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Employer Of Record Services

Our Employer Of Record Services Handle All Payroll & HR Tasks

The employer of record is an organization that assumes all legal responsibilities for hiring employees on your behalf. On the surface, this means that they are the main employers of your workers.

Our EOR Services Reduce Your Costs & Improve Opportunity

Payroll BD is a Bangladesh-based Employer of record services provider company. It offers outsourced HR, Payroll, Health, and Safety, and Cloud & Digital Solutions. We have expert advisors who have deep knowledge of professional taxation for both expatriates and local employees. Based on demand and priorities, you may need to outsource payroll providers. Before switching to a new provider you must think about your business values, company image, money, and of course the opportunity cost.

Our Employer Of Record Services Help You On-The-Ground, You Can Focus On Growing

01. Procedure

The main reason for using record employers is to overcome regulatory and cost barriers when hiring workers in remote areas. Each country (and certain states or regions) has its own employment, salary, and work permit requirements for non-resident companies that conduct business.

02. Process

If the company has a commitment to a certain country, it may be worthwhile to register with a DIY method, register and run a local payroll. But for many companies that have just entered a new market or small companies with limited human resources, EOR may be an ideal choice.

03. Improvment

Employers of record are often used as the core of a comprehensive GEO (Global Employment Organization) solution that enables companies of any size to easily engage in foreign employment. Since it fully complies with the laws of the host country, it is equally effective for both local residents and foreigners.

Our EOR Service Is Perfect For All Business Who Seeking To Expand Their Horizons

An employer of record is a company that serves as the employee’s employer for tax purposes even if the employee works for another company. As the EOR, one of your duties is to take on jobs and responsibilities related to employment. On the other hand, professional employer organizations provide HR services, such as payroll, benefits, human resources, tax administration, and regulatory compliance, to employers. A person in such a position is simply responsible for overseeing his or her job functions.If you know the differences and benefits, you’ll see why Payroll Outsourcing BD is the better EOR.

Why Partner With PayrollBD?

EOR Services

This service is particularly useful when recruiting overseas. The following are several scenarios that use Employer Of Record to be very helpful to your business with payroll outsourcing:

  1. You are testing a foreign market and do not want to assume responsibility by opening a branch.
  2. If you have a way to run domestic (local) payroll for employees you hire remotely, this will help.
  3. Your organization is not familiar with different foreign laws and regulations.
  4. Part of your expansion strategy is to outsource employment and administrative tasks to gain a competitive advantage.

No matter which situation you are suitable for, choosing the right record supplier employer is crucial to conducting your business effectively.

Do You Need Employer Of Record Services?

PayrollBD provides record services to employers across the entire continent of Bangladesh. With years of experience, we can handle projects of all sizes.We also provide a series of outsourcing solutions in more than 40-50 countries/regions in Bangladesh, and ensure that your projects are 100% compliant. When we deal with the complexities of doing business in Bangladesh, please focus on your core business.

3 Reasons On Why Our Employer of Record works Successfully

When you hire workers from out-of-state, you must comply with those states’ laws and regulations. The process includes verifying employee eligibility and paying state and local taxes where necessary. The key to compliance is understanding the rules regarding labor and unemployment, document storage, upfront prices, and required forms. Being in compliance yourself can be difficult and expensive. Your IRS can levy fines and you may have to hire attorneys. The Department of Labor reports that compliance is the top concern in business owners’ minds. You will find that hiring an employer of record is much more useful than hiring a PEO staffing agency for reducing this workload and risk.

You don’t have to worry about the PEO being a party to employees’ employment contracts if you hire one. It is you who creates the terms of every employment contract, and you are liable for any potential breach of contract claims. A single service agreement is maintained with an EOR when you hire one. Employees and the EOR have separate employment contracts. The EOR handles employment contract matters to save you time and hassle.

The company registration requirement remains unaffected by a PEO. It is still necessary to register your business in every state where you do business or have employees. Our attorney helps you already register in all states, and areas of choice, helping you legalize every aspect of your business. When you’re ready to outsource the work and risks of employment, our experts are here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions For Employer Of Record

How do we know what benefits we have to provide for the worker?

Each country’s benefit provisions laws are absolutely distinct. As the employer of record, you are responsible for ensuring that the worker receives all statutory benefits. In addition, we may provide clients with information about local customs and, in many cases, references to benefit experts who can create supplemental packages if desired. This is a terrific technique for our clients to let staff feel unaffected by the alternative arrangement, which leads to improved employee retention.

Do we directly employ the workers in every country?

We directly hire workers where we have a presence through the employer of record, while we operate through our local In-Country Experts in other regions (ICEs). Before we activate our local partners, we carefully choose them and ask them to pass a thorough due diligence procedure. Our partners provide us with a wealth of local knowledge and expertise, as well as the confidence that the worker’s job is being managed by an expert in their own country. This also serves as a wonderful support resource for employees who work in the same country, time zone, speak the same language, and belong to the same culture.

Can you source international talent for us?

Yes, without a doubt! Since 2005, International Staffing Consultants, Inc. has made it a priority to staff jobs in other countries. We feel there is no other firm in the United States with the experience and global reach to discover candidates. Fees for recruiting are separate from those for the employer of record service services, and we’d be pleased to talk about them with you.

How many workers do we need to use EOR services?

There is no requirement for a minimum number of employees at this time. Some of our clients begin with one employee in a single country. Other clients send teams of workers all across the world. Our employer of record solutions eliminates the need for clients to form, register, and maintain company organizations in countries where it is not economically viable.

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