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Staff Recruitment and Selection Service in Market

Most Trusted Advanced HR Recruitment and Selection Service

In addition to fulfilling employment law requirements of HR recruitment service, we will also ensure that it continues to uphold its commitment to equal opportunity.

Reach Your Business Goal With Our Recruitment HR and Selection Services

Our HR Recruitment and Selection form part of our organization’s strategic management of human resources, which has a number of interrelated elements designed to deliver long-term sustainable success. PayrollBD’s Effective HR Recruitment and Selection ensure that the organization has the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to fulfill its responsibilities and achieve its objectives. The cost of making the wrong recruitment decision can be catastrophic to your business and Our HR Recruitment and Selection services can help to ensure that you make the right choice with our recruitment and selection services, which include :

Steps We Follow:

  1. Managing recruitment campaigns of any size.
  2. Undertaking job analysis and developing job descriptions and person specifications.
  3. Identifying appropriate advertising media to target the right audience.
  4. Screening CV’s and conducting initial telephone interviews.
  5. Assisting managers in the formal interview process.
  6. Psychometric tests and work-based assessments.

Steps We Follow:

  1. Introduce recruitment and selection processes that suit your business
  2. Manage your campaigns to ensure that you recruit the right staff
  3. Design and deliver interview processes based on your ideal behaviours and competencies
  4. Introduce recruitment-related analysis, allowing you to evaluate your strategy
  5. Set up managed preferred supplier relationships .

Our Customizable and Flexible  Recruitment and Selection services Suit All Organizations

Whether you are in a period of growth or replacing a key member of your team, managing recruitment and selection can be time-consuming.

Sevices We Offer

At PayrollBd, our experienced HR Consultants can assist in any part or even all of the recruitment process. We have extensive experience recruiting to one key role or managing large-scale recruitment campaigns. We also offer a full Assessment Center service and as qualified psychometric testers and experienced graduate recruiters, HR Recruitment and Selection can add value to your recruitment process to ensure that you select the most appropriate person for your vacancy.

Flexible Recruitment and selection services

1. Vision-Values Framework

2. Employment Value Proposition

3. Talent management services

4. Comprehensive HR Process

Our HR Recruitment and Selection team has ongoing relationships with such individual that are setting standards for their companies and the overall corporate culture. Let us assist you in reaping the benefits on working with such individual performers.

Tell Us Your Recruitment Plan

For comprehensive support from working initial job advertisement through to the interview & selection process.

Anything else you think we should know about the production or any specific questions you want to be answered?

Just Contact Us Right Now For :

  1. At first, Advanced Negotiation Skill
  2. Then, essentials of Human Resource Management I & II
  3. Next, effective coaching and mentoring
  4. Also, Organizational structure
  5. After that, NLP Advanced Practitioner certification
  6. Conflict Management
  7. Time management Skills
  8. Integrated talent management
  9. Be a leader in Sales
  10. Job Academy
  11. Business communication Skills program
  12. NLP Basic Practitioner certification
  13. HRM Planning and Strategy Development
  14. Finally, Presentation and Public Speaking

Our Great Placement Agency, Recruitment Consultants

Firstly, we have one of the largest Bangladeshi HR services firms. We associate our passion for people with intelligent technology to help business and talent transform potential into performance. Moving them forward means human forward. We perfectly identify the applicants in our talent bank who are likely to be a best fit for your role, via our proprietary talent and risk management system. Our HR

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment and Selection laser in on the best applicants for you in our talent bank, with hunts on multi-level function, location, and industry characteristics, combining with keyword and ad-hoc searching on limitless additional criteria.

Easy Talent Recruitment Agency | Contract Staffing

 Secondly, PayrollBD is a leading recruitment firm in Dhaka, focusing on permanent placements, contract staffing, and employment counseling in the ITES industry. We have a proven track record of successfully recruiting for a variety of reputable Bangladeshi and international companies.

HR Recruitment Services:

Our HR Recruitment services and Selection specialists are skilled in this area and will only discover the most qualified executives who are a perfect match for your needs. We handle everything from the initial search through the preliminary screening interviews and assessments required to ensure that they are a good fit for your company, department, team, and job.

The Permanent Recruitment

Our Permanent Recruitment:

Thirdly, when it comes to identifying the best person for a specific job, it can be hard to know where to begin. And also, if you’re creating a long-term hire, it’s something you just have to get correct. We’ll assist you discover outstanding talent at every stage and across many businesses that will make a real long-term difference to your business.

Process We Follow:

We believe in taking a measured, tailored approach backed up by insight and research, but it’s our understanding and determination that sets us apart. Therefore, after making a shortlist with you, Our HR Recruitment and Selection work along to find out interviewees before helping you make your final choice. Also, we’re in this together from the beginning, and remember until our recommended person joins your team, you pay the lowest.

Our Contract Recruitment, expatriates

Our Contract Recruitment:

Finally, we just certainly do not know what’s around the next corner. And when the pressure is on, and you need to finish a project, replace a leaver, manage holidays or maternity cover, we’re right here for you. Every day, we do this for industries of all sizes all over the world. We know the drawbacks, what works and why.

Drawbacks To Avoid:

Overall, from research reports and surveys to monitors and metrics, our HR Recruitment and Selection know the market inside-out serving us to make the best possible choices when it comes to recruiting your temps and support people. Work with us and together, we’ll get it fixed. Whether you’re planning ahead or simply require best people right now, you’ve come across to the right place. We will take care you HR functions and helps you to get best employment.


How important are the stages of recruitment and selection?

Recruitment involves the following stages:

i. Firstly, List all the responsibilities that the current person is responsible for. Is there anything else that the new person should handle.

ii. Secondly, Plan: Know your sources of recruitment and channels of communication.

iii. Thirdly, Source the right profile. There are several job boards and social media sites available these days.

iv. Then, Identify the most appropriate profile: Using the job description and the candidates’ demonstrations of interest, shortlist the most suitable profiles.

How would you avoid certain things in a job advertisement?

It is very important to avoid the following things when posting an ad:

i.  At first, never use job title such as guru, rock star, etc. These titles demonstrate the expertise of the job seeker. In reality, no one uses these words when they are looking for a job.

ii. Then, Write more than what you expect from the job seekers. Provide a bit of information about the company and its offerings.

iii. Lastly, Avoid stuffing your advertisement with too many keywords. Include relevant keywords in the body of your ad.

What would you include in your job advertisement to make it appealing to potential candidates?

While looking for a job, the first thing applicants see is the job advertisement. Therefore, you need to catch their attention right away. That is why, these are the things you need to include in your job advertisement:

i. Write about the company: Firstly, Candidates want to know more about the organization where they will work. Also, tell me about the office, the perks the company offers, etc.

ii. Create the right title: Secondly, to reach the right audience and to appear high in the search results, write the job title with appropriate keywords.

iii. Responsibilities and skills required: Thirdly, write complete and relevant things while remaining to the point.

How can communication improve the candidate experience?

We always need to hire trained professionals, and as employee loyalty declines, recruitment agencies are turning more to candidates rather than clients. A key component of the whole process is communication until the candidate is actually onboarded. Here are some things to keep in mind:

i. Keeping them updated at every stage of recruitment through phone calls or emails.

ii. Explain the reasons for the rejection to the candidate. Informing them of the status makes them more inclined to trust you next time.

iii. Describe the location, time, and address of the interview. It is helpful for both the candidate and the client to obtain confirmation in advance.

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