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On-site Branch Office Setup Services Expand Your Business In Bangladesh

Expand Your Business With On-site Branch Office Services

We Offer Cost-effective On-Site Branch Office Setup Services

As a strategic partner and a recess services provider, we are committed to ensure long-term success of our customers. We provides the best on-site branch office, Subsidiary and Representative setup services.


Are you considering expanding your business to Bangladesh? If so, you may be astonished how best to go about it. Your first intuition may be to simply set up a on-site branch office in the Bangladesh of your existing company. After all, this route looks relatively straightforward and means you can start selling your goods or services to the Bangladesh market right away.


Payroll BD frequently sets up an on-site branch, operated by one of our coordinators, for such emergency scenarios, depending on the demand of our clients. They are just there for a few days. They oversee the contract between employees, clients’ management, and the employer’s HR Management department, as well as the entire pay management and personnel agenda.


Without proper coordination, the workforce suffers during emergency situations. This is what we focus most on. You can maintain proper communication with the support team services through your own coordination. One of the parts of their task is to give you the daily reporting to help you ensure your perfect control.

6 Reasons Why You Come Into Contact With Our On-Site Branch Services?

You should come into contact with our on-site services for your improving your business growth or set up. You won’t always need it every time. You will need this service when.

1. A large number of team workers are performing similar activities and there is a division of labour. 

2. When you need daily report or inspection

3. When you need accurate planning for a short time basis.

4. When you urgently need workers.

5. When you have high turnover.

6. When there is a huge number of low-skilled labour.

Contact With Our On-Site Branch Services

Our On-Site Branch Services ensure extraordinary services to help your business improve.

  1. The presence of an experienced coordinator will improve the integration of the system and improve the overall coordination.
  2. It will provide moral support to the HR Department during their crisis moment.
  3. It will be possible to get a regular inspection and report.
  4. It will ensure the maintenance of compliance.
  5. It will help change the process if there is any issue.

Clear Distinct About On-Site Branch, Subsidiary, & Representative Office

branch office

Branch Office:

A branch office, is a direct extension of the parent company. It can engage in core activities like sales and contracts. It is created to help generate proceeds for the company and serves a particular geographic region.

representative office

Representative Office:

A representative office is, in essence, a beachhead. It is the easiest to set up as it only exists to permit the company’s representatives to make contacts in the local market. Promotional activities are suitable, but companies must take care not to step over the line. In most countries, a representative office cannot manage transactions or contractual matters.

subsidiary office

Subsidiary Office:

A subsidiary company is, legally speaking, more complicated than a branch office. It is completely separate legal entity that has been recognized by another company to do business in a specific place.

World-Class Special Services that We Bring To You.


A branch office can be set up relatively quickly. Some companies utilize a branch office as an interim step, using it to obtain local knowledge and produce sales before acquiring or instituting a subsidiary.


A branch is a section of the parent company and is dependent upon it. Management decisions flow instantly from company headquarters, providing executives a greater measure of direct control.


Branch offices lean to be smaller in size, and reducing overhead costs.

Frequently Asked Questions For On-Site Branch

How do I run a branch office?

A company’s board must approve the opening of a branch office. As a result, a firm must convene a board meeting on a predetermined day and provide notice to all directors. To open a branch office, the board of directors must pass a resolution.

Who can maintain a branch office?

An associate broker who earns a license as an Office Manager may manage a branch office under the supervision of the other broker.

Is a branch office a legal entity?

A branch is a subsidiary of a parent company that operates under the laws of another jurisdiction. It is not a distinct legal entity. A subsidiary (usually a limited company) is a separate legal entity with separate legal liability, though it is typically owned and managed by the parent company.

How long do brokers have to keep records?

All listings, deposit receipts, canceled checks, trust account records, and other documents executed or obtained by a licensed broker in connection with any transaction for which a license is required must be kept for three years.

What are the advantages of establishing a branch office?

Opening a branch office can provide visibility and brand exposure, both of which can help a company’s earnings. By allowing companies to test products in new markets, a branch office can lessen the risk of doing business in the host country.

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