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Accounting, Tax, Audit & Consulting Services

Income E-Tax Filing Consultancy

Consultants of income tax consultancy, income tax returns consultancy & e-TIN e-filing consultancy. To file an Income Tax Return is an obligation placed on every citizen of India by the Government. However, besides this, there are various reasons, why you should file your Income Tax Return.

Our service includes advising you on income tax rebates, withholding tax while paying your suppliers, advance tax, adjusting the tax that has been deducted by your customers, concessionary income tax rates, etc.

Tax Consultancy

Tax Consultancy

Our Tax Consultancy team provides comprehensive taxation solution for both individual and corporate clients. We have been approached by international professional services firms for our expertise in these areas who were seeking the best solutions for their clients.

Annual Tax

Annual Tax

We offer a comprehensive tax planning and the preparation of all tax returns protecting your interests, time and review prior to the filing date. Our highly vetted and professional team of accountants and tax advisers would be there by your side.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

As leading accounting and consulting networks, we help a diverse range of clients with a diverse range of needs. This is especially true of our Advisory Practice, which provides transaction, risk, and executive services to clients navigating an exceptional range of challenges, changes, and opportunities.

Withholding Tax

Withholding Tax

A company also has to keep track of withheld taxes and submit return in due time (twice in a income year) set by government. Failure to pay withholding tax before submitting return is a subject to provision for penalty.

Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assurance

Our assurance professionals draw on deep industry experience and global resources to help clients to navigate change, bolster investor confidence, and strengthen the value of their businesses.

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Since payroll processing requires specific knowledge which employers might not have, it may result in extra effort being given by the employer and can be very stressful. Payroll service providers help establishments by designing their systems so that they can better cater to the specific needs and requirements of the businesses.

As Tax consultants, we provide a wide range of taxation service with due diligence and in a professional manner. They are providing different types of service to their client such as Income tax planning , Filing income tax return, withholding tax return, obtaining TIN certificate, Transfer pricing issue, Filing and obtaining permission regarding Tax Holiday and Tax assessment matter, Filing case ,acting as tax lawyer ,advocacy about taxation matter, Obtaining VAT registration , Filing Monthly VAT return and providing advice and guidance to the client regarding taxation matters. Tax consultants are very efficiently providing some of these services, specially in the case of income tax filing , annual assessment, advocacy in the appellate tribunal. Now a days, Income tax planning is one of the most important issue for large business organizations because of their lots of day to day transaction as well as their complex nature of business. Mode of tax planning is changing day by day due to continuous changing and adding a provision in income tax and Value added tax.

TAX Accounting :  

  1.  Income Tax Filing service for Individual and Company.
  2.  Company Assessment.
  3. Company audit and Accounts.
  4. TIN certificate.
  5.  Internal and External Audit.
  6. Accounting and financial consultancy.
  7. Company formation and company matter service.
  8. Trade license
  9. ERC,  IRC
  10. VAT
  11. Trade Mark registration
  12. Chamber of commerce registration
  13. Society,Foundation,Trust
  14.  C & F Agent, Freight Forwarding


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Accounting Services

Our Tax Services

  • Corporate Tax Assessment
  • Submission of income tax returns
  • Deferred tax computation
  • Acting as tax representative
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Partnership tax
  • Tax appeals
  • Effective Remuneration planning
  • Planning and VAT management
  • Import duty calculation
  • Customs cases
  • Inheritance Tax planning
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax accounting
  • Tax disclosure for audit
  • Tax investigations
Business Registration Income Tax Filing Consultancy

Payroll Processing Services and Temporary staffing solutions.

We provide

  1. Regular advice on direct and indirect tax implications on transactions
  2. Preparation and submission of periodic direct and indirect tax filings
  3. Preparation and submission of periodic withholding direct and indirect tax payments
  4. Preparation and filing of an annual corporate tax return
  5. Submission to tax authorities
  6. Attend to notices/hearings from tax authorities
  7. Attend to notices/hearings from tax authorities
  8. Online Medicine and pharmacy Store Management

Accounting, Tax, Audit & Consulting Services

Our tax experts have extensive local work experience in managing both direct and indirect taxation in Bangladesh. We help both global and local companies manage their tax compliance obligations locally on a day to day basis.

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Local entity incorporation needs to be followed by numerous local registrations with regulators and authorities. Depending on the nature of business and industry, we are able to assist our clients obtain all forms of registrations in Bangladesh.

We provide

  • Trade & business licenses registration
  • Board of Investment (BoI) registration
  • Central bank registration
  • Direct tax registration (TIN)
  •  VAT and / or  customs
  • Import/Export Certificates
  • Trade Body Membership
  • Environmental & Fire Licenses
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