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Labor Laws, Provident Fund and Tax Management

To some extent, Labor Law -2006, Labor Rules – 2015 and its amendments are not clear to many. To deal with modern Labor Laws Provident Fund and Tax Management activities, you need to have a clear knowledge of the Labor Laws, provident fund and tax management in a company. We can help you gain this knowledge in the field.

We are here to industry leading Labor Laws, provident fund and tax management solutions

– Develop general knowledge regarding all aspects of labor laws

– Find meaningful solutions related to provident fund gratuity

– Run the fiscal management in organizations in a far better way

– Protect organizations from many future troubles

-Deal with all sort of Income-tax issues in a company

– Further develop their career in taxation, finance and management

Our contributions in labor law, provident fund and tax management

We put great effort to achieve Business License, Registration, Permission, Certificate and various documents are always required to do any business including Export-Import in Bangladesh. There are various Government and private organizations that provide Licenses and Certificates to the business starters. But there are procedures and lot of systemic steps are involved to get Business License, Registration, Permission, Certificates & other related documents.



Increase Productivity



Cost Reduced



Revenue Saving



Complexity Removed

Every salaried employee who works for a private or a government sector is entitled to receive gratuity. The employer can pay as much gratuity as they want but there is a minimum gratuity amount that they must pay to the employee. Tax concession is available on the gratuity if it’s in accordance with the gratuity formula and it is taxable if it exceeds the formula.   We also provide consultancy in the following areas:

  •  Valuation Advisory Services.
  • Financial Modeling Services.
  • Strategic Corporate and Financial Planning Advisory Services.
  • Foreign Investment advisory and facilitation services.
  • Advisory Services for Corporate Compliance and Reporting.
  • Advisory services and support to Trusts, Foundations, NGOs and other forms of “Not for Profit Organizations”.

At PayrollBD, we have designed different ways to simplify the statutory and HR services i.e. Payroll Processing, Employees Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provision Acts, Employee State Insurance Corporation (E.S.I.C), Factories Act, 2015, Payment of wages under Minimum Wages Act, Bonus Act and Bangladeshi Labor Welfare Fund Rules and various other acts. Service Tax & more that fit the needs of companies of every size.

Tell us about your project

Let us help you get going with your business online and provide absolute professionalism in labor, HR and payment managements.

We got more than 12 years of experience in HR & Admin roles in Bank, Insurance Company, Garments Sector & Group of Companies. Our company has a vast knowledge on conducting Labor Laws Provident Fund and Tax Management functionalities at a domestic, International & Multinational industries. Labor law is a complicated subject where the law changes frequently.

You can leave all your complexities to us. So, sit back and relax, and see us solve all your problems related to company labor laws, provident fund and taxation issues in your company.

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