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Accounting, Tax, Audit & Consulting Services

Risk Management and Compliance

Banks, capital markets, and insurance firms face extraordinary challenges related to profitability, complexity, and new regulations in an uncertain economic environment, an environment we refer to as one of permanent volatility. PayrollBD provides comprehensive, integrated solutions to the banking & capital markets, insurance, and investment management sectors in the field of Risk Management and Compliance.

Through providing you with world-class financial risk management and compliance  services, we like to help you create more innovative solutions in business. Our assistance can enhance your collaborations across the organization, improves finance and accounting processes and delivers the appropriate technology needed.

We worked for global ecosystem of CFOs, controllers and other accounting and finance executives to help you enhance the value that you’re adding up to your enterprise.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Our Asset Management practice provides guidance in such areas as market reporting, operations, HR, regulation, restructuring, and risk management. We provide unique industry insights to traditional asset managers, hedge funds, real estate firms, and private equity houses.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management

Portfolio Managers structure and manage collections of investments (portfolios) to maximize returns while minimizing risks of loss. Each portfolio will have its own particular investment strategy to be followed and might consist of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, derivative products and/or other investments.

Strategic Investment

Strategic Investment

We believe the best outcomes are achieved when financial advice is based on a plan that incorporates what you want to achieve and how you will get there.  Our investment advice is based on a thorough review of your financial situation, lifestyle, and financial goals.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

The financial services industry is more complex than ever, and companies must manage regulatory requirements risk management, and ethics along with transformations in technology. Effective wealth management ensures you are optimizing all of the financial and tax options available to you, and securing for the future.

Discretionary Portfolio

Discretionary Portfolio

It is Tailored to your risk appetite and requirements. Our Investment experts are watching the financial markets on a daily basis and can actively manage the money you are investing in accordance with your risk appetite. You can maintain flexibility through various ways of paying in and out, and you can access your wealth without fuss and at any time

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

We are specialists in pharmacy and healthcare funding and because we understand your business we can negotiate the maximum commercial benefit. Placing our clients in a position of strength is paramount to our business, and our proven strategies, application, and ability to obtain unrivaled funds differentiate us from competitors.

  • Finance and Accounting
    Finance Advisory, Finance Operations Excellence, Digital Performance Management, Finance Transformation Solution
  • Sourcing and Procurement
    Strategic Cost Management, Source to Pay Transformation, Third Party Management
  • Regulatory and Compliance
    Regulatory Response Strategy, Compliance Transformation, Conduct and Culture
  • Financial Risk Management
    Market Risk, Credit Risk, Capital, Liquidity, and Treasury
  • Cyber Risk and Resilience
    IT Security Risk Management, Operational Risk, Surveillance, Cyber Risk Dashboard, Financial Crime Analytics Utility
  • Finance and Risk Analytics
    Data Management, Analytics and Reporting, Finance and Risk Alignment

PayrollBD is able to assist in the following industries:

  • Telecommunications
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering
  • Oil and Gas
  • Transportation
  • Life Sciences
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Finance


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Accounting Services

Credit Risk Management

The banking business is full of risks, large and small. The greatest risks demand the most attention:

  • Credit risk generated by lending activities
  • Market and counterparty risk from trading activities (especially derivatives trading)
  • Liquidity risk arising from mismatched assets and liabilities
  • Operational risk caused by error and omission in core systems and processes
  • The risk associated with writing insurance contracts

PayrollBD has a long track record of gold standard performance for clients in the Education, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, and Telecommunications / Media markets. Our strategy is to do a few things very well, creating long term, performance-driven business relationships based on integrity, mutual respect, superior results, and dedicated client service.

Business Registration Income Tax Filing Consultancy

Portfolio Management :

Portfolio Management Service is a tailor-made professional service offered to cater to the investments objective of different investor classes the clients can be Individuals or Institutions entities with high net worth. There are many benefits of investing in Best Portfolio Management Services in Bangladesh.

    • Diversification
    • Professional management
    • Transparent
    • Customized strategies
    • Regular review and rebalance
    • Margin of Safety
    • Competitive Moat
    • Corporate Governance
    • Corporate Finance.
    • Debt and equity funding.
    • Startup and Growth capital.
    • Pre-IPO finance.
    • Real Estate Sales and Acquisition.
    • Company Sales and Acquisitions.

Corporate Financial, Portfolio, and Risk Management

Our solutions for financial risk management support asset-liability management, market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, interest-rate fluctuation risk, and funds transfer pricing capabilities to give our clients a comprehensive knowledge of the risk and agree a strategy forward based on sound and researched advice.

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Corporate and Financial Restructuring

We assist the company to realize fully restructured value. Changing business and financial environment has led to diverse challenges for most companies.

We can help you in the following fields:

  1. Identify businesses which create value
  2. Divest/shut down value destroyers
  3. Devise the optimum capital structure
  4. Restructure debt to match cash flows
  5. Provide HR & MIS interventions to align the company to capital market requirements
  6. Analyze competitor and company cash flows, sustainable growth rate, threshold margins, determine appropriate business strategy
  7. Position company to maximize market capitalization
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