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Managed Payroll Processing Services

Reduce Time Spent On Payroll Processing With Us

PayrollBD among the Top Payroll processing solutions Providers in Bangladesh, strongly understands and fulfills the client requirements in terms of HR needs, and achieving the client business goals.

In 6 Successful Process We Ensure Effective Payroll Processing Solutions


Definitely, when compare the costs and benefits of employing a payroll system versus a payroll solution, the processing solution comes out on top. Meanwhile no two businesses are the same. We recommend that you examine your existing payroll process and consider how different choices can help you save time and money. PayrollBD takes pride in assisting small businesses in this way and aspires to be a one stop shop for all payroll needs. Please contact us if you’d want to take the next step toward. Moreover efficient payroll processing. It’s an important discussion to have.

Workforce Data Management

1. Scalability

Ensure resources are still available should your headcount decrease in the event of a downturn. For businesses with seasonal demands, outsourcing supports the change in demands.

HR Outsourcing And Recruiting Services

2. Leave Management

With our Leave Management System, your employees can enjoy the convenience of viewing their leave information and submitting their leave applications on their mobile devices.

Payroll Process

3. Overseas Travel

With our Travel Management System,  your employees can conveniently submit their travel requests online, replacing tedious email or manual requests and processing them in a single system.

Performance Appraisal

4. Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal System, your company will be able to develop these abilities. It provides your managers with an extensive overview of their team’s performance through the Online Appraisal feature.

Payroll Management Services

5. Payroll Management

Our robust payroll engine will handle your complex payroll requirements, while you remain in complete control over your payroll processes. To add on, our Payroll Management System is a flexible system.

Payroll Workforce Management

6. Workforce Management

Workforce Management System provides an integrated solution offering Time and Attendance, Workforce Scheduling and Timesheet Management with comprehensive intelligence and analytics capabilities.

Our Reliable Offshore Payroll Process Outsourcing Services Streamline Your Payroll

Outsourcing your payroll means you can virtually wash your hands of your administrative and compliance payroll obligations to your staff and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Obviously you choose a  fully managed payroll processing service. You’ll be completely free of your current payroll headaches. In addition by outsourcing your payroll to knowledgeable and trusty payroll bureau. You’ll make sure that your payroll responsibilities square measure being met, with none stresses and strains in-house.

Check Out Our Comprehensive Array Of Payroll Services

  1. Payroll Preparation
  2. Issuing of Checks & Reporting
  3. E-Verify or Background Verification
  4. Customized Reports
  5. Paid Leave Program
  6. Earned Income Credit
  7. Third-Party Checks
  8. Payroll Check Reconciliation
  9. Remote Staffing
  1. Online Access to View/Print Salary
  2. Automated Attendance
  3. Vacation & Sick Time Accruals
  4. Comprehensive Payroll Deductions
  5. New Hire Reporting
  6. Department Summary
  7. Multiple Worksites
  8. Web-based Leave Solution
  9. Reimbursement Management
  1. Direct Deposit
  2. Payroll hours and earnings each pay
  3. Tax filling and Return
  4. Automated Check Stuffing
  5. Pre-employment Checks
  6. Reimbursement and F&F
  7. Reports Generation
  8. E-challan Generation Submission
  9. Multiple Payroll Input Options

Our Effective Core payroll processing services include:

First Calculation of monthly payroll

Second Calculation of statutory deductions including CPF

Third Skills development levy

Forth Foreign worker levy

Fifth Ethnic/religious fund deductions

Sixth Payroll management processing

Seven Annual reporting

Eight Issuance and maintenance of payslips

Nine Remuneration reports

Finally Electronic-leave management.

Special Benefits Of Payroll Processing Outsourcing

First Error-free payroll process

Second Fast turn around

Third Low-risk of fines due to infraction

Forth On-site support to resolve queries

Fifth Error-free document and reports

Sixth Streamlining of all payroll process

Seven Reduced investment in IT structure

Eight Well thought-out resource deployment

Nine Multi Level process checks to mitigate errors

And then, Error Free Calculation for your Business

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Payroll Take to Process?

Payroll is usually process one, two, or four days before direct deposits and checks are made available to employees. Because four day procedure are usually indicated for contractors, we’ll concentrate on the one- and two day processe.

What are your Best Payroll Processing Solutions?

When it comes to increase capability and reduction stress in your organization, payroll processing solutions are a game changer. While modern tools can help with in house payroll processing, the ROI for a full service payroll processor is hard to surpass.

What is your Easiest Payroll Software to Use?

In recent decades, online payroll package has replaced standard desktop to processor operations. There are certain well known brands, such as Paychex and Quick books (and now Quick books Online), that have a solid reputation.

How much do payroll processing companies charge?

In addition to a base account charge, standard payroll solutions is frequently billed per employee or each check. While monthly rates vary greatly depending on the service, you may expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $100 per month. You’ll usually be charged a one-time account setup cost as well.

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