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Manpower Recruitment

Corporate Manpower Recruitment Services In Bangladesh

We are a leading recruitment agency in Bangladesh. Our organization envisioned with the theme and dedication to provide the best services related to manpower supply and recruitments. Our staff recruitment Service for Placement & Human Resource Consultancy is unique and superior.

Reduce Your Hiring Costs With Our Manpower Recruitment Services


1. Permanent Hire

For permanent recruitment, we have a complex selection procedure that allows us to find the best applicant for senior, mid-level, or entry-level positions.


2. Temporary Hire

Our Temporary and Contract staffing services guaranteed quality and commitment for the duration of the contract, which might range from two months to two years.


3. Recruitment Agency

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Find Easily Our 10 Major Work Scope:

– Understanding the profile and background of different positions.
– Finding right applicants for exact position in right time.
– Meeting interviews (if required by the corporation)
– Evaluating and assessing talents for clients.
– Career counseling &  HR policy development
– Conducting “Written and Skill Assessment”
– Salary survey &  Talent mapping
– New business development
– Salary survey &  Talent mapping
– New business development

Payroll HR is the most caring BPO solutions provider in Bangladesh runs with technological excellence. It focuses on your back office functions so you can focus on your business. BCS’s widespread outsourcing know-how and personalize considerate facility distribution models dramatically increase the quality and competence of its customers’ finance & accounting, payroll and staffs welfares and taxation matters which benefit back office management. Our management team includes extensive variety of proficiency including professional accountants, software engineer, ICT specialists, programmers and HR professionals.


Productivity Increase


Rate of Success


Overhead reduced


Head Hunting – C Level


Find The Right employee With Our Manpower Recruitment Services

PayrollBd  is offering recruitment services to some of the world’s leading companies working in Bangladesh for results-driven RPO Services.
We look for the right talent through a variety of skill sets, particularly in the field of finance & accounting, administrative positions and administration. Our professional possess have high-performance recruiters, who emphasis candidate’s knowledge and experience on finding the right talent for our customers. We make quantifiable improvements in hiring timelines and employment costs. Certainly, we guarantee that the applicant has the compulsory skills and we also test the applicant’s personality to guarantee that the chemistry is right.

We Are The Best Offshore HR Company For Staffing

We Are The Best Offshore HR Company For Staffing

PayrollBD” is a leading HR recruitment consultancy. We match outstanding HR professionals to outstanding HR careers exclusively for experienced Human Resources professionals and companies seeking to hire them. If you need to recruit employee you can save both time and money by working . Our venture maintains close contact with the labour market in general and a substantial part of the available local workforce.

This particular companyhave an extensive candidate database where we are able to search for a suitable candidate and/or we can advertise in relevant media as per agreement with the client. Our manpower recruitment and placement service can help your organization to stay ahead of the changes — with flexible, proven and customized Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services.

Strategic HR Management Systems, Occupation Roles and Responsibilities, Performance Management Structures, Workload Analysis and Worker Effectiveness Assessment, proficiency assessments, and Rewards Programs.

Our 10 Extra-Ordinary Benefits And Features For Manpower Services

  1. Align your HR policy to local legislation
  2. Online personnel files
  3. Reminder reports for document expiry, probation, etc.
  4. Employee profile
  5. Manpower planning
  6. Organization charts and headcount
  7. Management reporting
  8. Leave management aligned with flexible public holidays
  9. Loan and miscellaneous payment management
  10. Asset management

High Controller And Extremely Valuable 8  Services

  1. Closing Entries
  2. Review financials
  3. Top-down budgeting
  4. Client Work Supervision
  5. Adjustment Entry Preparation
  6. Financial Statement Preparation
  7. Work with the client’s CPA directly on tax filing
  8. Accruals, pre-paid & more…

Tell Us About Your Project

Our devoted team can provide a modified service to meet the requirements of your business encompassing a full range of human resource services including the sourcing, employment and induction of staff, payroll and human resource management.

Anything else you think we should know about the production or any specific questions you want to be answered?

FAQs For Manpower Recruitment Services

Does the Manpower need to handle job searches or can I do it myself?

Please visit our website. Indicate the type of job, industry, or skill you are interested in pursuing, as well as the geographic area in which you would like to work.

How long does support me after I start working?

We are committed to helping you succeed as a Manpower associate. Although your supervisor at the work site is your primary resource for work-related questions, Manpower is your employer and is here to help with any HR-related questions or concerns. We will support you for 90 days if you are hired through Manpower for a permanent position. Any questions or concerns you have after that should be addressed to your direct supervisor.

What is the benefits does our Manpower offer?

We help the majority of Manpower’s associates are able to earn some of the most comprehensive benefits in the industry, including health benefits, training, paid holidays, and referral bonuses. If you have any questions about your benefits, please contact us.

Does charge any fees for placement Services?

No. Manpower works on your behalf to place you with most admired companies free of charge. Start by searching jobs and building your profile.

Get Quality Recruitment And Manpower Services Affordably