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The Bangladesh law of trademarks is enshrined the new Trademarks Act, 2009 (Act No. XIX of 2009) (2009) came into force with effect. The Copyright Act, 2000 (Act No. 28 of 2000, as amended up to 2005) (2005) Our practice also covers the enforcement of copyright on the Internet. The firm can also assist you in drafting and obtaining different authorizations related to copyright uses, transfer of rights, assignment and other agreements and contracts with users and performers.

Copyright and Trademark

The most common, prominent, and popular trademarks and service marks in countries of the world over, are made up of any one or more (a unique combination) of the following things --- a letter or word, numeral, sign or symbol, design or graphic image, phrase or phrasing, 2D or 3D shape, a unique combination of certain colors, label, a distinctive packaging, or a distinct sound or smell. The most important thing here is, that any trademark must be distinctly different and unique, from the trademarks of other companies, and ought to be capable of being represented graphically.

Bangladesh is marching forward to be closely associated with the process of globalization of Intellectual Property Laws. In Bangladesh lately new laws have been drafted further modifying and modernizing the laws on Patent and Design; Trademarks; and Copyrights. 

Under modern business condition a trade mark performs four functions:

  • It identifies the goods / or services and its origin.
  • It guarantees its unchanged quality
  • It advertises the goods/services
  • It creates an image for the goods/ services.

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Copyright registration establishes a public record of your copyright and puts everyone in the world on notice that you have sought and claim copyright protection under the Copyright laws.

Copyright in Bangladesh is recognized virtually worldwide and the applicable law of its member nations. The only way for another party to win would be for them to present evidence showing:

  • Copyright that they had a pre-existing copyright claim to the work.

  • Copyright that you permitted them to use your work.

  • Copyright that you didn't actually create the work.

  • Copyright that you stole it from them.

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