Lot of Things Forecasting Labor Needs!

How do you find and retain the best temporary talent for your business?

PayrollBD enables the organization to achieve its goal of “talent first” by directly hiring new contingent talents and redeploying proven talents. We implement leading technology and services to ensure that you get the best temporary talent as soon as possible at a compliant price.

How do you find and retain the best temporary talent for your business
How do you find and retain the best temporary talent for your business

Are your provider strategies for contingent workforce management inconsistent, contracts, capacity gaps are different, and there is no effective management method?

Supply chain management is an important service. It can attract appropriately qualified and vetted suppliers, negotiate prices with the market, and establish consistent, mutually beneficial partnerships with them to enhance performance.

Do you want to effectively handle the cost of the entire workforce management?

Inconsistent supplier management and lack of control over contingent personnel can guide to substantial cost losses. Problems include changes in supplier profit margins, lack of salary benchmarks, classification of temporary employees as job statements, inflated costs, and errors in the invoicing process.

How do you use technology to reach your procurement and contingent workforce management objectives?

Offering accidental workforce solutions requires technology to make your plan a success. Our technical and professional service team can suggest you, implement and optimize your technical solutions.

Are you managing the engagement and performance of permanent and temporary employees?

Most organizations today do not manage the engagement and performance of contingent workers. Aligned to your HR strategy,  We can drive this initiative for you.

Do you have visibility over your entire contingent workforce management?

For most company, the data and follow-up insights for temporary employees and job statements are extremely fragmented and are usually owned by third-party vendors. Even if there is an MSP program, the whole working program data cannot be seen. However, our programs can deliver this for you.

Is your temporary workforce management program and reputation vulnerable to emerging risks?

As a human resources company arranging temporary employees, we mitigates all statutory and insurance risks associated with that employee. In addition to existing risks, our internal experts and external tax and legal partners will remain to review and formulate solutions related to the evolving emerging risks.

Does your organization have the ability to deal with the practical and legal challenges associated with global employees?

In today’s world where tax regulations are progressively complex and violations can be costly. Having a partner who understands the nuances of local regulations around the world is important to defend your brand and prevent rising costs.

So, what are you waiting for? If you need a Corporate Workflow solution. Contact Us today.

Why Choosing Us As Your Corporate Workforce Management Services?

Staff or Employee Management

Talent Acquisition

We have enough capabilities to recognize, pick, and hire the talent who meets the core values of your business. Understanding your requirements and objectives is very vital to us. We work together to produce an unique experience.

Workforce Management

Extended Services

We provides a range of time-saving services, including punch processing, mass batch work, timesheet management, and payroll file generation. We can convert templates, pull post-payroll validation reports, or whatever you need.

Workforce Data Management

Data Management

If you need help with data cleanup, making mass changes, or inputting data before your system goes live, we’re here. Our experienced team can efficiently manage your overall setup.

Workforce E2E Support

E2E Support

Your systems demand to work together. Whether you are a new or existing customer, we can offer end-to-end integration with your payroll, HRIS or ERP systems.

Frequently Asked Questions For Corporate WorkFlow

What is the cost of your services?

No. Our Corporate Engagement office at PayrollBD does not charge clients for its services. If you are not sure who to contact for workforce management, please send an email to [email protected]

What are the steps to activate my PayrollBD Corporate Account?

You will receive a prepaid account and a login ID and password. The account must be topped up with funds to be activated. It can be topped up by credit card or bank transfer. There will be an admin fee if you use your credit card. These are the functions of workforce management.

How is technical support provided?

Transparent Language Online includes a number of instructional aids to assist users in getting started, including a robust help system, tutorial videos, screen overlays, and onscreen instructions as a part of workforce management.

How can I find out more about your accessibility support?

You can read our knowledge base to find in-depth information about the criteria for software applications and web sites, as well as our current assessment of Transparent Language Online status for each criterion.

How can I find out more about PayrollBD Corporate?

Please send your queries regarding corporate workforce management to [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible.

Professionalism And Productive Corporate Workflow Services