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HR Manager talent recruiter is a leading recruitment tool that streamlines recruitment processes by automating administrative tasks. With access to a nationwide talent pool of over 188,000 candidates, our 36 full-time recruiters also leverage extensive advertising in all channels.

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As Sourcer / Researcher, we will help us to further our goal of infusing the organization with talent, with a focus on diverse candidates. We will be developing innovative strategies to identifying top, nationwide, diverse talent for immediate and future positions throughout the Company. PayrollHR provides an opportunity to show off your creative research skills, communication tactics and deep sourcing strategies in results-oriented, self-motivated and collaborative fashion.  Our HR outsourcing team provides a comprehensive human resource services to your company. Our effective methods of recruiting and selection processes; policy development & management; employee training and development programs, help you gain an efficient ascendancy over your enterprise.

  • Focus on core business activities/capabilities
  • Outsource non-core, which are core for partner
  • Decrease cost through sharing partner’s scale
  • Human capital management is now the largest BPO market, with customers increasingly demanding end-to-end HR solutions
  • Up to 80% reduction in time spent managing recruitment.
  • Searchable candidate databases of text and structured fields and logging activities.
  • Online – your information is always updated and available.
  • Closely aligned to consulting company’s functional and industry practices
  • Strong emphasis on product development – with four updates per year, free for all customers.
  • Jobseeking oriented: applicants can attach their CV and documents.
  • Lower cost base through labor arbitrage
Effective Web Development Solutions

Get your very own elite business address in Bangladesh! Your business deserves to be located in a prime spot and be addressed professionally. You can run your company in a prestigious and professional serviced office room without worrying much about the costs in Dhaka. We believe that, urgent matters regarding your business must be sent daily, and yes, free of charge!  Your business deserves the latest in internet technology, and we’re here to provide you that with our Fiber Internet Connection Service. Therefore you can Run your company in a prestigious and professional serviced office room without worrying much about the costs! 

Serviced Office for Rent

A serviced office is a single office, a full office floor, or a complete office building that has been fully equipped and managed by a facility management company. Serviced offices are also often referred to as managed offices, executive or business centers or executive suites. The facility management company which manages the building, then rents out individual offices or floors to the different companies that need them. 

Virtual Office and Serviced Offices 

Virtual office facilities are ideal for you if you don't intend to establish a corporate office in Dhaka. Mostly provided as a service for small businesses, virtual office facilities can include several options to make your business communications easy, affordable and practical. The building is directly linked to both the Dhaka International Convention Centre and metro system by a dedicated covered walkway. The metro system runs a direct service to the International Airport (Terminal 1 and 2) creating a fantastically accessible location, ideal for developing your business.

The Payroll Service Company is based in Cambridge and provides a range of payroll services, payroll software, HR and personnel management software.

Remote HR Services

  • Recruitment Solutions
  • Human Performance Management
  • HR Training
  • Payroll related issues or benefits;
  • Needs for administrative documents (pay slips, official letters, etc.);
  • Legal and related concerns in the workplace (holidays, holidays, parental leave, work permits, etc.);
  • Internal policies and procedures;
  • Management and advice of employee files;
  • Management and consulting of recruitment processes;
  • Hiring new employees;
  • Management and advice of termination processes;
  • Management and advice of performance evaluations;
  • Management and counseling of the probation period;
  • Management and consulting of salary increase processes.