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Supply Chain Management Services

Most Productive Master Vendor Management Service

Master Vendor provides a simple recruitment service for the high-handed staffing or workload that often occurs in temporary departments. With 100% success in transitioning resources, our goal is to provide you a seamless and easy experience.

Time & Cost Saving Master Vendor Management Services

Our Master Vendor Management Services will assist you to structure your company’s recruitment and staffing suppliers into a single Master vendor relationship. This service will streamline all processes, eliminate inefficiencies, and reduce costs.

01. Quality Management

We handle the connecting between your organization and all the recruitment suppliers. Our vendor management process provide you with just one point of contact. We work carefully with you to define a single procedure of compliance which everyone will follow. You will also get only one invoice. Therefore, you don’t have to go through the trouble of taking care of the payment of multiple providers.

02. Best Agency Employment

Agency employment is a great and one of the most efficient solutions for labour supply for medium to large industries and companies. It is a good idea to use agencies specialized in specific fields. As a superior master vendor services provider, our experienced and reliable team are dedicated to ensure your staffing problem to other critical issues. You can come to us without hesitating.

Our Vendor Management System Help You On Staff Management & Handling

Supply Management Services

1. Supplier Management

The contact will handle all your questions about temporary staff and supplier management

Vendor Management Services

2. Master Vendor Management

The master vendor management can be deployed on site at your premises for On-Site model

Chain Staff Management Services

3. Temporary Staff Management

The entire procedure of coordinating your temporary staff or employees is handled by PayrollBD

We’ll act as a Master Vendor which will communicate with all potential partners and will become your only point contract. We sit and talk with our clients on how we will select our partners from different agencies. So the companies are well informed .

All new employees will get equal staff training and we will ensure that employee’s safety requirements are met. We will provide the employees the same accommodation, safety, transportation and benefits etc.

Most Trustable Vendor Management Services

We have the most reliable and fittest Master Vendor Management Services designed to make you prosper with, risk reduction, Management, Cost Administration, Staff Analytics.

Cost Control
Effective sourcing and management of subcontractors
Proper agency recruitment
Efficient use of resources
Supplier management and contract compliance
Human resource solutions partnership and consultation
Identifying and controlling risk, which is important
Tactical program management
Strategic planning to address staffing
Effective data management

Why Should You Need Our Master Vendor Management Services ?

When you are facing a large number of subcontracting agencies
When you fear that you may lose control of costs.
When the purchasing is needed to be more transparent.
When you need unified report
Managing of all activities such as on boarding, compliance, staff training, and off boarding
Reducing of liabilities and simple management of contract employees through payroll management
In-depth analytics and reports to keep you informed
Contingent worker staffing
To Increase accountability in all provider business partnerships

Get Our Realible and Risk Free Vendor Management

PayrollBD’s Vendor Management is one of the most reliable and trustworthy, with years and expertise, risk-free management, and strategic services, we can assure our reliability.

01. Recruitment Consultant

As your recruitment consultant, we will captivate the right candidates and equal them to either the temporary or permanent positions that are allow with your organization.

02. A Deep Understanding

We provide the critical link among client, organizations and candidates. We invest greatly in building a great relationship with our clients. This is what that ensure us the advantage of deeply understanding.

03. Master Vendor Services

Do you thinking for a flexible master vendor services program for your business? Get in touch with us. We can enable you with the complete support you need for all your recruitment activities.

Frequently Asked Questions For Master Management

How much can PayrollBD save my organization?

We provide our customers with an average annual cashable savings of 11% on their agency employment costs for master vendor management. Customers that have never used a managed service solution before should expect to save even more money every year.

How long does the procurement process take?

The sort of negotiating and/or purchasing that is done determines the time of the procurement process of the master vendor process. Requisition to purchase order transactions is frequently completed in days, whereas negotiations might take months.

How do neutral vendors make money?

Because neutral vendors do not profit from placing candidates, the cost of offering their service is included in their management charge. As a result, on a like-for-like basis, neutral vendor management fees can be more expensive than master vendor management fees.

What type of companies does PayrollBD work with?

PayrollBD works with a variety of suppliers, depending on the product or service that is required. The types of items and/or services that PayrollBD purchases are determined by the needs of our various business units for master vendor management.

Get Our Master Vendor Services To Reduce Vendor Switching