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payroll Processing Management Services in Bangladesh

Complete Payroll Processing Management Services in Bangladesh

PayrollBD specializes in meeting basic to complex salary flow and HR Administration needs of businesses in this country. We support your business with the full range of scalable payroll services and HR Management solutions.

Save Your Time & Money With Our Payroll Processing Services

PayrollBD specialize in payroll services, ensure 99 percent truth with a team of highly capable hired analysts who specify in faculty processing. To deliver end to end business paysheet services, we maintain complete secrecy while offering patent employee communication, meeting legislative obligations, and performing fundamental payroll calculations.

Our Cost-Saving Offerings

  1. We maintain monthly paysheet processing and master data based on the inputs we receive from you.
  2. We provide you with a variety of output reports based on the needs of your staff and management.
  3. We prepare and file all needed legal returns with the appropriate government agencies.
  4. At the conclusion of each year, we complete the actions required for collection and evaluation investment proof.
  5. We handle the financial reporting, usage, balances, accrual computation, and leave permission for your personnel. So fell-free to contact us to get the best payroll services.

Get Our Special Benefits

  1. We also handle expenditure reimbursement, which includes reporting, balance calculating, document screening, approval, and claim submission.
  2. We can deal with the authorities in charge of your company’s registration, such as income tax, social security, provident fund, ESIC, and professional tax authorities.
  3. With us on board, you will save a significant amount of time, which you can put to better use by concentrating on your core business activities.
  4. Our services will provide you with flexibility, accuracy, and fast delivery, as well as increased management productivity.

Keep Your Payroll Process Safe & Secure With Us

We provide outsourcing paysheet services are reliable and accurate, as we have been doing it successfully for the past 15 years. Outputs include payslips, PayrollBD’s, management reports, data to 3rd party systems, and electronic exchange to the HMRC  Every output method is fully secure & private.

Payroll Management


Our knowledgeable team of payroll services and benefits specialists manages your day-to-day payroll processing and HR administration activities. They mitigate your company risks and ensure your employees get wages on time.

Payroll Tax Services

2. Tax Services

Our tax specialists have years of experience and exposure in international public accounting firms. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of tax preparation, planning, compliance, and negotiation with tax authorities.

Payroll Insights Services

3. Payroll Insights

Accurate reporting and analytics delivering actionable insights based on real-time data.   We look after the underlying cloud technology. We make sure secure data storage facilities and undertakes sufficient disaster recovery plans.

Managed Payroll Services


Managed Payroll

Payroll Running Projects


Running Projects

Running Projects


Panel of experts



7 / 365 Customer Support

We Are Expert On 4 Special Services But Are Not Limited

Payroll services are one solution that provides to help every small business  and  large business  on payroll HR matters. Outsourcing  payroll services not only help to ensure  efficient payroll management. We provide online payroll service with the fresh services. These include account and tax services. SME may wish to decide based on the price list of top payroll outsourcing companies in Bangladesh. We would strong support business owners to understand source payroll functions and payroll service providers based on expertise.

HR Recruitment

1. Recruitment

You need a expert staff  at each management level of a company. Keeping that in mind, our team connects the organizations with the leading fascinating candidates offered across the world.

Payroll Process Staffing

2. Staffing

Our staff services aim to produce adaptable recruitment solutions to enterprises. It facilitate them manage their head count. Our team excels at provide such help for a range of industries.

HR Outsourcing Services

3. HR Outsourcing

Refers to accomplishment method Outsourcing or Bulk Hiring. Here the organizations would like an oversized variety of dedicated workers, at intervals a restricted timeframe.

Payroll Consulting Services

4. Consulting

Backed by seasoned 60 minutes Consulting professionals, we provide an enormous spectrum of services that encompasses force designing, organization structuring & mission structuring.

We Are A Leading Outsourced Payroll Service Provider

From consolidating HR/Finance & worker inputs, to process of payroll services, providing the various outputs and managing statutory filing, PaysrollBD helps you manage it all. we tend to takes care of all of your accounting entries, tax compliance, marketer payments, bank reconciliation, worker re-reimbursements and additionally give you with elaborate MIS reports, as and once required. PayrollBD offers you Resource Management services, where we help our clients place their staff on our payroll services and completely administer employee benefits for such staff. We offer hosting services, including preparing and e-filing personal taxes.

FAQs For Payroll Processing Services

How do I pay my bill?

On the same day as a check date, billing takes place. As a result, payroll firms collect invoices at the same time that your employees are paid. If you pay your employees on Fridays, the payroll business will charge you on Fridays as well.

Are there any hidden fees?

What you see is what you pay with our firm. We don’t charge fees for processing payroll on a Thursday for a Friday check date or for processing payroll on a Thursday for a Friday check date. Regrettably, we can’t say the same for all of our competitors. With our competitors, you’ll almost certainly have to pay extra to track paid time off or withhold cash to pay salary garnishments.

Can payroll checks be delivered to my employees?

Employees can be paid via a FedEx overnight check, a Visa pay card, direct deposit, or in-house check printing through our payroll software. The average cost of overnight delivery per pay period is roughly $16.

What is your Onboarding Process?

After we’ve set you up in our system, your execution consultant will contact you to set up your first pay check, which will involve direct depots. They’ll import your pay check data from the previous year (if any). We teach business how to utilize our package and walk them through the Payroll process as many times as they need. We understand if you are busy. You may simply email us your hours and wages for Payroll processing, and we will take care of the rest.

Grab Affordable World-Class Payroll Processing Services