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Head Hunting Recruitment

PayrollBD provides Bangladesh retained and contingency based search and recruitment services for companies of varying sizes across industry segments. We also help executives find workplaces of their choice, matching their professional skills, career aspirations and personality attributes with the requirement, performance demands and work culture of organizations.

Executive Search

Executive Search

Our Executive search division focuses on CXO level, Board level and top management level positions like President, CEO, COO, Managing Director, Vice Presidents, Country Heads, General Manager etc for large and mid-size companies.

We also identify candidates in key technology and niche areas, specialists in fields ranging from oil exploration, mining and agriculture to turbine design, investment banking software and textile manufacturing.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

In RPO, the in-house recruitment function is delegated or outsourced to an external recruiting function. This helps the HR personnel to focus on the core organizational issues and conveniently fetches them the best of talent.

We provide bespoke recruiting services as per your business needs. Our RPO services follow a practical and competent approach to conserve your precious time and energy, which can be better utilized in the revenue-generating segments of your business. Our expanding clientele in this area point to the delivery capabilities of our sophisticated and efficient delivery model.

We help you in sourcing the best Human Capital in the industry by conducting vigorous research on your niche line of business and exploring your branding and USP. Understanding the Mission and Work Culture of your Company helps us to recognize the uniqueness of a position and devise a corresponding strategy. This preparation always gives us an edge and increases our success ratio in finding the right profile for your organization with the fewest resumes.

Headhunting is a fun filled and thankful profession. This is one profession where your work is acknowledged by the candidates and the clients.  Headhunters are the one who hunts for the right candidates and not the job. Headhunters won’t sleep until they get the right candidates to fill the job assignment. A headhunter understands the requirement in depth and then they start their journey to locate the right candidate. Headhunters are technically so strong some time they get questions from the candidates like “are you really a headhunter or a technical person”.

Headhunters are paid a lot of money to find the right people to fill jobs. They aren’t paid to run ads, post jobs, sit in front of a computer or sort applications. A good headhunter’s time is spent circulating and participating in the professional community in which he operates.  We are dealing with Top MNC and Bangladeshi Companies across country and cater to interests in the areas of Manufacturing, EPC, Power, Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering, Process Industries along with Retail, FMCG, Durable and Service Industries for End to End Recruitment Activities. etc.

leading HR, Payroll and Virtual Office service provider
Staff recruitment Service for Placement & Human Resource Consultancy jobs

Quality leadership in competitive marketplace:

  1. Quality leadership is vital to the long-term success of the Bharat Group in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
  2. Building quality into our workplace, products and service is essential to a successful future for our customers, employees, supplier’s communities and shareholders.
  3. The Bharat Group will work to provide products and services that always meet or exceed expectations
  4. Management will commit resources and create an environment in which each employee can contribute skills, talents and ideas to a never-ending process of improvement and innovation in all aspects of our business.
Executive Search Firms For Leadership Jobs

Executive Search firms for Leadership jobs

Our Executive Search/Headhunting services are very popular with our clients and candidates alike.  Good headhunters can change a candidate’s life profoundly for the better. A good headhunter pursues specific people who are exactly right for a job. If the headhunter does his homework, he has targeted the right candidate.  We have offices in five cities (Dhaka, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Chittagong). The Chittagong office has four experienced Domain Consultants supported by a very competent team of researchers. We specialize in C Level mandates and senior functional positions in management, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, operations and IT.

PayrollBD’s Headhunters is not a traditional recruitment company like most of the existing recruitment agencies. Headhunters are well qualified in every aspect of recruitment, whether it is candidate management, Team Management, Client management they stand out.

Pay For What You Need

Companies have the ability to adjust the level of support or services required, based on their financial resources. Whether you require full-time expertise in a specific area or require our services for only a few hours monthly on a project basis, Analytics allows you to adjust the level of support your business needs when you need it, including support for online accounting solutions and cloud-based accounting solutions.

Our Mission And Principle

Our Mission and Principle

  1. We are focused on assuming leadership in all our target markets.
  2. We seek to be the most preferred employer wherever we operate.
  3. We recognize that our organization is built around people who are our most valuable asset.
  4. We will always be the partner of choice for customers, suppliers and other creators of innovative concepts.
  5. We will continually increase the long-term value of our Business for the benefit of all.
  6. We will operate as a decentralized organization and allow each business to develop within our stated values.
  7. Building quality into our workplace and service is essential to a successful future for our customers, employees and supplier’s communities.
  8. The Company will work to provide and services that always meet or exceed expectations
  9. Management will commit resources and create an environment in which each employee can contribute skills, talents and ideas to a never-ending process of improvement and innovation in all aspects of our business.
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