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HR Payroll Management Services

PayrollBD is the leading provider of HR payroll management services in Bangladesh with more than 600 large and small corporate clients across the country. Founded by a team of payroll and human resource professionals, PayrollBD is the successor to payroll Services, HR and Benefits company for a quite a long time.

PEO Services, HR Services And Payroll Services For Small To Mid-size Company

Our Payroll Processing Services:

  1. Payroll management software for basic payroll processing (accurate calculations of payroll checks, journals, registers and reports)
  2. Employee Payroll Tax Deposits and Tax Returns (preparation and submission of federal, state and local tax returns and the deposit of related payroll tax funds)
  3. Payroll management software (for a comprehensive summary of employees wages and taxes earned)
  4. Employee payroll New Hire Reporting service (federal and state)

Automating processes surrounding human resources and payroll management enables you and your staff to focus on your company’s key objectives. Whether your need is to reduce manual workload or deploy an additional workforce, PayrollBD’s suite of HR outsourcing and support services can help you in almost all corporate instances.

Payroll Processing and Management

Payroll Management provides a variety of management reports and services to help organizations manage their business, including:

  1.  A comprehensive recap.
  2. Digital media for 3rd party administrator.
  3. Accrual Report
  4. Active Employees Not Paid
  5. Agency Check Listing
  6. Certified Payroll
  7. Check Register
  8. Code Group Listing
  9. Code Listing
  10. Compensation Detail
  11. Direct Deposit Report
  12. Direct Deposit Setup
  13. List for staff renewals
  14. Labelling workers
  15. Employee Listing
  16. Payroll Register
  17. Payroll Summary Report
  18. Personal Earnings Statement
  19. Labor Distribution Lists and summarizes
  20. Input Worksheet
  21. Job Costing Report
  22. Employee Self Service Enrollment
  23. Standard Tax Service
  24. Monthly Earnings
Online HR Services. Simplify Employee Onboarding

Service Excellence

  • Our dedicated accounts representatives are offering unmatched care to all our clients irrespective of the size of the organization.
  • We meet a global assurance standard for reporting on controls at service organizations.
  • We pursue the highest level of ethical, social and legal behaviour and would deliver our services at a price and quality commensurate with superior value.
  • A coding system is used for ensuring the confidentiality of the data. All confidential data are communicated only with authorized persons mentioned in the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

We have partnered with two HR solution providers to meet the full scope of needs for small to large businesses. HR Support Center provides a 24/7 solution to support the needs of small and medium sized businesses.

Tax Reporting and Filing  :

Payroll Management tax services make life easier for our clients by handling payroll tax preparation and payments.   Because Payroll Management provides a complete tax filing service, we electronically balance our tax accounts on a  weekly/monthly basis to ensure that the appropriate taxing body received your tax deposit promptly.

A critical component of payroll is complying with the ever-changing NBR tax laws and filing requirements.   Payroll Management assumes responsibility for both the timelines and accuracy of all tax deposits and filings, so you never need to worry about it again.

  • Deposit Federal withholding and disability taxes
  • Prepare and file Federal quarterly returns with the NBR
  • Prepare and file quarterly State and local withholding tax returns
  • Provide and file IT10B  forms (employee and employer copies)
  • Prepare all Return’s and file with the Social Security Administration
  • Generate quarterly and year-end reporting
  • File year-end tax forms, with copies provided to you for your records
  • Summary Return and Audit reports
  • New employee filing with State
  • Labour distribution report to track employee hours by centres
  • Workers compensation pay as you go reporting
Online Payroll And HR Solutions, Plus Tax, Compliance, Benefit Administration

Payroll Processing Company

Payroll involves performing various tasks to ensure accurate and timely paychecks and record-keeping compliance. Our well-defined payroll process ensures seamless service with a strong emphasis on quality and accuracy.

  1. During each pay period, you can connect with us using the most favourable source you prefer; that is either via telephone, e-mail or even fax.
  2. Report the hours worked by your employees, plus any changes to the payroll, such as deductions, pay increases or new hires.
    We’ll do the rest, including calculating wages, salaries, state and federal taxes, FICA and pension contributions, as well as any other types of deductions you may desire.
  3. Our goal is to process your payroll the same day as your call, and make delivery by electronic means, mail or courier, overnight if necessary, to your location.
  4. We also offer direct deposit. Through this process, checks are directly deposited into the employee’s bank accounts. Employees receive a pay voucher showing the amounts deposited, and you receive a detail of transactions each pay period.
  5. Payroll checks can be processed to meet your individual needs, including processing on a weekly, biweekly, semimonthly or monthly basis.
  6. Paperless Payroll: employees are sent a secure digital notice of their deposit and a full detail of deductions.
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