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Offshore Project Management Services

Offshore Project Management, We’ve been aiding clients in expanding and managing their remote operations since 2007. Including, East Europe/Asia, Latin America, and other countries. However, whether your company is expanding naturally or through sponsored advertising, you may expand your workforce beyond national lines with us at a very low cost. Also, we implemented innovative technology to automate our process.

PayrollBD offers a wide range of Offshore Project Management Consultancy services that cover all stages of the project lifecycle. Cloud & Hybrid IT, Remote Workspace Service, and design management are just a few examples. Additionally, we have skilled personnel in their respective fields. Besides that, their aim is to make sure you streamline your business operations for maximum performance and minimal downtime.

Furthermore, our technology will save you up to 75% on local recruitment expenditures. As a result, your revenue will increase. Also, we make recommendations to provide a clear picture of the practical, economic, and technical challenges that the proposed solutions raise.

Moreover, our PMP-Project Management Professional has industry-driving business knowledge that offers you analysis and management regarding expenses, usage, and accessibility. Besides that, you will beat the clock and reduce your spending with us.

1. Intellectual Property.

2. Equity, Financial Insurance Research.

3. Business Research and Analytics.

4. Legal Processes Outsourcing.

5. Engineering and Design Services.

6. Remote Education and Publishing.

7. Pharmaceutical and bio-technology Services.

8. Remote Education.

9. Publishing Market Research.

10. Sales Process Outsourcing.

Quick Solutions To Better Management

Additionally, we have a crew of qualified and experienced staff that work across a variety of ventures.

  1. Firstly, project frameworks, including life cycle and cost plan.
  2. Venture improvement including configuration briefs.
  3. Obtainment and agreement of the board. Moreover, site oversight, testing, and authorizing.
  4. Assisting Clients with center skills.
  5. The merchants can guarantee that accepted procedures are pursued and can give directions in explicit areas.
  6. Finally, growing your employee pool from “local” to “worldwide” gives you access to more skilled individuals.
  1. Administrator Role
  2. SME Project Management
  3. Venture Governance
  4. Development Management
  5. Proprietors Engineer
  1. Loan specialists Engineer
  2. Spending Management
  3. Business and Contract Management
  4. Improvement Management
  5. Consulting Services
  6. Town Planning/Development Approvals

Offshore Project Management Rules & Responsibilities

We offer an adaptable and versatile model to construct distant groups with a better offshore project management. However, a large number of the capital could be considered for evaluating arrangement and control of the products with our services.

Project Management Roles & Responsibilities

Our 3 Great Offshore Project Management Services


WBS and timetable turn of events. Also,  getting ready quotes, quality and hazard arrangement, program support.


Investigating timetable and cost. Also, we reveal data status, device support, design board data frameworks, and project reviews.


Post-project evaluation is our another concern for our clients . However, we do it after the project is completed and finished.

In addition, offshore project management methodology, Remote teams can opt-out of expensive city hubs like New York, Singapore or London.  However, other markets, like Dhaka, will give you a cost-effective advantage.

The Top 6 Tools We Use For Better Offshore Project Management

1. Communications Management Tools.

2. Team Management Tools.

3. Online Storage & Sharing Tools.

4. Time Tracking Tools.

5. Invoice Management Tools.

6. Security Management Tools.

IT Projects

59 ICT Related Projects

Constriction Project

31 Construction Projects

Outsourcing Offshore Projects

38 Outsourcing Projects

RPO Projects Management

+233 RPO Based Projects

The Key Benefits Of Offshore Project Management

1. –  Firstly, develop customer brief.

2. – Design the team.

3. – Project coordination.

4. – Moreover, procurement procedure.

5. – Design the board.

6. – Leading venture and arranging meetings.

7. – Furthermore, coordinating staff and inward assets.

8. – Ensuring projects comply with time constraints.

9. – Managing associations with customers and partners.

10. – Finally, designing and approving agreements.

Offshore Project Management Institute Service Centre In Bangladesh

As a remote project manager, we will coordinate people and projects to ensure that we deliver on time and produce the desired results. In addition, specific project manager responsibility include developing project plans, ensuring resource availability, and allocation. Furthermore, delivering every project on time within budget and scope in Offshore Project Management.

FAQ For Offshore Project Management Services

Why Should I Outsource Project Management Services?

Project management operational costs make up a major portion of business expenses. Especially, when it’s offshore. As a result, cutting down on operational costs will have a direct impact on profitability.

Therefore, outsourcing project management operations will improve the efficiency of a business by reducing and controlling costs. Furthermore, rather to hiring your own personnel, which would entail a significant amount of manpower, you should hire a service provider.

How can I monitor progress and productivity?

You can register for an online application with us. Because, our tool is only for monitoring reasons.

Also, it is user-friendly and simple to use. In addition, it was created exclusively for client use.

How do you handle confidentiality?

Protecting the intellectual rights of a company is an important concern in offshore outsourcing. Therefore, to avoid any seepage of data, we put a strong security policy and a proper NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) in place.

Besides, the technical safeguards we installed will be much better than the ones installed at your place.

What are the costs for offshore project management service?

It depends on the project details. However, you can always contact us for a detailed discussion.

Only Tool You Will Ever Need To Manage Projects Offshore