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Are you looking to outsource payroll services? If yes, then, we can be an ideal choice for you as our experts are highly proficient.

Why to outsource your payroll?

Because we are on of the leading and Reliable provider of payroll processing services in Bangladesh offers payroll outsourcing, online payroll, employee self service, manager self service for Selecting the optimal payroll processing option tailored to your needs.

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”Payroll Bangladesh” is a top ranked offshore payroll outsourcer company in Dhaka, Bangladesh providing business transformation processes in payroll . Partner with the best performance based payroll outsourcing off-shore firm to take advantage of the increased global competition and good trends in outsourcing payroll services. Identifying employee rights and entitlements pursuant to legal regulations and Monitoring employment related deadlines & time periods.

Payroll For Expatriate

With so many businesses operating on an international level, the number of employees going abroad for the work is proportionately increasing. Within our services, we focus on the accurate calculation and timely filing of your payroll taxes.

Payroll Tax Filing and Returns

We help clients ensure their pay strategy to meet divergent business requirements, while focusing employees on what they should do to meet its varied goals. Our eminent tax planning professionals work with auditors, economists, actuaries and other specialists to offer tax solutions to companies like yours.

The Payroll Service Company is based in Cambridge and provides a range of payroll services, payroll software, HR and personnel management software.

We are a reliable partner, working as an extension of your HR department. So you grow, we make changes to continue meeting the divergent needs of your business.As a renowned recruitment firm, our clients enjoy a vast network of human resource specialists who attract, cultivate and connect companies to right talent.The income tax rules in Bangladesh and offshore are complex and therefore, we combine in-depth specialist knowledge with our proven advice to avoid any pitfall. Our professionals play a pivotal role of business advisers to corporations, financial investors and lenders and support any legal transaction, from structuring to raising funds.


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"Payroll Bangladesh" Specialists was established by a group of members who share common interests and goals in providing our clients and payroll partners with the utmost service that they can depend on as their own tax department. Our members have been involved in this industry acting in various roles such as tax specialists, director of operations and vice president of some of the big companies. Together we have experienced and handled most of the tax problems and penalties that a company and payroll service bureau could ever experience.

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