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Offshore outsourcing Payroll Services

Are you looking for outsourcing payroll services? If yes, then count us in. We are ready to serve you with our highly efficient experts on the field.

Why Outsourcing Payroll Services?

We are one of the leading and reliable providers of payroll processing services in Bangladesh. Our company offers payroll outsourcing, online payroll, employee self-service, and manager self-service for Selecting the optimal salary management option tailored to your needs.

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Online HR Services. Simplify employee onboarding
Offshore Payroll outsourcing is a tasks of delegating payroll administrative activates to a third party located in Bangladesh.

The Payroll Specialist replaces your in-house payroll employee and is experienced in multiple payroll platforms.

The HR/Payroll Specialist onboard and off-board employees in the payroll system.

The Benefits Specialist handles benefits open enrollment, answers employee queries, and replaces in-house benefits for an employee.

largest and most experienced HR and payroll services provider.
Business Registration Income Tax Filing Consultancy

Our knowledgeable and experienced team of outsourcing payroll services and benefits specialists manage your day-to-day payroll documents and administration tasks. This mitigates your company risk, and ensure your employees get paid accurately – on time, every time.

We process changes and additions with your providers, handle communications with employees, reconcile carrier invoices, process BIDA/NBR and 450k contributions, distribute required plan notices, and maintain data for NBR compliance.

Payroll For Expatriate

Payroll For Expatriate

The number of employees going abroad for work is rapidly growing. Thanks to the increasing numbers of businesses operating on an international level. Within our services, we focus on the accurate calculation and timely filing of your payroll taxes.

Tax Filing And Returns

Tax Filing and Returns

We help you concentrate on strategies to diverse business goals, at the same time focus on employees. Our eminent tax planning professionals work with auditors, economists, actuaries and other specialists to offer tax solutions.



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Payroll Tax Consulting

“Payroll Bangladesh” was established by a group of members who share common interests and goals in providing our clients and payroll partners with the superior outsourcing payroll service that they can depend on as their own tax department. Our members are engaged in various industry-leading roles. They are either acting as tax specialists, director of operations, or vice presidents of some of the biggest companies. Together we have experienced and handled most of the tax problems and penalties that a company and payroll service bureau could ever experience.

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