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Best E-Payslip Services

The Best E-Payslip Services: Save Time & Improved Delivery

Our Advanced E-Payslip Services Are Most Efficient For Your Business


The digitalization of business procedures and of finance operations in specific continues rapidly. Against this background, an increasing number of businesses are moving towards the use of e-payslip. Payroll BD permits you to make your business processes more efficient and cost effective.

There are two ways to deliver a payslip. One is to print payslips and deliver them to the employees. The other way is to scan them or create them using computers and send them through the internet. With a proper electronic payslip or e-payslip distribution model, you can increase the efficiency compared to the paper payslip, reduce associate management costs, and improve the ability to get access to the information of relevant employees.

We have developed an e-Payslip, which is very secure. Our e-payslip services solution provides benefits to both you and your employees.

The digitalization of business procedures

Why Do Our Payroll Accounting, Tax File Return and E-Payslip Services Fit The Best?

Payroll BD delivers e-payslip on time. We ensure employee’s privacy. It simplifies a set of complex activities which are often very painful but important to maintain productivity. In this way we ease the burden of HR management.

We offer a new secured digital e-payslip distribution model which improves payroll management. This is not only good for all types of employees but also for HR Management. It maximizes employee satisfaction and reduces the cost of management.

Our services don’t break Digital Security Act 2018 and Labour Law 2006. Our motto is to build long term relationships with our customers. This is why we remain to update our services with the hope of our clients. Our process is highly transparent. 

  1. Decrease costs, saving on postage, printing and processing.
  2. Quick and easy to setup without installing any software.
  3. Reduces your carbon footprint which is an environmentally friendly solution.
  4. Employees can approach their e-payslips anytime from anywhere with internet access.
  5. Enhanced pay data security, complies to industry standard data protection rules.

Our service is completely automated and secure. You don’t have to worry about how you will get e-payslip or about the complete system. E-payslip format also varies from country to country, company to company. It is vital to know which information is needed to be included in the employer’s epayslips.


Some very basic information required to be included in the employer’s e-payslip.

  1. Company Name
  2. Company Address
  3. Company Contact
  4. Pay Date

5. Payment Period
6. Employee Name
7. Employee Designation
8. Department

9. Earnings
10. Deductions & TDS
11. Net Payment
12. Approved By

Our E-Payslip System Provides The Most Secured Services With Advanced Strategy

Payroll BD is a cost-effective, secured, and efficient Payroll service provider. It uses an automated e-payslip generator and sends it through Email accurately with detailed information. To check our services please check our plans-prices. Our services work properly for employees. An employee also can get the best services including:

  1. 24/7 entry to current and historic pay details and e-payslip in one place.
  2. Enhanced speed of delivery of pay information.
  3. Employees able to print and reprint their payslips whenever they need.
  4. Allows your employees a greener way to receive their pay details gives them to contribute to environmental policies.
  5. Smartphone and mobile device options for e-payslip available.
PayrollBD Providing you with the most secured services with advanced strategy

 Our E-Payslip Services Bring Core Benefits At Your Doorstep

With GDPR in the push and affecting every part of how personal data is prepared, we’re taking another look at how e-payslip can help your business. Our servicing process handling your employee’s pay information and bookkeeping service properly.

Save Money

The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professional (CIPP) compared Bookkeeping statistics between paper and e-payslip in a survey. They reported that 83.3% of respondents had reduced costs by switching to e-payslip. Awesomely, the savings they declared ranged from £1,200 to £6,000 per year.

Improved Delivery

Dissimilar paper payslips, which return to the HR or finance office if the employee is absent and can’t pick up their payslip, e-payslip are emailed directly to the employee. It saves on the cost of postage, and also on the amount of time needed to deliver payslip.

Environmentally Friendly

By removing paper payslips from circulation, you’re decreasing your carbon footprint and helping the environment. Most businesses dishearten the printing emails unless it is absolutely necessary And yet the printing and distribution of monthly payslip is just as much a waste of resources. More so amongst larger businesses.

Reduced Storage Space

As a business, you never have to store undelivered or uncollected payslips. It is potentially even more useful for employees. As they’ll have access to historical payslips without having to sort through files or ask you for copies. This is suitable for situations where employees need proof of income, for example when they’re applying for a mortgage.

Frequently Asked Questions For E-Payslip

What if I only want to send ePayslips to some of my employees?

Simply email us the names and addresses of the employees to whom you do not wish to send ePayslips, and we will take care of the rest.

Do you need to process our payroll?

No. Any payroll software is not required to use our portal. All we need is a standard payroll system output including the information we require for each employee. Our project management staff can assist you with this, and we already have templates for a number of common payroll systems.

If we change payroll systems, will ePayslips still work?

Yes, we just collaborate with you to update our pay data mapping files.

How do employees know when a payslip is available?

There are a variety of enrollment options tailored to your needs, with the majority of them based on your location, office internet access, and use of corporate email accounts.

The majority of signup procedures use a combination of written communication, SMS, and email to ensure that security is maintained throughout.

Will ePayslips save my business money?

That is dependent on how you are currently processing payslips and the alternatives you select. The savings on paper payslip printing will be offset by higher bandwidth, security, and development costs for the portal if paper payslips are replaced with electronic ones on a like-for-like basis. If you want to send SMS messages to your staff, you’ll have to pay an extra fee. The elimination of postage costs could result in significant savings for firms who send payslips to employees. Employers who fully utilize the ePayslip portal’s communication capabilities with employees can save a lot of money.

Get All Documents In One Place With Our Electronic Payslip Services