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PayrollBD’s Well Designed & Co-ordinated HR Services

PayrollBD’s Well Designed & Co-ordinated HR Services

Streamline your approach through some of your most challenging business management tasks, that is Human resource services. Get benefits from our cutting-edge methods and technology-based Human Resource Services to help solve your business challenges.

Begin Your Human Resource Services With Our 6 Solutions In Right Way

At PayrollBd’s HR BPO professional provides organizational facilities across all HR areas. We integrate our exclusive know-how, recognized delivery model and industry prominent tools and technologies to distribute a complete customer experience. Our Human Resource Services has the competence to distribute Personnel Management, Local Payroll Outsourcing, retirement Welfares Management, Staff Relationships, Time & Attendance, Leave Management, Employment Process Outsourcing, Repayment management and HR Processes through a modified.

Employment Screening Service

1. Employment Screening

Our Employment Screening delivers accurate, timely information so you can hire the right people the first time.

Human Resource Capital Management

2. Human Capital Management

Automate procedures and increase inefficiencies with Us, a comprehensive capital human resource services solution.

Recruiting Services

3. Recruiting Services

Our headhunters find, interview, screen and select the best candidates for your consideration as you want them.

Insurance Payroll Services

4. Insurance Services

Our Insurance Services brings ease and convenience to working with insurance companies and reduced burdens.

HR Advisory Service

5. HR Advisory

We provide companies of all sizes with valuable Consultancy advice with human resource services for a manageable retainer or ad-hoc fee.

HR Background Verification

6. Background Verification

Background Verification is a must in today’s environment to proactively reduce risk and increase the odds of a successful hire.

4 Of Our Finest Streamlined Web Development Projects

1. Payroll Outsourcing

Our service propose an relaxed and operative technique of handling payroll and payroll tax.

2. Business Payroll

Our human resource services offers an easy and effective method of processing payroll, payroll tax.

3. Workforce Planning

Organisations are under increasing financial pressure.Howerver,WF has the ability to delivar.

4. Employee Counseling

Documents outline can be costly.Train your administrators to develop your employee.

Our Dynamic Employer HR Solutions :

  1. Employment Screening
  2. HR Management
  3. Expense Management
  4. Financial Solutions
  5. Human Capital Consulting
  6. Human Capital Manage
  7. Insurance Services
  1. HR Outsourcing
  2. Middle Market Solutions
  3. Organizational chart
  4. Organizational Planning
  5. Performance Management
  6. Employees Recruiting 
  7. Market Analysis
Our Dynamic Employer HR Rsource Solutions

How Can PayollBD Be The Best Choice For My Company?

Our firm have been providing Outsourcing human resource services in Bangladesh for more than 15 years. Our practice in the Human Resource domain and the widespread geographic footmark strongly placed us as a prominent local human resource services provider and a partner of excellence for our customers. Moreover we can support complex global enterprise, mid-sized or in between organization. Companion with the HR professionals at Owner HR Group and navigate your development down the correct track to achievement.

  1. Affordable employee health insurance and benefits
  2. Stress-free payroll and HR administration
  3. Complete government compliance assistance
  4. Workers’ compensation plan coverage and claim resolution
  5. Global standardization to eliminate errors & reduce costs
  6. Free resources to focus on core business
  7. Ongoing health care reform support
  8. Dedicated HR support

FAQ For Premium Human Resource Services

Many of the complex and time-consuming duties associated with HR are handled by the HR department of a professional employer organization. The human resource management professionals at HRI are highly trained to handle nearly every aspect of human resource management. This allows businesses to concentrate on their products and services. This helps them to be more efficient, economic, and productive.

The company will direct employees in their daily roles and activities as an employer. HR is responsible for administering employee benefits, processing payroll, preparing and filing payroll taxes, and preparing and issuing to employees.

You can reach a live representative during normal business hours if you have questions about employers or employees. Our office support team respond promptly to after-hours voicemail the next business day.

Yes. Our service includes handling questions about payroll, benefits, and insurance rules, as well as state and federal laws. We have human resources professionals in Florida and Georgia to assist your employees.

Enjoy Well-Integrated Human Resource Services