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We Provide The Most Reliable Corporate Secretarial Services

PayrollBD, is the first of its in Bangladesh, provides secretarial services to valuable clients who prefer to focus on their core business while we handle the difficulties of regulatory filing as well as legal compliance. PayrollBD has already signed signed a number of corporate entities and is providing expert secretarial services to its prestigious customers as a trust – worthy secretarial service provider.

Get Trustworthy Secretarial Services To Safeguard Your Business

PayrollBD’s have corporate secretarial service provider experts are always ready to help you and your company. Our company secretarial solutions are adapted to the specific of our Bangladeshi clients, from the formation of a new company to the ongoing compliance with legal regulations. Because of our deep local knowledge and lengthy relationships within APAC’s regulatory and governmental environments, we are secured by major transnationals, small private companies, and everything in between.

1. Ministerial Services

PayrollBD Consulting firm handles all of your Ministerial tasks while you sit back and relax in your office. Whether you live in the united states or another, we could get your job done quickly and accurately thanks to our contacts with Ministries. You simply need to notify us of your requirement and provide accurate documentation. The remaining is our headache.

2. Company Incorporation Service

Throughout the last decade, PayrollBD Consulting Worldwide has been a pioneer in helping both overseas investment in forming their preferred business entity. We understand how hard it can be for any people to invest his or her hard-earned money in Bangladesh’s expanding but complex market. When the shareholder is a foreign citizen, the difficulty level keeps increasing.

Build A Perfect Tomorrow With Our Special 5 Secretarial Services

1. On-site interview and audit:

We have a dedicated team to conduct on-site interviews and on-site audits to maintain the labor compliance of your organization. Get in touch with Bangladesh’s quality HR Payroll.

2. Subcontractor assistance:

We are experts in subcontractor management. We will establish a process to assist you in managing subcontractors following all the state and government regulations in the most cost-effective way.

3. Apprenticeship monitoring:

We will supervise the apprenticeship so that you can get better results. Our apprenticeship surveillance service can help you get the most out of your apprenticeship.

4. View support services:

Our team will review the existing labor law compliance status and make suggestions for improvement. Our compliance review is successful and comprehensive.

5. Intelligent support system:

We’ve created a sophisticated assistance system that can assist you in quickly resolving labor compliance difficulties. This mechanism distinguishes us.

We Ensure The Highest Level Of Labor Compliance Services From Coast to Coast

The difficulty of doing business has soared, and Payroll Bd makes it difficult to stay ahead in any aspect of the company’s operations. As mentioned earlier, companies hire labor compliance services, and their main goal is to ensure that they are consistent with the ever-changing regulatory environment and knowledge of risk management.

In addition, some companies provide HR Payroll and provide companies with a deeper regulatory environment and professional services through salary Bd. We automate the entire process, from routine maintenance of prescribed forms and registers to filing and reporting. When hiring new employees, there is usually a process of transition and adaptation, which usually includes a large number of team members. Of course, if the recruitment is successful, everything is worth it. You need to keep the normal length of the undertaking to a base.

Labor Compliance Services Managing Expatriates Payroll

FAQs About Labor Compliance Services

Can an awarding body hire a consultant?

Yes, an awarding authority may hire a consultant or a third-party administrator to run an LCP that is necessary for a Proposition 84-funded project. Although the awarding organization must still adopt the program and submit the application in its own name, a consultant may be hired to assist in the preparation of the application, including the manual, as well as the implementation and operation of the program.

What happens if I don't pay prevailing wages?

Contractors and subcontractors that wilfully fail to pay the prevailing wage risk losing government contracts and being barred from bidding on future contracts for up to three years, among other penalties.

Where can an Awarding Body find LCP consultants?

PayrollBD used to approve private third-party LCPs, but it no longer does, and it no longer maintains or provides lists of certified consultants. An awarding authority should be able to find consultants who have done this work for approved LCPs by speaking with other agencies, associations, joint labor-management committees, and other industry groups involved in public works construction.

How is prevailing wage calculated?

A simple average, which adds up the wage rates and divides by the number of hirers, or (more properly) a weighted average, which weights the wage results by the number of employees, can be used to establish the prevailing wage in a given area.

We are Top Labor Compliance Services Provider. If you want to Maintain Labor Compliance Contact With Us.