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We provide flexible payroll service options per country to fit your changing business needs

Human Resources Information System

Human resource information systems (HRIS) uses well-defined software programs.  This allow HR professionals to store and organize a vast amount of data. All these data are related to employee information. It provides the manager with all the required data to support routine and repetitive human resource decisions. Many operational level human resource systems collect and report human resource data. These systems usually include information about the organization’s employees, position and governmental regulations.

Employee Information Systems

Employee Information Systems

Employee information systems is a major part of operational HRIS. Organizations need to keep a track of an employee’s records and details pertaining to all kinds of personal and professional details including name, address, sex, minority status,  citizenship, education, past professional experiences and many more.

Position Control Systems

Position Control Systems

The concept of position control systems comes up in order to identify each position within the organization; the job title within which the position is classified; and the employee currently assigned to the position. Referring to the position control systems, a HR manager can identify the details about and unfilled position.

Performance Management Systems

Performance Management Systems

Our BPO services give you more room for productivity and time to achieve your core business goals.

Tactical Recruiting Information Systems

Tactical Recruiting Information Systems

Tactical human resource information systems provide managers with support for decisions that emphasize the allocation of resources. Within the domain of HR, these include recruitment decisions, job analysis, and design decisions, training and development and also employee compensation plans.

Strategic HRIS focuses on supporting labor negotiations, workforce planning, and certain specialized human resources software. The main purpose of this is to have an overall good idea about labor resources and workforce planning. Major types of strategic HRIS comprise the following:

Our Contributions

The HRIS office approves and processes all HR Banner changes and/or special requests. We have a range of popular modules available, including those for recruiting process. We got services likeresume and applicant management, attendance, email alerts, employee self-service, organizational charts, the administration of benefits, succession planning, rapid report production, and tracking of employee training.

  • Information Systems Supporting Workforce Planning
  • Specialized Human Resource Information Systems Software
  • The computerization of HRIS has resulted in an integrated database of human resource files.
  • HRIS was introduced so that the overall human resources domain is able to function in a much simpler way.

How it can help?

RESPOND: to the labour demand for any of your short-term projects
ADJUST: more easily and quickly to workload fluctuations
SURPASS/GO BEYOND: conventional limits within the company’s organization structure
ENSURE: compliance with local labour laws and regulations
ELIMINATE:   all risks and responsibilities within the employment process
IMPROVE: your business productivity
FOCUS: on your bottom line/ core business activities
REDUCE: Eunnecessary costs

Offshore Payroll

An efficient solution that combines HR administration, management processes and rules for your employees and their labour activities.

Online Payroll Services

A designed solution that works along with administrative and supporting activities. It takes in account accurate, legitimate and consistent payment process of your employees.

Accounting Bookkeeping

Day-to-Day bookkeeping, monthly and quarterly accounts, P/L statements, year-end Balance sheets, as well as VAT returns, sales forecasting and budgets preparation.

Business Solutions

Ad hoc portfolio of auxiliary tasks is a blend of activities. It contributes in our partnership with completeness, integrity, and long-term collaboration facility. e.g secretary, customer service etc.

PF, insurance & gratuity

We take away excess burden of all compliances related to ESI and PF contributions off your company’s side. Our team put an end on increasing complexities of payroll processing.

Launching New Business

Designed for foreign companies expanding their businesses in Bulgaria and start-ups willing to turn their ideas into action. We help to establish a local legal to set up of Trade Representative office.

A Final Glance of our Specialized Services

With onboarding, payroll automation, time & attendance, online enrollment, and analytical reporting, you might just like your job again.

  • Human Resource Management  – Empowers both managers and employees with a single, unified, self-service database that uses workflow architecture to manage the entire employment process.
  • Payroll Administration  – Provides real-time, user-friendly payroll processing that allows you to input data, make changes, run reports and submit payroll from wherever, whenever.
  • Time and Attendance  – Gives you convenient 24/7 visibility of your entire workforce with self-service access and direct integration with payroll-related data.
  • Benefits Administration  – Streamlines and simplifies the enrollment process with a paperless solution, while improving year-round benefits management accuracy and efficiency.
  • ACA Compliance  – Use your existing HRMS, payroll and benefits data to manage the ACA with our simple, intuitive ACA wizard complete with ACA reporting for your 1094-C and 1095-C needs.
  • Onboarding  – Redefines the way you attract and hire talent with all applicant information entered only once and then automatically carried throughout the entire employee lifecycle.
  • Talent Management  Allows you to effectively plan, develop, measure and manage your employees with confidence, all within a single system.
  • Employee Training– Consolidates budgeting, planning, scheduling and evaluation to facilitate career development and ensure your top-talent remains on top of their game.
  • Business Intelligence  – Offers customizable, real-time dashboards that provide in-depth KPI reporting and actionable analytics, giving you a 360 ° view of your workforce.
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