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Most Reliable Employee Onboarding Service In Bangladesh

Most Reliable Employee Onboarding Service In Bangladesh

Trustworthy And Well Managed Employee Onboarding Process

HR managers face numerous challenges on a day-to-day basis, but none more crucial than recruitment and employee onboarding.

The demand for talent is insatiable, but the talent pool is ever shrinking. It has become increasingly important to find the right candidate despite the talent crunch. Finding the right person is only the beginning of the challenge.

All your hard work will go down the drain if the new hire leaves for a greener pasture after identifying, interviewing, and recruiting them, and you will have to start the recruitment process all over again. If an offer is accepted, a notice period is confirmed, a joining date is confirmed, but the candidate backs out at the last minute, what happens?

An employee onboarding process that is more structured could prevent something like this, but can it be implemented in a structured way? How would an employee engagement program improve employee retention? Would it really increase employee engagement, make new hires feel loyal, and boost employee loyalty?

To identify a fast transition from candidate to employee, an organized, communicative and detailed onboarding procedure is requisite. PayrollBD’s HR Services, Tax, accounting and payroll services in Bangladesh is prepared to greatly handle your employee onboarding with our ownership software, confirm your employees are excellent and more swiftly ready for their first day of work.

The orientation program, the training plan, setting up performance metrics, and establishing a feedback loop are all included as part of the definition of onboarding.

Trustworthy And Well Managed Employee Onboarding Process
Our Onboarding Process Includes Recruitment, Training, Consulting Programs along with employee management

Our Onboarding Process Includes

Onboarding is the process of introducing new employees to the organization’s environment and culture. Although the time it takes to achieve that goal may vary from one organization to another.

Many organizations consider onboarding to be a one-day process whereas others do it for 18 months. It is true that employee onboarding begins for almost all companies the moment a prospective employee receives an offer letter. Here is a detailed look at the onboarding process.

Smooth Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is the first interaction an employee has with the organization after the lengthy interview process.

  1. The employee might regret accepting the job offer if the experience doesn’t meet expectations.
  2. The negative impression left by a poor onboarding process could affect their perceptions, causes them to harbor prejudices about the organization.
  3. It is important to have a solid employee onboarding process to assist your new hires with settling into their jobs, getting to know your company.
  4. It makes employees feel welcomed and assists them in quickly assimilating into the organization’s culture.

Thus, streamlining employee onboarding reduces the workload of the HR department as well as impresses new employees.

Automated Employee Onboarding

You must have an employee onboarding process that eliminates last-minute confusion and compliance issues. A good employee onboarding software accomplishes the following:

  1. Gives you an outline for onboarding
  2. Documentation creates a lot of chaos
  3. Improves the time it takes to onboard new employees
  4. Reduction of manual intervention and human error
  5. Reduce the workload of the HR team
  6. All new employees receive a consistent experience
  7. Improves transparency within the process
  8. Ensures that the onboarding process is memorable for the employees

Here’s a guide you can check out for effective Business Advisory

Why Our Onboarding Process Flow is the Best Option For a Good Employee

After the hiring process, the employee onboarding process begins. Human resources sends an employee a welcome email with a few essential documents, such as an offer letter, a link to fill out the digital onboarding form, and policy documents. Transparency familiarizes the employee with the company’s culture and lets them know what to expect.

Why our Onboarding Process Flow is the best option For a Good Employee

Most companies set up a quick call after the employee accepts the offer to review the forms, benefits, policies, and expectations. Engagement of new hires will reinforce their decision to accept the offer, and forge strong emotional ties with the organization. The time is right for you to draft an employee orientation agenda.

Ways To Choose The Best Employees:

A successful job application does not ensure that the employee will attend their joining date. While waiting for an offer from another employer, the employee might be open to receiving offers from other employers as well. The importance of a good relationship with the employee is necessary. Make sure the employee knows they are valued. When you plan your employee onboarding process, don’t forget to include the waiting period.

Most new hires have mixed emotions on their first day. They feel excited, nervous, happy, and anxious at the same time. Human resource managers’ primary function is therefore to make new employees feel comfortable and welcome. By giving new hires a sense of belonging, they will be more committed to their work and more focused.

An employee onboarding checklist will relieve HR staff of their stress and they also give them Business Advisory.

Here are a few things to do before the day of joining:

  1. Make sure the orientation schedule is ready
  2. Assign IT equipment (workstations, email access, etc.)
  3. Obtain office supplies (furniture, keys, access cards, etc.).
  4. Create a salary account
  5. Provide a mentor or go-to person who can help the employee adjust


It is important to inform those around the new hire (coworkers and managers) of the start date of the new hire. HR Management staff can enlist employee assistance in decorating a new employee’s cubicle, conducting a one-on-one welcome meeting, an orientation session.

A new hire’s orientation gives them an introduction to the organization’s culture and a taste of the company’s objectives. A new hire can learn about the company’s teams, team processes, and policies during this phase. The time is now to create goal-based objectives for each role that will be carried out within the next 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days to show new hires what they need to work on.

Most companies schedule their training programs so that their employees are brought up to speed quickly since most employees need some training in order to get started. Employers can then use the skills assessment result to develop a personalized training plan tailored to the skills of their new hires.


The major objective of this period is to review the expectations of the organizations and employees and make sure they are aligned. This phase should be filled with active dialogue about the new hire’s progress and efforts to become an integral part of the organization.

The following is an employee onboarding checklist of tasks that HR staff and managers must complete to retain the new hires:

  1. Check if the employee’s experience met their expectations
  2. Provide feedback on their performance
  3. Ask the employee if they have any concerns
  4. Discuss career planning and progression
  5. Request feedback about the onboarding process and any suggestions
  6. Identify any training they need to receive

Our Greatly Employee Onboarding Recruitment Process

An effective onboarding process should give new employees a sense of motivation to explore the new organizational territory without a hint of hesitation.

When new hires use an automated onboarding process, they are able to spend less time buried under paperwork and spend more time getting to know the organization, exploring the office, and making friends.

Is the onboarding process taking up too much of your time? How much is your IT staff willing to devote to customizing a product for you? Do you need a necessary tool that is simple to use and sleek? We have the solution for all your onboarding problems with Payroll Outsourching BD HR Software. We can make your problems fade like fog with our employee onboarding app. Get a free demo today.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Employee Onboarding

How does the employee onboarding process work?

Employee onboarding is the process of introducing new employees to the organization.

What is the purpose of employee onboarding process?

The employee onboarding guide is meant to serve as a quick reference for Bangladeshi employees.

Is this applicable to instructional faculty new hires?

We provide the benefits orientation to instructional faculty of employee onboarding process.

How would you structure a sample onboarding schedule for a new hire for their first week remotely?

Your first week as a remote employer should be focused on:
1. tools preparation
2. Completing HR paperwork
3. Company culture explained

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