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Income Tax Filing Consultancy Services

Reliable & Advanced Income Tax Filing Consultancy Services

We offer services such as income tax return filing, capital gains advising, income tax audit, Income Tax Filing Consultancy, and income tax hearing, among others. However, people who make more than a specific amount of money are required to pay income tax, file returns, and submit a tax audit report. Moreover, we provide all services relevant to Bangladesh’s income tax regulations. So, to locate an Income Tax Filing Consultancy service near you, contact our Business Expert.

Maximize Your Business Savings With Our Income Tax Consultancy

In fact, PayrollBD is a group of professionals who specialize in Income Tax Filing Consultancy in Bangladesh. But income tax is levied on a person’s or an entity’s earnings in Bangladesh. Perhaps, the application of income tax varies depending on whether you are a salaried individual, a professional, a firm, or something else. So, many individuals and businesses in India have a PAN from the Income Tax Filing Consultancy Department and pay income tax. And our service includes advising you on tax rebates. Finally, we tend to assist you to withhold tax whereas paying your suppliers. we tend to assist earlier instruments, regulate tax on the idea of customer’s deductions and concessionary tax rates.

Tax Consultancy Services

1. Tax Consultancy

For both individual and corporate clients, our Tax Consultancy team delivers complete taxes solutions. Our knowledge in these areas is frequently sought by international professional services firms because we deliver the greatest solutions.

Annual Tax Report

2. Annual Tax

We offer comprehensive Income Tax Filing Consultancy. This, as a result, saves your time and review prior to the filing date. Our highly vetted and professional team of accountants and tax advisers would be there by your side.

Withholding Tax Services

3. Withholding Tax

A company also has to keep track of withheld taxes and submit a return in due time (twice in an income year) set by the government. Failure to pay withholding tax before submitting the return is a subject to the penalty.

Tax Advisory Services

4. Advisory Services

However, we assist a varied range of clients with a diverse range of importance as leading accounting and consulting networks. In addition, this is particularly true of our consulting practice, which delivers transaction, risk, and executive services to clients facing a wide range of problems, changes, and opportunities.

E-Tax Audit & Assurance

5. Audit & Assurance

In fact, it assists customers to navigate change, increase investor confidence, and strengthen the value of their businesses. And our assurance professionals draw on significant industry experience. So, the experience we provide our clients is growing in tandem with the needs of the industry and stakeholders.

Income E-Tax Payroll Processing

6. Payroll Processing

As if the payroll process needs specific information that employers won’t have. However, it’s going to end in further effort being given by the leader and may be terribly nerve-racking. In fact, p-ayroll service providers assist institutions by developing solutions that allow them to better adapt to specific goals and demands.

Grow Your Business With Our Income Tax Filing Consultancy Services

As Tax consultative, we offer a good vary of taxation services with due diligence and in an exceedingly skilled manner. Moreover, they’re providing different types of services to their consumer like taxation designing, Filing Associate in Nursing taxation come, income tax comes, getting a TIN certificate, Transfer evaluation issue, Filing and getting permission concerning Tax vacation and assessment matters, Filing case, acting as a tax professional person, support regarding taxation matter, getting VAT registers, Filing Monthly VAT returns and providing recommendation and steering to the consumer concerning taxation matters. So, income E-Tax Filing Consultancy is very efficiently providing some of these services, especially in the case of Income Tax Filing Consultancy, annual assessment, and advocacy.

Our Valuation Core Income TAX Accounting Include: 

1. Income Tax Filing Consultancy service for Individual and Company.
2. Company Assessment.
3. Company Audit and Accounts.
4. TIN certificate.
5. Internal and External Audit.
6. Accounting and financial consultancy.
7. Company formation and company-related service.
8. Trade license
10. VAT
11. Trade Mark register
12. Chamber of commerce registration
13. Society,Foundation,Trust
14. C & F Agent, Freight Forwarding

Our Affordable Successful Tax & Vat Services:

  1. Corporate Tax Assessment
  2. Submission of income tax returns
  3. Deferred tax computation
  4. Acting as a tax representative
  5. Capital Gains Tax
  6. Partnership tax
  7. Tax appeals
  8. Effective Remuneration planning
  9. Planning and VAT management
  10. Import duty calculation
  11. Customs cases
  12. Inheritance Tax planning
  13. Transfer pricing
  14. Tax accounting
  15. Disclosure for tax audit
  16. Investigations relevant to tax subject

We Ensure Successful Income Tax Filing Consultancy To Meet Your Needs

Why Is PayrollBD Special Among the Others?

  1. Regular Income Tax Filing Consultancy on direct and indirect tax implications
  2. Submission of periodic direct and indirect tax filings
  3. Concocting and submitting periodic withholding direct and indirect tax payments
  4. Preparation and filing of an annual corporate tax return
  5. Submission to tax authorities
  6. Attend to notices/hearings from tax authorities
  7. Attend to notices/hearings from tax authorities
  8. Online Medicine and pharmacy Store Management

We Offer Accounting, Tax, Audit & Consulting Solutions

However, our tax experts have extensive work experience in managing all types of taxation in Bangladesh. So, we help global and local companies manage Income Tax Filing Consultancy on a regular basis.

Anything else you think we should know about the production or any specific questions you want to be answered?


However, local registration regulators and authorities have to follow the local entity and attributes of the incorporation process. So, we assist our clients to obtain all forms of registrations in Bangladesh, depending on the nature of the business.

We provide

  1. Trade & business licenses registration
  2. Board of Investment (BoI) registers
  3. Central bank registers
  4. Direct tax registers (TIN)
  5. VAT and / or  customs
  6. Import/Export Certificates
  7. Trade Body Membership
  8. Environmental & Fire Licenses

Frequently Asked Questions About Income Tax Filing Consultancy

Are consultancy services taxable?

Despite of the fact that consultants do not receive the same perks as employees, up to 10.3 percent of their pay is taxed at the source. However, a large list of expenses that can be subtracted is also available. When a consultant’s revenue reaches the company deducts a flat 10% tax from the fee at the time of payment.

I trade heavily on the stock markets. Which plan do I choose?

If you’re a day trader who trades futures and derivatives and/or has a loss to carry forward, our Traders Income Tax Plan is for you. However, keep in mind that in order to carry losses over to the next year, the tax return must be filed by the due date (July 31st, 2017).

I have purchased business tax filing plan. What I do next?

First, you will receive an email seeking materials to assist us with your return once you have purchased a tax filing plan. In addition, a tax expert will be assigned to you. Then log in to your PayrollBD account and upload the necessary documentation. So, you can use this page to log in and access your orders. Before drafting the return, the CA will contact you to discuss your situation.

Are audit services included in your plan?

No, the cost of having your books audited is not included in any of these programs. These will be charged individually. We’ll put you in touch with a certified public accountant (CPA) in our network who will audit your books.

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