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Hiring Remote IT Support Network System

IT support outsourcing include IT Support, Systems & Network Admin

IT Support Outsourcing in Bangladesh.

People and corporations today rely on fast, dependable services in the world of computer technology. IT-Doctor provides a wide suite of IT solutions that meet your business’s needs. payrollBD’s business services are intended for small and medium-sized businesses. Our IT Expert provides quick and dependable computer support for your business.

We offer a variety of packaged and suited managed solutions to businesses that require technological computer support for a wide range of PCs, notebooks, servers, computer hardware, and applications on a regarding proper maintenance level or as a workable pay-as-you-go agreement.

With our ‘ICT on board’ service, we provide our end-users with a comprehensive package of onsite support services to ensure the consistency of your devices connected to the network.

IT Support Outsourcing

Full range IT services management, equipment leasing & Setup.

Hardware Network Maintenance

We provide systematic and comprehensive support for multi-supplier PCs, workstations, laptops, terminals, hardware options, and peripherals through our Maintenance Services. A system of tech support professionals provides maintenance services. On-site repair are available as service options.

1. Certification Systems Engineers provide expert support and service that is timely and effective.
2. TAG Network Engineers are certified on network management systems and equipment such as Microsoft, Cisco, HP, and IBM.
3. Monthly provider reports on part usage, service request date/time, assets used, repair time, and client service quality measurements.
4. Standard on-site insurance is 24/7 in a week. Our protection and fast response can be designed to suit the needs of individual customers.

Onsite Maintenance

On-site Hardware Maintenance Solution provide a centralized number for screening hardware calls, diagnostics, and technician dispatching. Hardware maintenance services for systems can be contracted in the following ways:

1. Improve the manufacturer’s warranty service response time.
2. After-warranty on-site maintenance

Maintenance Of Time And Materials

Time and resources Customers who necessitate hardware repair on an as-needed basis can use Hardware Maintenance. Non-contracted clients can now use our Maintenance for both guarantee and non-warranty repairs. This service can be set up as a depot service, in which the consumer falls off the hardware at our serving branch, or as an onsite, period and materials service.

Outsourcing Remote IT Support Staff:

Remote IT Support personnel for your IT services, providing First Line support. Reduce your IT support team costs by 80% guaranteed.

1. Server Installation and Support
2. Desktop Health Checks
3. Technology Consulting
4. Remote Management Services
5. Backup and Recovery of Data

6. Troubleshooting and Repair
7. Data Backup Over the Internet
8. Network Management & Monitoring
9. Setup computer networks
10. Network And internet Solutions

11. Security of Computers and Networks
12. Intrusion Detection Systems
13. Remote user authentication
14. Technologies for Encryption
15. Software Education

IT Support And Maintenance Services

PayrollBD understands that IT offshoring is an important part of keeping your company competitive, focused, and profitable. Having a dependable IT consultant is an important part of protecting your IT incentive to invest and keeping up with technological changes.

PayrollBD offers a complete IT maintenance program for assisting and managing your company’s IT resources in order to keep your PCs and notebooks running smoothly and efficiently. All maintenance plans include a 25-point check to ensure your desktop is up – to – date with the most recent service.

1. Quick and dependable assistance.
2. Proactively monitor the performance of your PCs and notebooks.
3. Detailed Largely Determined and Reports
4. Helpdesk, Ticketing, and Remote Assistance
5. On-site Emergency Assistance.

Tax File return and Bookkeeping Services

 Our IT Support Bring Core Benefits At Your Doorstep

Outsource remote IT support provides IT offshoring services in leading tech hub. Our IT Expert offer expert and strong service at a reasonable price in the convenience and comfort of your office or home.

Cyber Security Support

Outsourcing IT solution provider who is comfortable with PCI compliance reduces the risks associated with credit or debit card use, client data, and any other delicate information leaks. IT solution ensure your company’s security standards.


Hiring competent Information technological employees and handling service delivery are difficult tasks. We offer replacement for our IT support Admins, so you can rest assured that work will be completed on time.


It is not an option to cut corners or use undocumented workarounds. Getting hired done correctly is critical to us. In the long run, this will save you time and money, both directly and indirectly.


One person can only know so much about an IT subject and keep a record of its evolution. You are gaining access to a group of committed IT Solutions and Services experts for Businesses when you work with us.

Outsourced Remote Managed IT Services in Bangladesh.

What are the goals of IT solution?

IT services and systems give businesses the tools they need to upgrade their hardware, such as increased memory storage, faster computers, and high-quality displays.

What services are covered by information technology services?

The top ten products and services provided by IT support businesses
1. Technical/IT assistance.
2. File storage servers
3. Email.
4. Computer service.
5. Cloud computing.
5. Cloud computing. virtual desktops.
7. Data safety.
8. Backups of data

Do you serve residential and home customers?

Yes, we offer computer solutions for customers at home and in the office. We can assist you with everything from simple computer problems to large and complex business services.

Are you good enough to qualify?

Unlike some of our competitors, all of our technicians have Diplomas in Information Technology and are competent network engineers specializing in wireless networking, desktop troubleshooting, software installations, and other services. All of our technicians attend weekly training sessions to stay current and know how to handle both simple and complex situations.

The majority of signup procedures use a combination of written communication, SMS, and email to ensure that security is maintained throughout.

Why should you go with payrollBD?

1. We arrive to your homes and businesses when it is convenient for you.
2. We offer same-day service.
3. On-time, courteous, and quick service. We make certain that you are completely satisfied before we end up leaving, or there is no charge.
4. You’ll comprehend what to do and be given simple instructions for common problems.
5. We are properly qualified technicians with extensive knowledge of PCs, Macs, Laptops, and wireless issues.
6. We do this on the location, explaining the troubles and recommended solutions in plain English.
7. All of our services come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Outsourcing remote IT support services to our company will give you all time support with your technical issues solved.