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Human Capital Management Services

World-Class Human Capital Management Service

Through our Human Capital Management (HCM) services, HR departments’ typical administrative functions—recruiting, training, payroll, compensation, and performance management—are converted into opportunities to promote engagement, productivity, and business value. According to our HCM methodology, the workforce is a core company asset whose value can be maximized through strategic investment and management, just like any other asset.

Streamline HR Processes With Human Capital Management Service

However, HCM (Human capital management) is a thorough job in any organization. This requires your quality effort and time. Moreover, PayrollBd provides human capital management services in Bangladesh to help you eliminate all the hassles of managing human capital. And focus on other business priorities. In addition, we have many years of experience in HCM. So, our expertise to solve business problems related to (HCM) human capital management.

Human Capital Management System

Make A Better Business Decision With Our Human Capital Management System

PayrollBD specializes in providing human capital management (HCM) solution that is tailored specifically to the needs of the health and human services industry. From start to finish, we can give a customized HR and Payroll solution that combines a single software platform with great support. Please contact us immediately to learn more about how we can assist your company in achieving its goals.

Our Human Capital Management Services Offer Versatile Timesheet 

Recognize your most beneficial workers, and where you still have the opportunity to get better. Excel’s “Mobile Schedule” module screen can visually show how your representatives put their energy into their work so that you can more fully supervise the group and increase profitability.

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In 4 Unique Ways, We Ensure Successful HCM Process

1. Key Of Human Resources

It is critical to keep an eye on representative data, as any errors can have disastrous implications. Our valuation human resources arrangements services allow you to effectively supervise and supervise information such as personal records, medical information, the necessity of entry and departure.

2. Vacation Processing

Get instant notification of leave application, and meet every detail you need in one place, and approve the upcoming leave request. PayrollBD’s instinctive vacation management module will naturally refresh your delegate list and schedule, allowing you to take vacations quickly and easily.

3. Recruitment Module

To improve the work efficiency of new immigrants, they must be carefully lured and arranged in an orderly manner by immersing them in the work culture and spirit of the organization. Improve utilization expenses and asset arrangements by using PayrollBD’s “Recruitment” feature.

4. Performance Management

Enhance the executive ability of representatives and communicate the correct capacity base to your association through fascinating worker execution assessments. With the help of PayrollBD’s performance management module, you can set goals, conduct quick surveys, screen and execute and improve the ability of representatives.

Outsource Capital Management Services

We Ensure Time & Cost-Savings HCM Services

We are PayrollBD, a company that is revolutionizing the way people work. PayrollBD enables the modern organization to function quicker and be more scalable than ever before by applying a service-oriented approach to the activities, tasks, and procedures that make up day-to-day work life. PayrollBD manages service requests for every department of an organization, including human capital management.
We can help you improve the efficiency and transparency of your HR operations by streamlining them.

Interaction time and cost, without management work. Easily submit expenses and make cost reports to reimburse expenses, in Human Capital Management.

We Are Leading Human Capital Management Services Provider

Frequently Asked Questions For Human Capital Management Services

Are there benefits of implementing an HCM platform?

The benefits of an HCM transcend beyond those of the HR department because they have the ability to affect every department of the company. From assisting in the automation of inefficient operations to expanding into new markets and industries. New staff will be able to onboard more quickly, allowing them to begin producing sooner. The platform’s data is sophisticated enough to measure personnel on a regular basis, drive engagement, and spot patterns.

Will Your services really saves my time?

If you’re like our average client, you’ll work about 11 hours per week. That’s the beauty of all-in-one: we give you back the time you used to spend coordinating HR, payroll, and benefits. PayrollBD also offers your leadership team instant access to the data they require, allowing them to answer any HR questions before they even think to approach you. HR no longer has to be the complaint department with PayrollBD. You can concentrate on strategy, culture, and all the other critical issues you’ve been intending to address.

Will an HCM really save my business money over time?

All data is at the user’s fingertips when it comes to aspects of personnel administration. For example benefits administration, payroll, onboarding, and time and attendance. Managers will be able to make informed decisions on employee performance and perks at the drop of a hat. And saving money on the spot, thanks to this wealth of readily available data. Employers will be able to report more quickly and avoid the need for extensions or repayments because their data will be accurate the first time.

Will my employees log into PayrollBD?

The majority of them do! At least once a month, 78 percent of employees access PayrollBD. PayrollBD has a similar look and feel to the famous social networks. Because your employees are already familiar with, allowing them to get started straight away. Employees spend as much time on PayrollBD as they do on Twitter or LinkedIn because they may seek PTO, commend colleagues, and more. For those who never believed they’d hear the words “self-serve” and “HR” in the same phrase, this is a dream come true.

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